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Personalised Photo Gifts – Handmade With Love!

Take a look at our huge range of products. Each unique photo gift is made out of only the highest quality material only.
  • Canvas Prints

    Turn your photos into stunning works of art with canvas prints! Stretched, ready-to-hang canvas prints of your photographs make gorgeous, meaningful custom photo gifts for any occasion. Your precious images are printed on high-quality, archival-grade, UV and water-resistant poly-cotton canvas for long-lasting vibrancy and durability. Gallery wrapped on sturdy warp-resistant wooden frames, these personalized photo gifts come with mounting hardware already attached. From box to wall in the time it takes to drive a nail! There's a canvas for every size image, from 5 x 7 inches for small spaces to 54 x 54 inches for a truly magnificent statement piece! You provide the inspiration, we provide the result!

  • Wall Displays

    Instead of just making a statement, let your wall tell a story. Don't limit yourself to a single piece of art, when you can create new depth and share special memories with a canvas wall display. Highlight your favorite family portraits, vacation pictures, or memories from college. Wall displays of all the kids make lovely personalized photo gifts for grandparents. Wall displays encourage the eye to become more engaged with the space, making it a subtle way to accent room features like nooks, cubbies, and window seats. With 11 designs to choose from, it's easy to create crisp, professional displays and photo gifts from everyone's new favorite artist – you!

  • Split Canvas

    Transform your wall into a beautiful, creative display by printing your favorite pictures across multiple panels. Split canvas prints as a customized gifts are a stunning option if you want to share your photos in a unique way. You can not only decide how your canvas looks, but also how it will be mounted on the wall. Tell a story or emphasize important details by merely splitting your image into multiple panels. Experiment with holiday, landscape, or cityscape photography over a choice of multiple panels to give your image the illusion of depth. These photo gifts provide a contemporary feel to any wall and turn a great photo into a masterpiece!

  • Hexagon Canvas Prints

    Hexagon canvas prints bring all your memories together in a fun new shape! Whether it's a family tree, a vacation collage, or a pet gallery, these custom photo gifts are a lovely and innovative way to display your precious memories. Their 10-inch size (corner to corner) makes single prints perfect for compact spaces while combining up to 10 creates a large statement piece. Connect them, arrange them or hang them on their own for a distinct design touch. These personalized photo gifts are perfect for family portraits, especially if your family is still expanding! The versatility of these small-but-mighty custom canvases can't be beat!

  • Lyrics on Canvas

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Of the countless emotions and thoughts every picture has attached to it, personalized lyrics on canvas guide your viewer to the message most important to you. Use your favorite song or saying to enhance the beauty of your photo gifts. Create striking wedding or anniversary personalized photo gifts that your loved ones will proudly display in their home. Tell the story of the adventure that went with that stunning landscape. Narrate that moment in time of your child’s life – whether the first step, the first day of school, or graduation. You have the creative control to make sure your customized gifts tell the story exactly how you envision it.

  • Floating Canvas Prints (Mounted)

    You have the perfect print. Show it off with the perfect frame! Floating canvas prints are our high-quality stretched prints fitted with a sleek, minimalistic frame around the edge to create complete and classy customized gifts. Floating frames are so called because they don't appear to touch the canvas; the canvas seems to be "floating" inside the frame. A wide range of options in color and treatments allows you to match the look you want. There are even options for collage frames, perfect for grouping related pictures. This simple add-on to your personalized photo gifts takes them from "Nice" to "WOW!"

  • Photo Collage

    Too many photos to choose from? Go to collage! A canvas photo collage is your ideal combination of pictures on one canvas and makes a unique photo gift that anyone will treasure. Using up to 36 images, a variety of fun templates, and several background color choices, you can create a unique piece of art in any size you choose. Our drag-and-drop feature allows you to correctly position each photo or use auto-shuffle to generate a random design. Photo collage canvases are the perfect personalized photo gifts for sports teams, weddings, and family members. To help your collage live a long, happy life, do not expose it to direct sunlight, cleaning products, or moisture. And wipe frequently with a soft, dry cloth.

