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Personalize Mobile Phone Stands

Personalize Mobile Phone Stands

Nearly everyone carries a cell phone these days. They’re tiny computers you can take with you anywhere. But there are times when you need to use them hands-free at your desk or a table.

That’s why we’ve created custom acrylic phone stands so you can do just that! We use our phones for so much more than calling or texting. We shop, listen to music, take selfies, record videos, watch movies and stream our favorite shows. Now more than ever, a phone stand lets you multitask efficiently.

The mobile phone stands can be easily used by everyone, including children and older adults, especially since they do not have to hold large smartphones in their hands while they carry out phone activities such as making calls, playing games, doing work, or filming video content. The stands are very easy to use, and they have a modern transparent design. The product is lightweight, and it does not occupy much space at all. The personalized photos make the mobile phone stands decoration in any room or office.

UV Printing
  • Cross
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Why Use A Phone Stand?

Why Use A Phone Stand?

Mobile Phone Stand Details

  • Printing: UV screen printing
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Shapes: Diamond, Heart, Portrait

Most mobile stand providers produce stands with cheap materials like MDF which decreases the acrylic thickness giving unclear picture quality. The mobile phone stands we feature are made of sturdy 1/4” thick clear acrylic that we can print with full-color photos and text you upload directly on our website.

These two-piece stands are easy to set up and pack away for storage or take with you when you’re on the go. Also, each stand is laser-cut for smooth edges, so they’re easy to handle safely.

One of the best things about our mobile stands is that we give a charging port area to help you keep your phone connected to your USB while your mobile phone rests on the stand! We provide three different designs for you to choose from, which are more options than our competitors. And we promise on that!

Since you can personalize each stand, they make unique giveaways for loved ones during Christmas, birthdays, or even anniversaries! Mobile stands will fit most smartphones upright on any flat surface. You can charge your phone while it’s on the stand by connecting your power cord through a slot on the horizontal piece.

Custom Photo Mobile stand

Custom Photo Mobile stand

A mobile phone stand keeps you organized and gives your hands a rest. It keeps your phone upright and in easy reach, increasing your comfort and productivity.

Plenty of situations these days call for hands-free phone use. We mentioned watching movies and taking selfies, but phone stands are perfect for reading recipes when you’re cooking. No more food smears on your food, and no more risk of dropping your phone into a pot of stew or pasta sauce!

Smartphones are so powerful lately that more people are streaming videos, movies, and shows on their phones. After an hour or so, your hands get tired of holding your phone — relax! And now you can make them utterly custom with photos, graphics, and text.

Our mobile stand is a multi-purpose decorative desk accessory that can be used as a mobile stand and a picture frame. Make them unique! Let a custom phone stand do the work for you.

High-Quality Customized Printing

High-Quality Customized Printing

At CanvasChamp, we use only the highest quality UV (ultraviolet) printers with durable and scratch-resistant inks to print on everything. Especially acrylic! You’ll find it easy to upload photos, logos, text, or whatever you want, and you can do it all online!

Perfect for Home and Business

Using a phone stand to declutter your desk or give your hands a rest makes these perfect for home or office. You can design stands for friends, family, and even acquaintances to break that ice. Here are just a few ways you can use them:

  • Gifts for kids, friends & family
  • Trade show giveaways
  • Business event swag
  • Employee appreciation

Print your logo and company name on as many as you need to give to your best customers. They’ll appreciate the thoughtful gift, and they’ll think of you and your business every time they use them!

With many other personalized products you can order from us here at, you can create customized phone stands online. Our site is very user-friendly, allowing you to quickly and easily customize your order. All standard graphics formats are acceptable, and an array of options are available.