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60+ Best Halloween Gift Ideas Guide to Personalise with Photos

By Canvas ChampOctober, 19 2022

Halloween is a super fun time of year. The activities, the costumes, everything tasting like pumpkin, there’s nothing else like it. Something that will make your Halloween extra special is using photos from Halloween to make keepsakes. You can use them for prints, or make something special like a custom puzzle or socks. The possibilities are endless, and each possibility is great.

How To Hang Your Canvas Wall Art?

By CanvasChamp TeamSeptember, 12 2022

Know 6 very easy ways to hang canvas art at your home or office.

What Makes Starry Night From Van Gogh So Special?

By CanvasChampSeptember, 06 2022

Van Gogh was known to be an artist who lived a majority of his life in solitude. He was known to transmute vibrant colors and great detailing of his everyday observations onto the canvas. The poor artist died with little money and during his lifetime, he managed to sell only one painting.

Personalized Canvas Prints that Fulfil Definition of Christmas Gift

By CanvasChamp TeamSeptember, 02 2022

If you are wondering what to gift your loved one or a close friend this Christmas, don’t worry… Personalized canvas prints with a message wishing “Merry Christmas” are here!

Acrylic Prints vs. Canvas Prints : Which Is Best?

By CanvasChamp TeamAugust, 31 2022

When you are looking to create a new piece of personalized photo artwork, you need to consider the material on which to print your photograph.