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Acrylic Prints

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Acrylic Prints
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    • Acrylic Wall Displays

      Acrylic Wall Displays

      Bring your home and office to life by combining Acrylic Wall Displays. For the art lovers who were born to make their homes look like a personal gallery, acrylic wall displays can absolutely help them show their creativity and passion for art.

      Create Acrylic Wall Displays
    • Split Acrylic Prints

      Split Acrylic Prints

      Give your photos extra dimension and style with Split Acrylic Prints. The combinations. Portraits, landscapes, and patterns will look amazing in your home and office. The super sharpness of the acrylic will make these photos stand out to your visitors.

      Create Split Acrylic Prints
    • Acrylic Photo Collage

      Acrylic Photo Collage

      Combine your best memories to create the ultimate acrylic photo prints collage. Get to shine all the best memories that you have had with your friends and family by getting them printed on the acrylic photo collage. Get to choose various templates to arrange your photos and make it stylish the way you want!

      Create Acrylic Photo Collage


    Acrylic Photo Block  CanvasChamp

    Acrylic Blocks

    • Frame your photo on a one-inch thick acrylic glass.
    • Image printed on the back of the block to reflect memories.
    • Diamond polished edges for a pleasant 180° view.
    Acrylic Table Stand  CanvasChamp

    Acrylic Table Stand

    • Acrylic tabletop display as a timeless décor.
    • Custom size options in acrylic table displays.
    • Perfect to show memories on a table or desk.
    Acrylic Photo Ornament

    Acrylic Photo Ornament

    Custom-made acrylic photo ornaments will make the Christmas season even more special. Decorate your Christmas tree beautifully with your preferred photo, size, and shape.

    Acrylic Mobile Stand

    Acrylic Mobile Stand

    Get a custom acrylic mobile stand designed on CanvasChamp to conveniently hold your phone in style! You can also get them customized for your best friend or better half who frequently uses mobile phones.


    Learn the differences between acrylic prints and canvas prints.

    Learn the differences between acrylic prints and canvas prints.

    Acrylic Prints make your photos vibrant

    Acrylic Prints make your photos vibrant


    Transform your photos into magnificent acrylic prints.

    Make Modern Art with the Best Acrylic Prints

    Do you want to give your print that wow factor that will add a 3-D effect to your image? Are you ready to amaze everybody with the high-resolution color printing that is unique to acrylic paints? Then what are you waiting for? Opt for our quality services and enjoy spectacular acrylic photo prints results!

    Attention in the Details!

    The adage, "the devil is in the details" rings true when you see a spectacular acrylic prints. We offer the highest quality print results with immaculate attention to detail, ensuring that every image comes with a spectacular print to wow viewers!

    We take your artwork and imprint it as a mirror image directly on the back of a plexiglass sheet. High-concentration UV inks are used, and we make sure that the print is at 1400 DPI for high-resolution color printing. The acrylic printing is then processed with a white coating to give it a canvas effect and to preserve it for a long time.


    CanvasChamp acrylic photo prints are crafted using high-quality, transparent plexiglass material. The shiny acrylic sheets are incredibly durable and provide a modern, sophisticated look and feel. The crispness of the acrylic makes the photos printed on them genuinely pop!


    The pricing of prints ranges based on the chosen acrylic product, personalization, and print size. CanvasChamp acrylic picture prints range from $8 - $70, so consumers can create gorgeous wall art no matter their budget! For example, single HD acrylic prints start at $8.45, while something more significant such as an entire acrylic wall display, starts at $68.07.


    By default, no hanging kit is included with an acrylic print purchase. However, there is a wide range of mounting options for a small fee of $12.99. Each of the hardware options makes a stark difference in the final display of the artwork!

    Range of Sizes

    CanvasChamp offers a range of custom sizes regarding custom HD acrylic. Like pricing, the specific sizing is based on the acrylic product you choose to personalize. For instance, the square acrylic photo mosaic ranges from 8” x 8” to 40” x 40”, while a single acrylic print ranges up to 45” x 45”.


    Along with acrylic photo wall art, you can order acrylic frames with CanvasChamp. These sleek frames range from 8” x 10” to 24” x 24”, ready to effortlessly accent your images! Hardware options for hanging these frames include a table stand, back mount, and front mount.


    The edges of our chic acrylic picture prints are either 1/8 inches or ¼ inches. The exact size of the edges depends on the acrylic product you have chosen to personalize. You can preview the entire product within the CanvasChamp design tool!