  • Photo Mosaic

    Looking for a fun, contemporary way to feature your artwork? Our photo mosaic grids lend visual interest to a single photo and are a great way to highlight the focus of your photo gifts. It is particularly awe-inspiring on larger canvases. A choice of grid aspects and spacing options allow you to create truly customized gifts. If you can't find the perfect grid, send us your custom idea! A word on size: we feel bigger is better. We recommend a minimum of 36- x 24-inch print size to make sure every impressive detail comes through. Create a faux paned window to enhance your outdoor photos or accent a particularly fascinating part of a whole. You are only boxed in by your imagination!

  • Pop Art

    Based on mass media and popular culture, pop art began in the 1950s and 60s and used famous icons (movies, advertising, and people) to create fun and colorful art pieces. Using your pictures, we can create amazing customized gifts for you or someone you know. Each canvas is carefully handcrafted from the photos you provide into high-quality mixed media and digital illustrations. Each canvas we make is a unique piece of artwork you will be proud to own or give to someone special. This style is a perfect way to capture people and pets while being a bit avant-garde. Our personalized photo pop art canvases take inspiration from Warhol, Lichtenstein, and Glo Portrait styles to create a piece that will POP off your walls.

  • Hanging Canvas Prints

    A timeless look for your timeless memories. Reminiscent of schoolroom maps and calendars of yesteryear, hanging canvas prints provide an understated enhancement to your personalized photo gifts. Proving the maxim "less is more," the twine and wooden rail construction has a clean look that blends with any décor, making it ideal for gift giving. Hung alone or in groups, these hanging prints make your photos the focal point. Powerful rare earth magnets keep your canvas safely secured, and displaying your customized gifts is as easy as placing a nail. A simple, elegant way to show your custom art… your imagination is your only limit!

  • Rolled Canvas Prints

    Our canvas is where all the magic happens. Printed on a poly-cotton blend with optional satin finish, our rolled canvas prints are unique photo gifts ready for stretching or framing. They are UV- and water-resistant, which means you and your loved ones will enjoy your personalized photo gifts for years to come. The only difference between our rolled canvases and our mounted ones are the lack of a stretching frame. Rolled canvas prints are perfect for shipping, especially internationally; after all, it.s what museums do! They are also the choice for when you already have the ideal frame picked out. Our rolled canvas prints are a versatile, classy, and creative gift idea for any occasion.

  • Large Canvas Prints

    Have a photo that is larger than life? Help it live to its fullest with a large canvas photo print on your walls! As experts in large format canvas printing, CanvasChamp can lend its expertise in creating works of art to keep or to give as personalized photo gifts. Large canvas prints are particularly striking on large spaces or corporate installations. Say goodbye to boring office walls and decorate them with epic office art. Combine subtle and thought-provoking with your company's logo or motivational quotes for a look that is both professional and aesthetically pleasing. Large canvas prints work best with your high-resolution photos to produce beautiful art pieces and photo gifts. Call us to discuss all the necessary aspects of these magnificent prints.

  • Panoramic Canvas Prints

    Relive that trip-of-a-lifetime every day! A panorama is a perfect way to capture those jaw-dropping vistas and skylines. Our variety of sizes and aspect ratios allows you to create the ideal personalized photo gifts for your travel buddy. Keep one for yourself and fill your home with color, beauty, and style while showcasing your talent. Every time you glance at it, you'll be transported back to that special time and place. Ready to hang, these versatile customized gifts create stunning visual accents in any room of the house – equally striking over the sofa, fireplace, or bed. Explore the endless possibilities with panoramic canvas prints.

Unique Personalized Photo Gifts With Top-notch Quality

Turn your own photos into personalized and unique photo gifts perfect for any recipient & occasion. Handmade with love!
  • Wood Prints

    Wood printing is just what it sounds like – photos printed on wood. In creating your custom photo gifts, our process actually prints the picture directly onto the wood surface rather than transferring or gluing a paper-printed image onto the wood’s surface. Your personalized photo gifts are printed on premium quality wood at a standard 1-inch thickness, ensuring the final product will last a lifetime, just like your memories. The permanent UV ink reflects the unique natural patterns in the wood. Choose a single print or a three- or four-piece collage to create stunning photo gifts with unmatched depth and style.

  • Metal Prints

    High definition is now available for your still photos. Metal photo printing produces an image in what can only be described as high def – sharper details, richer colors, and enhanced depth. Impervious to water, sunlight, tearing, and adhesives, your personalized photo gifts will remain bright and vibrant for a lifetime. Pair your custom photo gifts with any décor—modern, traditional, minimalist. Even use it in Victorian designs with the help of sepia or gray scales and our variety of framing options. When you want your unique photo gifts to last as long as your memories, metal prints are the obvious choice.

