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Acrylic Prints, Let the Good Times Look the Best!

Turn your Photos into Beautiful Acrylic Prints

Make Modern Art with Acrylic Prints

Do you want to give your print that wow factor that will add a 3-D effect to your image? Are you ready to amaze everybody with the high-resolution color printing that is unique to acrylic paints? Then what are you waiting for? Opt for our quality services and enjoy spectacular acrylic photo prints results!

Attention in the Details!

The adage, "the devil is in the details" rings true when you see a spectacular acrylic prints. We offer the highest quality print results with immaculate attention to detail, ensuring that every image comes with a spectacular print to wow viewers!

We take your artwork and imprint it as a mirror image directly on the back of a plexiglass sheet. High concentration UV inks are used, and we make sure that the print is at a 1400 DPI for high-resolution color printing. The acrylic printing is then processed with a white coating to give it a canvas effect and to preserve it for a long time.

Go for the WOW Factor!

Do you want to impress everyone with your great images? Want the prints to do full justice to your photography talent? Do you want the spectacular effect to simply amaze anyone and everyone with the print results? Then acrylic photo printing is definitely what you need to make a long-lasting and striking effect!

Endless Possibilities

Acrylic prints offer the chance to explore the unlimited possibilities and utilize your creativity to enjoy spectacular image print results which are sure to be the talk of your friend and family circle. Add color to a boring room or office lobby with a high-resolution acrylic print!

An acrylic prints symbolizes the modern take on artwork, and you can experiment with it all you want! We offer standard print size that reaches up to 55” x 55” and can also accommodate any custom requirements you might have for the acrylic print of your choice!

Our Hardware Options for a Stunning Display

What we offer you in acrylic prints includes:

  • French Cleat

    French Cleat

    Provides a perfect level hanging for any open-back frames. This hanger has an interlocking bracket that gives safety and security. It won't let the acrylic print fall off the wall even in an earthquake. Made of metal construction.

  • Table Stand

    Table Stand

    Use beautiful table stands to display your acrylic prints with hands off! A table stand to make your photos seem supported by air on the table will be enough to create a mystic aura around your picture.

  • Front Mounts

    Front Mounts

    Make your acrylic prints stand out with front mounts that decorate your best pictures stylishly. Affix the front mounts to the prints and attach both to the wall.

Kick it With Our Easy Ordering Process!

With our simple and fast four-step process, ordering a photo printed on acrylic is a breeze.

  • Upload Artwork
    Upload Artwork

    First, you need to send us the artwork required to print on the acrylic print.

  • Ascertain Size and Layout
    Ascertain Size and Layout

    Specify the ideal size and picture layout that you require for the best results.

  • Place Order
    Place Order

    Add to cart, pay and let us work our magic with spectacular details.

Customer Reviews

Answered Questions

Ask about Acrylic Prints and get answer in email

  • Q: What type of material is used in acrylic prints?
    A: It’s done on a crystal clear/transparent plexiglass.
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  • Q: Is the quality enough for fine art works to be exposed in an Art Gallery? Can you print plexi on plexi eather? Thanks
    A: Greetings! Thank you for reaching out to us. We deliver museum quality canvas prints and quality will never be an issue. Also we do not have Plexiglas printing service with us and we cannot deliver the same. Kind regards, John Canvas Champ
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  • Q: Is white back of acrylic prints transparent for light? Is it possible to light it from the back?
    A: Dear Customer, Greetings! Thank you for writing us, We use the Acrylic print which is opec and we are sorry to say that we don't use the transparent acrylic. Please let me know if there is anything further I can help you with. Kind regards, Mike, Canvas Champ. .
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  • Q: I would like to know if these prints can be done transparent
    A: Dear Customer, Greetings! Thank you for your email. Please send us the image so that we can check this up for you. Please let me know anything that I can help you with. Kind regards James Canvas Champ
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  • Q: Are they scratch and dust proof?
    A: No they are not scratch proof and hence they need to handled carefully in order to prevent it from coming in contact with any sharp or pointed objects. If they are placed outdoors or at a dusty place then chances are that some dust might get accumulated on its surface. It can be simply cleaned with a soft damp cloth.
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  • Q: Do you make circular prints, something like 10" diameter?
    A: Hello there, Greetings! Please know that we do not offer circular prints. Thanks, Ronnie Canvas Champ
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  • Q: Can I hang my acrylic print outside my house/ office, anywhere outdoors?
    A: Yes, they can be hung outdoors since it is an acrylic prints, there should not be any adverse effect on it. Avoid placing it under direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.
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  • Q: What hanging options are available for acrylic prints?
    A: By default there is no hanging kit included with the acrylic print, but you have options to add either a wall mount hanging kit or a wooden easel back stand from our website.
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  • Q: What is the thickness of the frames in acrylic prints?
    A: The frame thickness would be 1 inch to 1.5 inches vary on the acrylic print size.
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  • Q: What do I do if I get a damaged acrylic print?
    A: We hold quality as our top most priority but if you are not satisfied with our product then we can always send you a reprint. You can send us your request for reprint on
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Ask about Acrylic Prints and get answer in email.