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Custom 200 pieces photo puzzle
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  • Custom 200 pieces photo puzzle

    • Ideal for kids and adults, especially elderly persons
    • Variety of box layouts for different occasions
    • Customer satisfaction guaranteed with 15+ years guarantee
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    All about 200 pieces photo puzzle

    Recommended age:

    Kids with a minimum age of 6 years and elders who are kids at heart!


    All our photo puzzles are delivered with separate puzzle pieces to start the fun as early as you get them.

    Who doesn’t want to spend quality time with the whole family? But, when it comes to bringing the kids and elders on the same board, there is nothing as powerful as a photo puzzle.

    You can raise the bar for entertainment by incorporating the 200 pieces photo puzzle that is simple to create and fun to experience. Bring in your family photograph or any other special moment to get the best memorable photo puzzle for family time!

    The small size of all 200 pieces makes it easy to manage while solving the photo. In addition, it effectively overcomes the issues in solving big jigsaw puzzles and offers high-end entertainment.

    These puzzles are easy to solve and pack, unlike the 500 pieces or 1000 pieces puzzles, and hence can be used in homes with kids, elders, etc. Moreover, the smartly crafted every single piece of the photo puzzle makes it a must-to-have in big families that love spending quality time together.

    Best handy tips to create your 200 pieces photo puzzle

    Image specifications:

    You may go for the 3409*2567 pixels resolution of the unique click you want to publish on your 200 pieces photo puzzle. It ensures clarity and the best printing without blur or quality issues.

    Note: Our team gives priority to quality printing. Hence, you are requested to choose the photo wisely and give it a double-check for increased sharpness or tint. If you feel like it is the photo you want to go with but have doubts about the quality, it is best to write a letter to our team. Our printing team is happy to help you get a quality photo printed on your 200 pieces photo puzzle. We check the image before it proceeds for printing.

    Creating tips:

    Are you confused about selecting the best photo for your 200 pieces photo puzzle? If you go by the experts’ recommendations, it is excellent to go for the pictures of kids with their grandparents that share purest and lovable bonds. It will raise the fun bar while solving the photo puzzle. Further, it is the best entertainment tool for family get-togethers.

    You can go for the 200 pieces photo puzzle as an anniversary gift, birthday gift, or even a housewarming gift. So let your imagination take the reign of a 200 piece photo puzzle and gift it to your loved ones.

    Puzzle Variants


    • Q: Can I use landscape photos on 200 pieces photo puzzle?
      A: Yes, you can go for the portrait or landscape photos on your photo puzzle.
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    • Q: How can I track my order of 200 pieces of photo puzzles?
      A: It is easy to track your order as we share confirmation details on your registered number on successful order acceptance. You can keep the tracking ID with you to get the best updated information about your order.
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    • Q: How can I select the best photo for my 200 pieces photo puzzle?
      A: It is ideal to go for the family photo with the best resolution or any other picture with clarity with no steep sharpness or tints. You can go to the creating tips to get the details about image resolution.
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