  • Acrylic Prints

    Do you want to give your print that wow factor that will add a 3D effect to your image? Make modern art with acrylic print photo gifts. Printed in high resolution on the back side of clear plexiglass sheet then processed with a white back coating, acrylic prints are made to last for as long as your memories. This printing process resultsin a contemporary look with a vibrant color payoff that will make a stunning focal point anywhere in your home. Acrylic printing is an ideal treatment for flower photography, fall landscapes, or anything where color is the star. Give personalized photo gifts that leap off the canvas with acrylic prints.

  • Framed Prints

    The perfect mat and frame are the finishing touch to enhance your personalized photo gifts. The ideal colors and textures can bring elements of your photo to the forefront of your art. When you want to give the complete package, custom picture frames are just that. With over 300 choices of colors, finishes, and scrollwork available in frames alone, that match could be overwhelming. But our dynamic design tool makes it as simple as a few mouse clicks to see what your finished product will look like. Pictures in framed prints are printed on high-quality paper and protected by your choice of glass—from plexiglass to UV to low-reflective museum glass. You have the perfect photograph; show it off with the perfect frame.

  • Engraved Plaques

    Engraved wooden plaques make truly unique photo gifts. The highest quality steamed beech timber coupled with our laser engraving process produces spectacular results. Choose from over 90 designs; or upload your ownpicture and work with our design team to devise one-of-a-kind photo gifts. Backgrounds are dropped out of your image to capture the most essential part of your photo to render your custom plaque. Then choose from four sizes, seven fonts, and four border options to create perfect photo gifts for any occasion. Engravings can also be done on marble or granite for a genuinely classy finished product.

  • Poster Prints

    Engage your audience – whether customers or loved ones – with a custom poster print. Poster prints are a smart, economical way to promote your business, showcase your photography, or enhance your décor.They are alsofantastic for commemorating special events including birthdays, baby showers, and weddings. Plus they make the best photo gifts. Draw attention to your images with high-gloss paper. Add lamination or foam board mounting to add durability and portability. Choose a framed poster with crystal clear, low-glare glass for that touch of professionalism to your custom photo gifts or promotional materials. Our fade-resistant, photo-quality prints fit every budget and look. Whether you need one or 100, our custom posters provide a high-quality, classic way to make your memories come alive!

  • Emoji Canvas Prints

    Display your fun – or should we say moody – side with emoji canvas prints! If you wear your emotions on your sleeve, these bright, bold photo gifts are an amusing way to tell your guests what your current mood is; switching up the canvas prints each time you have guests over to convey your current outlook. Paint an entire story, propose to a loved one, or pair several for a colorful wall display. The possibilities are endless, and these prints make charming, trendy personalized photo gifts for your friends and loved ones. With over 70 images to choose from, express what’s really on your mind with this popular emoji canvas art.

  • Peel and Stick

    Custom peel and stick decal photo gifts are the latest way to add creativity, fun, and beauty to your home, office, or school. With our custom wall decals, you can combine graphics and sayings to create a stunning mural on your wall. Easy to install and repositionable, these decals adhere firmly to walls but won’t leave unwanted marks on surfaces, should you decide to change your look. Choose from over 150 stock images or use your own photos to create truly custom photo gifts. Highlight life events, trips, or any other memorable moment in any size you want; peel and stick wall decals can be made up to 48 inches wide and 1,000 inches long. Turn your wall into a masterpiece!

  • Apron

    Custom photo printed aprons are the best gift for the aspiring chef in your life – experienced or beginner! Custom print full-color photos or images to inspire the Julia Child-wannabe or write a hilarious slogan for the BBQ fanatic. The 100 percent polyester helps resist stains. Each string tie measures 33 inches long to fit a variety of sizes. Excellent gifts for the Pinterest Mom or Food Network fan. Remember that keeping your cook happy now pays off in sweet or savory treats in the future! Cold wash only, solid white reverse.

