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magic mug
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Magic Mugs

      -- Ships in 24 Hours --

      Product Description of Color Changing Magic Mug:

      • Drink in the delight with custom magic mugs or give as a unique and functional photo gift
      • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!
      • Heat-sensitive mug reveals design when hot.
      • Personalize magic mugs further by adding optional text.
      • These personalized color-changing mugs hold 11 ounces of hot beverage.
      • Make custom magic mugs that last forever (High-definition printing).
      • All our magic mugs are not dishwasher-friendly and not microwave-friendly.

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      100% customer satisfaction guarantee

      100% customer satisfaction guarantee

      If you're not happy, let us know and we will send you a new mug or your money back. Our customer support team are always on hand to help . Call us on +1 (800)-(993)-0992 or send an email to

      Spellbinding Satisfaction: Color-Changing Mugs

      Astound your friends with a magic photo gift mug featuring a heat-activated color-changing coating

      Spellbinding Satisfaction: Color-Changing Mugs

      Give Personalized Magic Mug Gifts

      Create a captivating, personalized gift with a custom-printed magic photo mug. A solid black mug changes color with hot liquid to unveil the photo of your choice. Give a gift that will remain entertaining long after the initial surprise.

      Product Details:

      • 11-oz. capacity.
      • Solid black, heat-activated coating turns transparent to reveal your photo beneath.
      • Wraparound or collage photo options available.
      • Add text on our online customization page.

      Let the Magic Begin!

      Start your day with personalized photo mugs, use for an afternoon pick-me-up, and wind down at night

      Magic Coffee Mugs Guaranteed To Bring 11 Ounces Of Enchantment

      Magic Coffee Mugs Guaranteed to Bring 11 Ounces of Enchantment

      Transform the day with magic photo mugs. An astounding gift for any occasion, magic mugs hold their secrets until you add a hot beverage. The classic black offsets your unique photos, allowing them to be center stage after the big reveal.

      • Choose a single panoramic photo or up to four images.
      • Multiple image options offer a variety of layouts.
      • Add text and clip art to help tell a story.
      • High-quality ceramic shields against life’s hard knocks.
      • Large 11-oz. size means more enjoyment and fewer refills.

      It’s So Easy To Get Photo Magic Mugs Printed Online

      Let your creative juices flow as you customize multiphoto color-changing mugs with our simple-to-use design tool

      • Color-Changing Mugs Brighten Your Day

        Color-Changing Mugs Brighten Your Day

        This fascinating mug starts out black when cold, but watch your photo magically appear as you fill it with a hot beverage.

      • Durable Design for Daily Duty

        Durable Design for Daily Duty

        The "magic" heat-activated coating is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use despite frequent washing with soap.

      • Wrapped With Love …

        Wrapped With Love …

        And also bubble wrap, to make sure your color-changing mugs arrive at your doorstep safely.

      Conjure Up A Bit Of Fun. Create Your Own Personalized Magic Mugs.

      Start Every Day with Magic in Your Mug

      Do you need a little something extra to get going in the morning? Photo magic mugs bring a bit of whimsy and surprise to that otherwise dull cup of coffee! These black mugs are sure to mesmerize as your hot beverage completes the alchemy, changing your mug into a bright, full-color image of your choice. Order several; they are likely to be your go-to choice for your morning brew!

      Create Unique Treasures – Make Magic Mugs for Gifts

      Custom magic mugs make fantastic gifts that remind your loved ones of you every day! These black custom heat-activated mugs only need a hot beverage to reveal secrets that will cast a spell on whomever holds them. Use personalized magic mugs to commemorate weddings, graduations, and other special moments. These mugs are also a unique and sturdy way to showcase grandchildren’s artwork or photos. Make your magic mugs online today!

      Rise and Shine With Personalized Magic Photo Mugs Featuring Your Photos and Text

      Rise and Shine With Personalized Magic Photo Mugs Featuring Your Photos and Text

      Mornings are boring without your magic color-changing photo mugs to brighten things up! A solid black 11-oz. mug serves as a base for your choice of photo, but add hot liquid to reveal your photo in gorgeous full-color.

      How does it work? We can't say … magicians never reveal their secrets. Just kidding! It's all in the heat-activated coating.

      Choose the wraparound option to create a stunning magic mug with one photo, or collage several together if you just can't choose a favorite. Add text to convey special sentiments or include a hysterical phrase to be unveiled again and again. Instead of a personal photo, select your favorite image or meme for customized hilarity that is hidden from prying eyes when not in use.

      If you're looking for something less bewitching and more constant, check out our personalized photo mugs, available in eight cheerful colors. And for the "Muggle" on the go, we offer sturdy aluminum travel mugs. All our mugs are long-lasting which means the photos won't fade or wash away. Don't feel bad, magic isn't for everyone.

      Perform Magic with Custom-Designed Image-Changing Mugs

      Perform Magic with Custom-Designed Image-Changing Mugs

      For many people, their first cup of coffee is a comfortable, reliable part of their morning routine. Why not bring some surprise and fun to your morning brew? Custom magic mugs are spectacular gifts that aren't only useful, they're delightful. These heat-activated coffee mugs fade from classic black to vivid color – revealing your unique image, logo, or message. No hocus-pocus involved; all you need to perform this trick is a hot beverage.

      Creating your personalized magic mugs could not be simpler – merely upload your image into our design tool. Magic photo mugs are fabulous gifts alone or in sets, and they make an impressive showcase for kids' artwork or photos. Want to add to the wonder? Create a set of mugs with a variety of unique images for another layer of amazement.

      Your 11-oz. custom magic mugs are constructed of high-quality ceramic for years of enjoyment and are guaranteed to make smiles appear! What will this morning's mug reveal?

      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Q: Can Magic Mugs be washed with water?
        A: Yes, you can wash the mug normally like you wash other utensils in the kitchen. However, avoid using steel wool because it might scratch the printed photo on the surface of the mug.
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      • Q: Is the print on a Magic Mug permanent?
        A: Yes, the printing done on the surface of the mug is permanent, it will not fade off with general, day-to-day use. However, make sure that the surface is not scratched with any pointed objects as that might chip off the print.
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      • Q: Will the Magic Mug work with any hot drink?
        A: Yes, the mug can not tell the difference between coffee, tea, or hot cocoa.
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      • Q: Are Magic Mugs dishwasher and microwave safe?
        A: No. To make sure that your Magic Mug preserves the heat-changing glaze, the mug should be hand washed.
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      • Q: How long do Magic Mugs last?
        A: If you take care of your Magic Mug, there is no reason it will last a very long time. The heat changing elements should last forever. Just like any other mug, if you drop it on hard surfaces there is a chance that the mug could chip, so please handle it with care!
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      • Q: How do Magic Mugs work?
        A: Magic Mugs are heat sensitive and change color to your image when exposed to hot liquid. This effect is created by using thermochromic ink.
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      • Q: What are the Magic Mugs?
        A: Magic Mugs also known as Heat Changing Mugs, are mugs that change color or pattern when it is filled with a hot liquid. Our Magic Mugs can be customized with the image of your choice.
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