    Acrylic Styles

    CanvasChamp is happy to offer various custom acrylic gifts. The available products include single prints, photo collages, wall displays, lyrics on acrylic, digital paintings, word art, bus rolls, photo mosaics, and split acrylic prints. There is truly something for everyone, no matter your taste or style!


    Turn photos into acrylic art and watch them be transformed into vibrant works of art! The clear material your images display provides extra dimension and color saturation. Once the print is created, a coating is applied to the polished acrylic to ensure it looks its best for years!


    An elegant, simplistic edge is placed around the images you upload to the CanvasChamp design tool when creating your acrylic prints. This addition to the design adds an air of sophistication to the piece and allows the eye to focus on the high-quality, vibrant image! However, if you prefer no border, you can also make that choice in the design tool.

    Go for the WOW Factor!

    Do you want to impress everyone with your great images? Do the prints want to do full justice to your photography talent? Do you want the spectacular effect to simply amaze anyone and everyone with the print results? Then acrylic photo printing is definitely what you need to make a long-lasting and striking effect! Try creating some acrylic prints wall art today!

    Endless Possibilities

    Acrylic prints offer the chance to explore the unlimited possibilities and utilize your creativity to enjoy spectacular image print results which are sure to be the talk of your friend and family circle. Add color to a boring room or office lobby with a high-resolution acrylic print!

    Acrylic prints symbolize the modern take on artwork, and you can experiment with it all you want! Even better you can create acrylic prints online with Canvas Champ! We offer standard print size that reaches up to 55” x 55” and can also accommodate any custom requirements you might have for the acrylic print of your choice!


    Custom-size acrylic photo prints from CanvasChamp vary slightly depending on the style and size selected. However, the frame of the acrylic print typically measures 1 to 1.5 inches thick. You can see a detailed preview of your print, including the approximate thickness, in the easy-to-use design tool!

    Printing Technology

    Personalized acrylic photo gifts are crafted using the highest quality printing technology. The process includes mirroring your chosen image onto the back of the transparent material, high-concentration UV inks produce vibrant coloring across the print, and the result is an HD (1400DPI resolution) masterpiece!


    Clean your personalized acrylic photo wall art with a gentle, damp cleaning cloth. This method will quickly eliminate any dust or fingerprints that may build up on the shiny surface of the piece. Be sure to avoid nicking it with anything sharp to prevent irreversible damage!

    Wall Mount Options

    There are two wall mounting options for acrylic picture prints, front or back mount. This hanging kit ensures the print is stable and remains in place for as long as you want to display it! Whether you choose a front or back mount, this hardware is simple to install and incredibly durable.

    Same Day Delivery of Acrylic Prints

    An incredible benefit of shopping for personalized acrylic wall art is the same-day delivery option! Once the team receives your one-of-a-kind design, you can count on your masterpiece being shipped out in just 24 hours. This way, you can spend less time waiting for it to arrive and more time enjoying its beauty!. This feature allows you to place your order and pay four interest-free payments over a period. These features will enable you to shop for custom-size acrylic photo prints with peace of mind!

    Order Acrylic Photo Prints in Wholesale

    Are you looking to purchase acrylic prints in bulk? Look no further than CanvasChamp! Exclusive company offers are available for a range of quantities. For example, on orders of 5-10 prints, consumers save 10% when using the associated coupon code. If the order contains less than five prints, you can expect to save 7%, and on orders containing more than ten custom acrylic prints, you can unlock a 12% discount! A different coupon code is associated with each quantity of prints, so ensure you enter the correct one to provide maximum savings before checkout. Use the codes: ACRYLIC7, ACRYLIC10, or ACRYLIC12 to save today!

    Acrylic Sale Available with CanvasChamp

    Are you looking for sleek, shiny photo prints to highlight your images? Design your own with CanvasChamp and save! Save up to 50% on your order using the code ACRYLICSALE at checkout. Whether you create a photo mosaic, collage, or traditional single print, the final product will be incredibly eye-catching! Select the acrylic product, upload photos, add text or clipart if desired, and select hanging hardware. Once you are satisfied with the design of your HD acrylic prints, add it to your CanvasChamp cart and be sure to add the coupon code before ordering!

    Acrylic Prints - FAQs

    What are acrylic photo prints?