  • Photo Boards

    If you want your printed images to be the talk of the town and truly stand out amongst the others, mounted photo boards are an ideal choice for displaying your personalized photo gifts. Mounted on ¼-inch dense foam-core board, your favorite photos will feature sharp, crisp details and vibrant colors with a smooth finish. Add an optional sepia or gray tone for a vintage look. Photo boards are a great way to make your image the center of attention, and they make lovely photo gifts. Available in a variety of sizes, with or without a frame, your photo board will look eye-popping either way. Enjoy brilliant contemporary art in any room of your house.

Turn Your Photos Into Creative Photo Gifts

Personalize photo gifts such as photo mugs, pillows, ornaments, and much more. Each photo gift is made out of only the best material.
  • Photo Mugs

    Start the day off right with a customized photo mug. A dish-washer safe ceramic mug becomes a treasured keepsake with your photo, logo, or personalized message printed on it. Choose from eight solid color options as a base for your wrap-around panoramic, collage, or two-sided image mug. Ideal for business sweepstakes and giveaways. They also provide a uniform look while serving clients during meetings. These high-quality photo gifts are perfect for commemorating important milestones and memories. Guaranteed to provide an instant dose of humor and positivity when you need it the most—right when you roll out of bed! Mug capacity is 11 oz. with a height of 3.75 inches and a width of 4.5 inches.

  • Magic Mugs

    What seems at first glance to be a plain, black mug transforms to reveal the photo, message, or customized image of your choice just by filling it with hot liquid. Surprise your loved ones by hiding a silly photo or funny message in plain sight. A clever joke printed on a magic mug will make a grumpy night owl into a morning person (with the help of a little caffeine anyway). These delightful and unique photo gifts are perfect for the devoted coffee aficionado in your life. Just don't forget to catch their amazed reactions on camera to chuckle at later! Dish-washer safe 11-oz. ceramic mug features a black, heat-activated coating.

  • Hexagon Canvas Prints

    Honeybees will be the first to tell you that the hexagon is the most space-efficient shape found in nature. No wonder it’s become the trendiest new format for custom photo prints! Our ingenious hexagon photo canvases can connect using collage clips to form an impressive and unique installation – up to 10 hexagons! They are printed on high-quality prestretched canvas using the latest printing technology to render your personalized photos into long-lasting canvas masterpieces. Our online customization program will help you achieve the effects you want – such as sepia or gray-tone filters – and eliminate what you don’t like – such as red-eye, faded colors, or scratches. Hexagon canvases measure 10 inches from corner to corner or 8.75 inches from side to side with your choice of two different wraps and three different borders. Ideal for rooms with unusual wall shapes or slanted ceilings.

  • Metal Ornaments

    Decorate your tree with special moments from throughout the year and enjoy them in the future with custom-printed metal ornaments. The solid base is durable and easy to clean if needed. And being 100 percent post-consumer recycled aluminum, these gifts benefit the environment too. Start a yearly tradition for new parents or a married couple and add a new special photo gift each year. A wide variety of shape options and your choice of one-sided or double-sided allow you to create a custom photo gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

  • Acrylic Ornaments

    Even the Grinch would get a smile from these custom photo gift acrylic ornaments. A gorgeous white acrylic base 2.75 inches wide comes in four festive shapes: circle, star, heart, and snowflake. Preserve a child’s best artwork, mark a treasured milestone, or memorialize a lost love one who can only be there in spirit. Choose from one-sided or two-sided options. A red satin ribbon loop completes the look. Also makes an awesome office Christmas party or Secret Santa gift. Every family member likes to have their yearly moment of glory – even furbabies deserve their spot on the tree.

  • Wooden Ornaments

    Reinvent country Christmas charm with these personalized photo gift wooden ornaments. The 4- x4-inch rounded square base creates a delightful window into the past with a photo of your choice. Printed on quarter-inch birch wood with sustainable water-based inks, these keepsakes utilize modern technology to invoke vintage nostalgia. White ink will not be printed to allow the natural wood grain to show through. Each wood grain will vary, meaning no two ornaments will ever be the same! Water- and heat-resistant coating helps protect your treasured memories for Christmases to come. Use a wet cloth to clean as necessary. Made with pride in the United States.

  • Wall Calendars

    Give the gift that keeps on giving with a personalized photo gift wall calendar. Delight parents or grandparents with a wall calendar featuring corresponding seasonal photos for each month, or brighten a gloomy office with monthly displays of your beloved pet. Personalize special dates for those who always need extra reminding and add custom personal messages for those who need a little extra motivation. Choose from dozens of pleasing background themes to complement your photo selections. Our online design wizard makes putting it all together a snap. Select from two available size options: 11x8 inches or 17x12 inches. Finally, a reason for seasonal photo shoots!

