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Panoramic Canvas Prints Info

Panoramic Canvas Prints Info

Elevate the Look of Any Space with Our Panoramic Canvas Prints!

  • Exquisite panoramas now a real possibility
  • All sizes of panoramic canvas prints available
  • Show your creativity with our panoramic canvas prints
  • Explore the endless possibilities with panoramic canvas prints
  • Top quality panoramas, ready to hang on your walls

Panoramas are extremely creative canvas prints that are typically mounted and displayed over your sofa in the living room. You can also hang them over your fireplace or mantle. Other areas for these beautiful canvas prints include bedrooms, dens, and dining rooms.

Panoramic Canvas Photo Print Sizes

Our panoramic Canvas Photo Prints are available in the following standard sizes

  • 1:3 Aspect Ratio
  • 8” x 24”
  • 12” x 36”
  • 15” x 45”
  • 16” x 48”
  • 18” x 54”
  • 1:4 Aspect Ratio
  • 8” x 32”
  • 10” x 40”
  • 11” x 44”
  • 12” x 48”
  • 13” x 52”

Material Uses for Panoramic Canvas Prints

We provide our panoramic canvas prints with the highest quality canvas materials that are all North American made and consisting of 380 GSM premium artist quality. Furthermore, they are also water resistant with the finest texture you will ever find. Other notable features include matte poly/cotton blend materials.

Panoramic Wrap Thickness

Our panoramic canvas gallery wraps are available in multiple sizes of different thicknesses, including 3/4" (thin gallery) and 1 3/4" (thick gallery).

Hanging My Panoramic Canvas Photo Print

We provide our panoramic canvas prints ready to hang and as such, all of your hanging problems are taken care of. They come equipped with a heavy duty hanging wire assembly which is installed to make sure that the final print is all ready to hang on your wall.

Protecting My Panoramic Canvas Photo

You don’t need to worry about protecting your panoramic canvas photo as we make sure it is completely protected with scratch resistant matte as well as low luster UV film which ensures that your image remains free from atmospheric pollutants, dust and scuff marks, dirt, as well as fading. Our prints are designed to last for up to 200 years!

Image Requirements

Once you upload your panoramic photos through our website’s image uploader, you need to keep in mind that we have a built-in DPI checker that analyzes the file you have uploaded, what quality it has, and the size options that are applicable on it. These sizes are available in the standard size drop down option through which you can opt for a suitable size of your choosing and preview the image. Once you are done selecting the size options, you can check any customization effects you’d like. We have an option which displays a quality score bar that indicates the quality of the image. If your image comes up with any sort of error, it will be indicated immediately.

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Buy With Confidence

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Quality Promise

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