    These prints are personal photos that are expertly printed onto transparent acrylic. CanvasChamp has an array of styles, allowing each consumer to create their masterpiece! HD acrylic prints can be perfectly designed using the customization tool on our website. From the product to the hanging hardware, you can personalize each aspect of the print with CanvasChamp!

    How to print on acrylic?

    Printing on acrylic is an art form unlike any other! Turn photos into acrylic art with CanvasChamp. Our designers use high-quality, advanced printing technology to mirror the consumer's image onto the back of the transparent material. Special ink, highly concentrated UV ink, to be precise, is used to display bold, vivid colors throughout the print as well. The result is a beautifully modern, high-definition photo print!

    How to hang acrylic prints on the wall?

    You can hang personalized acrylic wall art in your space in numerous ways. CanvasChamp offers two mounting options that secure the print to the wall beautifully. Select a front or back mount to hang your custom acrylic print and proudly display it!

    How to make acrylic photo prints?

    You can easily design your prints on acrylic with CanvasChamp! Visit the website, open the design tool, and create a custom piece in a few effortless steps. Choose the acrylic product, add your images, insert personalized text or clipart, choose hanging hardware, and preview your design! Once you are happy with the final product, add it to your CanvasChamp cart and checkout. Be sure to check out theOfferspage to save on your order!

    How to mount acrylic prints?

    With CanvasChamp, there are a few mounting options for polished acrylic. Consumers can select a front or back mount within the design tool, which allows them to secure it to the wall expertly. Or a table stand can be chosen to display it on a desk, fireplace mantel, etc. Mounting instructions for the hardware selected will be included in the box with the acrylic print for CanvasChamp customers!

    How to put a picture on acrylic?

    Turn photos into acrylic art with CanvasChamp! To do so, visit the product page and open the design tool. Once the device is open, consumers can select the product, sizing, image, text, clipart, frame, and hardware. Every aspect of the acrylic print can be customized to your liking!

    How are acrylic photo prints made?

    The creation process of acrylic picture prints is complex, but CanvasChamp has mastered it! With high-tech printing technology and highly concentrated UV ink, customers' photos are beautifully printed onto translucent, durable material. The image is mirrored onto the acrylic's backside, and a 1400DPI resolution photo is the result!

    Customer Reviews

    Answered Questions

    Ask about Acrylic Prints and get answer in email

    • Q: What hanging options are available for acrylic prints?
      A: By default there is no hanging kit included with the acrylic print, but you have options to add either a wall mount hanging kit or a wooden easel back stand from our website.
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    • Q: Can I hang my acrylic print outside my house/ office, anywhere outdoors?
      A: Yes, they can be hung outdoors since it is an acrylic prints, there should not be any adverse effect on it. Avoid placing it under direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.
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    • Q: Are they scratch and dust proof?
      A: No they are not scratch proof and hence they need to handled carefully in order to prevent it from coming in contact with any sharp or pointed objects. If they are placed outdoors or at a dusty place then chances are that some dust might get accumulated on its surface. It can be simply cleaned with a soft damp cloth.
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    • Q: Can I get hanging options where it doesn’t show on the front side of the acrylic print?
      A: Yes, You can avail to it by mentioning your request on the comment box which will come during the ordering process.
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    • Q: What type of material is used in acrylic prints?
      A: It’s done on a crystal clear/transparent plexiglass.
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    • Q: What is the thickness of the frames in acrylic prints?
      A: The frame thickness would be 1 inch to 1.5 inches vary on the acrylic print size.
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    • Q: What is the largest size in acrylic prints that you can do?
      A: The largest size in acrylic prints that we can easily do is 48”x48”.
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    • Q: What are the options for hanging acrylic prints, including cost? Why don't you list them online? Can I get an acrylic sample of one of my prints and what is the cost?
      A: Dear Customer, Greetings! Thank you for your email. Please refer to the below-mentioned link to get more details about acrylic prints. And you can order for sample kit where you will get to see the acrylic print sample. Link: Please let me know anything that I can help you with. Kind regards Brian Canvas Champ
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    • Q: What do I do if I get a damaged acrylic print?
      A: We hold quality as our top most priority but if you are not satisfied with our product then we can always send you a reprint. You can send us your request for reprint on
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    • Q: Do you make circular prints, something like 10" diameter?
      A: Hello there, Greetings! Please know that we do not offer circular prints. Thanks, Ronnie Canvas Champ
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    Ask about Acrylic Prints and get answer in email.