  • Desk Calendars

    Brighten an office, kitchen, or bedside table with a unique photo gift desk calendar. Smaller 6 x 4 inch or 4 x 8 inch calendars are perfect for small work areas where desk space is at a premium, and larger 5 x 10 inch calendars are great for display. Custom-make your calendar with special photos for long-distance loved ones to enjoy each day, and personalize dates so everyone is always on the same page. Add fun or inspiring personal messages for encouragement during stressful times of the year. Our online design wizard offers an array of charming background themes to complement your photos and makes the whole process smooth and easy. Printed on high-quality rich-matte paper for a smooth, classic look that you can treasure even after the year has passed.

  • Poster Calendars

    Personalized photo gift poster calendars are a handy way to dress up a bare wall with joy all year round. In dimensions of 17x12 inches or 11x8 inches, poster calendars are great for the office to help track important monthly team goals, and a smiling group photo is sure to boost morale. Help young children learn the months and help patiently track long-awaited events by hanging one in the bedroom or nursery. Having all the months at a glance is also a good option for busy planners who hate flipping back and forth between months when jotting down times and dates.

  • Canvas Banners

    Durable canvas has long been the fine artist’s material of choice due to its strength and texture. And we continue the tradition today with custom photo gift canvas banners. Make a bold statement about your business by hanging one above a store entrance. Ideal for schools and churches to promote fundraising events, fairs, festivals, and socials. Typically for indoor use, but tough enough to stand up to the elements outdoors, thanks to a protective semi-gloss coating. An unlimited choice of colors and a fully customizable size (up to 58 inches wide and 100 feet long) allows you to get the exact look you envisioned.

Create Custom Photo Gifts Online - One-of-a-kind Gifts

Create custom photo gifts online with CanvasChamp. Personalize photo gifts such as water bottles, notebooks, acrylic blocks, phone cases, and much more
  • Mousepads

    Infuse a dreary work station with a little personality by giving a unique photo gift mousepad. The best gift to give for freelance writers, IT personnel, or even PC gamers who want to personalize their desktop with a bit more flair. The stain-resistant material is easy to clean in case of spills, and allows for easy mouse movement. A practical way to display a photo without the effort of hanging or the fear of breaking. Customize it with your company’s logo for an effortless giveaway item that customers will look at day-in and day-out for years to come.

  • Desk Calendars

    Create customized photo gifts while keeping special moments close at hand with our desk calendars. Spotlight one amazing photo or choose to collage up to four images each month, then use our online design wizard to select from our variety of themes, fonts, sizes, and orientations. Add quotes and highlight special days to complete a truly unique photo gift. The upright design of these colorful calendars provides a big impact with a small footprint, while the durable matte finish ensures long-lasting beauty. Our desk calendars are works of art that your loved ones will look at fondly every day, and they will become keepsakes long after the year is over.

  • Acrylic Blocks

    Renters rejoice! Custom photo acrylic blocks create a fanciful way to display personalized images without putting holes in the walls or purchasing additional hardware. Solid acrylic blocks in thickness options of ¾ inch or 1 inch can stand up anywhere—no wall required! In addition to being long-lasting and durable, the 3D aspect provides appealing artistic visual interest to any room. Size options of 4x6 inches, 5x5 inches, and 5x7 inches size allows you to decorate to your heart’s content—without losing the security deposit. Archival quality can last well over 100 years. Wipe clean with a damp cloth as needed.

  • Canvas Prints

    The treasured memories you choose to display will be seen and appreciated every day by both your household and your guests, so displaying them to their full effect is an effort worth investing in! We at CanvasChamp are committed to utilizing top-quality printing techniques with archival-grade, UV-resistant waterproof canvases to transform your personal photos into stunning works of art. Our gallery-wrapped canvases come preinstalled with hardware, ready to hang out of the box. And our online customization software will help you achieve the exact look you’re going for. We offer any size canvas from 5 x 7 inches to 54 x 54 inches, with custom sizes available, plus a vast array of options and effects to suit your needs.

  • Framed Prints

    Frames add depth to the story their picture or photo is trying to convey, so whether it’s a rustic, barnwood frame to portray country charm or a flamboyant gold frame to add a little drama, CanvasChamp has you covered. We’ll print your personalized photo or image on high-resolution premium satin or matte paper and protect it with five different glass options. Once you’ve selected your frame style, choose any standard size from 3 x 3 inches to 32 x 42 inches. We even provide custom sizes to make your vision become reality. Choose from matte and hardware options to complete your custom framed print down to the smallest detail.

  • Photo Mugs

    Throw away the Styrofoam cups! Start the day off right with our customized ceramic photo mugs. Whether you choose a stunning panoramic photo or a collage of up to four images, your unique photo gifts can be accented with matching background colors, clip art, or text to convey any mood you choose. These photo gifts are perfect for commemorating important milestones and memories or creating brand awareness for your company. The 11 oz. capacity promises that your cup won’t run over, and our high-quality construction assures your mugs won’t fade in the dishwasher. Whether alone or in matching sets, photo mugs make fantastic personalized photo gifts for anyone on your list.

Personalized Photo Gifts For Him & Her
Photo Gifts for any occasion. Your Photo on Canvas Wall Display!
  • Wall Displays

    Instead of just making a statement, let your wall tell a story. Don’t limit yourself to a single piece of art, when you can create new depth and share special memories with a canvas wall display. Highlight your favorite family portraits, vacation pictures, or memories from college. Wall displays of all the kids make lovely personalized photo gifts for grandparents. Wall displays encourage the eye to become more engaged with the space, making it a subtle way to accent room features like nooks, cubbies, and window seats. With 11 designs to choose from, it’s easy to create crisp, professional displays and photo gifts from everyone’s new favorite artist – you!

  • 3 Panel Wall Display

    Whether highlighting a single subject or creating a montage of related images, the 3 panel wall display lets your creative side show. Share not one, but three, of your treasured memories in a beautiful grouping. Our display options are designed to complement one large image with two smaller canvases that create unique photo gifts with maximum visual impact. A perfect addition to any room in your home, these photo arrays also make the best photo gifts. There are three standard arrangement options to choose from or contact our design team to create photo gifts that perfectly fits your vision and talent.

  • 4 Panel Wall Display

    If you’re a fan of structure, these 4 panel wall displays combine elegance and creativity to produce unique photo gifts for yourself or loved ones. Groups of four naturally lend themselves to clean lines and organized space, bringing a contemporary feel to your personalized photo gifts. The eye is naturally soothed by a sense of completeness, helping bring your subject matter into clear focus. Whether your choice is four canvases of the same size or of differing dimensions, the result is a grouping that is modern with a hint of tradition. The 4 panel wall display comes in three standard arrangement options. Or contact our design team to help bring your vision to life.

  • 5 Panel Wall Display

    Create visual interest with a 5 panel wall display. Smaller accent canvases complement the larger centerpiece in these personalized photo gifts. Create a sense of movement by placing your canvases to direct the natural flow of the viewer’s eye from one piece to the next for an impactful and striking wall display. Your imagination is the only limit when composing arrangements for sporting teams, family pets, children’s milestones, and so much more. These displays make the best photo gifts for your loved ones but are equally stunning on your walls. Choose either of the two standard options, or work with our design team to create custom photo gifts that all are uniquely yours.

  • 7 Panel Wall Display

    Give a sense of movement to your photos with a dynamic 7 panel wall display. The two standard arrangements create an ideal expression of your creativity in unique photo gifts everyone will love. Whether you choose a more traditional mounting or one that is a bit more avant-garde, these groupings create a vibrant focal point in any room. Or work with our design team to create an arrangement that is as individual as you are. The 7 panel wall display is an ideal choice when you have too many great photos to choose from. Whatever you decide, these custom photo gifts will give long-lasting enjoyment for years to come.

  • 10 Panel Wall Display

    Graphic design rules say even numbers are for balance and odd numbers show movement. The 10 Panel Wall Display challenges this, creating an arrangement that maximizes flow and visual interest in your custom photo gifts. Make a bold, vibrant statement in your home while highlighting your subject matter with not a few, but 10, photos. Our standard arrangement perfectly showcases your wedding, or holiday photos in eight canvas sizes, bringing balance back into play. This configuration is well-suited for large extended-family collages and produces unique photo gifts that your loved ones will cherish. Contact our design team if you’d like to create personalized photo gifts with canvases sizes that differ from our template.

  • 2 Panel Split Canvas

    Have you heard the saying "two bodies, one soul"? That’s a concept that perfectly describes diptych or 2-panel canvas prints. The 2-panel canvas prints are undisputed examples of flawless creativity, where you use the canvases to create outstanding custom photo gifts that say precisely what you want to convey. Split a single picture into two to highlight a focal point. Or use two different images to dramatically convey a message with your personalized photo gift. With a variety of sizes and orientations available, let your art speak to everyone who sees it. If one is good, two is better!

  • 3 Panel Split Canvas

    Use your photograph to tell a story in an exciting and dynamic way using a 3-panel split canvas grouping. By merely splitting your single image into three panels, you can create a beginning, middle, and end to the story your single photo wants to tell. Experiment with canvas sizes and split points to create genuinely custom photo gifts, leading the viewer through a journey or story through movement. Triptych canvas prints are also a fantastic way to display beautiful landscape wide-shots on your wall. Creating drama and impact with your unique photo gifts is as easy as One, Two, Three!

  • 4 Panel Split Canvas

    Just like your love for art, canvas prints are unconfined and give you endless ways to create personalized photo gifts that showcase your thoughts and ideas. Let your walls convey the emotions and expressions hiding inside your single image through the 4-panel split canvas. Quadtych canvas pieces are ideal for gallery display or sharing life’s special events and are some of the best photo gifts you can share with your loved ones. The 4-panel configuration provides visual interest whether placed horizontal, vertical, staggered, or square. If we don’t have what’s in your mind’s eye, contact our design team to bring your ideas to life!

  • 5 Panel Split Canvas

    Transform your wall into a splendid, creative display by printing your favorite picture across multiple panels. The 5-panel split canvas grouping is an excellent way to showcase landscapes and large-scale photographs, creating unique photo gifts for anyone on your list. You not only decide the dimensions you want for your canvas, but you also define how the arrangement will be mounted on the wall. Use a variety of aspects to create movement through a photo or to highlight the subject of the main panel. Use our templates or design your own with the help of our team. Create one-of-a-kind photo gifts that will be cherished for years to come.

  • 7 Panel Split Canvas

    Draw your viewer in with an impressive 7-panel split canvas display! These custom photo gifts give a contemporary feel to any wall and turn a great photo into a masterpiece. Experiment with holiday, landscape, or cityscape photography over a choice of multiple panels to give your image the illusion of depth. Interested, but want a different layout? Our design team can bring your vision out of your head and onto your wall for the best photo gifts available … a gift that is uniquely you from beginning to end. This grouping will be the focal point of any room, turning any home into an exclusive art gallery.

Create The Best Photo Gifts | Premium Affordable Products
Memorable personalized photo gifts. Free shipping today on orders $69.00+! Easy to make.
  • Metal Magnet

    If you are going to post notes, do it in style with our personalized metal magnets. Throw away those boring old disks for vibrant, unique photo gifts. Choose your favorite photos of loved ones or inspirational quotes to create a one-of-a-kind set. These are the perfect size to highlight your photos of flowers, butterflies, or other small subjects. Our two-inch square magnets are coated with a Mylar film and wipe clean with a damp cloth. Whether you buy them singly or in packs of five, these custom photo gifts are an excellent way to showcase your photographic artwork on a small scale. After all, what refrigerator doesn’t need a magnet?

  • Puzzle

    Create the best photo gifts for the avid puzzle-solver in your life with our custom photo puzzles! Use your very own photography to create an interactive pastime that is fun for the entire family. Puzzles keep the brain active and make great personalized photo gifts for children and adults. Highlight landscapes, colorful images, or favorite photos of loved ones in a 4x6-inch puzzle. Our 6-piece puzzle (for now, we mean to increase the puzzle piece soon) comes in a tin storage box with the finished piece on the cover, which is stunning in and of itself. Of course, once it's solved, you may not bear to take it apart again!

  • Professional Photo Prints

    When you want your precious photos to look their very best, choose our professional photo prints. Advanced printing technology on the finest paper will provide you with incredible prints so vivid they nearly come to life. Professional prints are wonderful personalized photo gifts that you know will stay vivid and clear for years to come. Professional prints are available in gloss, lustre, and semi-gloss finishes on Kodak ENDURA professional photo paper. Or choose our metallic finish. Its unique metallic appearance provides greater interest and depth to your photos that will make them the best photo gifts. You’ve taken a spectacular photo, doesn't it deserve the professional treatment?

Personalized Photo Gifts: The Possibilities Are Endless

Cost Effective and Versatile

Canvas photos have become mainstream

There was a time when archival- quality photos on canvas were reserved for very special occasions, such as weddings. And because they were costly, these keepsake canvas photos were a luxury enjoyed by only a few. But because we have invested in the best technology and are able to offer the lowest prices in the industry due to our huge volume of business, we have made museum-quality photos available to virtually anyone who wants them.

That means when you take pictures of the milestones in life, you can afford to give them the special treatment they deserve for a lifetime of enjoyment. But now there's nothing stopping you from making canvas prints of everyday moments that you were lucky enough to capture in awesome photos. They'll enhance the décor of your home or office. And with our discount prices, you can change them up as often as you want.

With so many reasons to transform your favorite photos into one-of-kind canvas prints, it only makes sense that you would also want to share your fun and memorable times with others by giving them unique photo gifts.

Customized Canvas Banners

Share the joy with a customized photo gift

Remember the extended family photo that was taken at your daughter's wedding? Or how about the casual shot of Dad, Mom, and their adult kids that someone snapped at the Fourth of July picnic. Imagine how much it will mean to your parents or grandparents to take that picture, enlarge it, and create a photo gift on canvas. Or how about a collage that includes all the grandchildren?

The best photo gifts include subject matter that brings joy to the recipient. So along with custom picture gifts of loved ones, don't forget to consider photos that highlight the recipient's pastimes and hobbies. Does your buddy race boats? Wouldn't he love a photo gift of him in his boat with the wind racing through his hair and the wake of the waves creating a spectacular pattern in the background? Your photo gift could include your niece cuddling with her beloved cat. Or give your master gardener college friend a personalized photo gift showing her surrounded by her vibrant flowers.

Customized Canvas Prints Are Only The Beginning

As memorable and extraordinary as a canvas prints are, there are so many other personalized photo gifts we offer – to give you the best ideas for any person, on any occasion, at any budget.

  • Photo Mugs

    Photo Mugs

    Personalized photo mugs are one of the most popular gift ideas, especially colleagues. Get to customize regular-looking mugs to magic mugs, beer mugs and travel mugs that will delight your colleague.

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  • Photo Calendars

    Photo Calendars

    Photo calendars can be unique gifts as we have options for you to make them into a wall calendar, desk calendar or even a poster format. Customize them with best photos that will touch your recipient's heart.

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  • Personalized Wearables

    Personalized Wearables

    Personalized apparels are perfect for a company's branding, teaming t-shirts or only as perfect gifts with witty phrases on them. We have options to design on hoodies, t-shirts, aprons and even sweatshirts.

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Promote Your Brand With Customized Giveaways

If you are looking for functional personalized gifts, we've got 'em – water bottles, koozies, notebooks, phone cases, mousepads, tote bags, beach towels, and more! Perfect for trade shows, sales incentives, and contest prizes.

Photo gifts for the home

We offer some of the best photo gift ideas you can imagine for the home. Hand towels, bath mats, shower curtains, and tapestries. These personalized gifts are perfect for giving at bridal showers and weddings. We've even got photo gifts for your pets. Doesn’t Fluffy deserve a food bowl with her name on it? And you can show your love for Buster with a cozy dog bed sporting the design of your choice.

Some of the best photo gifts come in small packages

Some of the most treasured and unique photo gifts are ornaments that bring back happy memories every time they are displayed. Customize canvas, metal, acrylic, or wooden ornaments with a name, photo, or other design.

You can also create a photo gift by transforming an interesting photo into a puzzle. How fun is it to see the completed puzzle featuring the person putting it together? Or a place he or she has visited?

And don't overlook magnets as an affordable personalized gift to customers featuring your phone number. They also make unique photo gifts to announce a new baby or give guests as a reminder to save the date for a wedding.

The Best Photo Gifts Start Here

And the list goes on! With the multitude of products we offer and the wide variety of options you have for customization, your options for personalized photo gifts are as limitless as the joy they will give.