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What Is Canvas Made Of?

What is Canvas Made of?

In simple language, a canvas is a plain—woven fabric, which due to its highly durable quality was primarily used for making marquees, backpacks, tents, sails and other items which required durability. However, with the growing popularity and demand of print photos on canvas, the same fabric was used to create stock and personalized photo canvas prints.

The narration above matches precisely with the traditional canvases which were made from hemp. However, with time, fabrics like cotton and linen are usually used to create canvases.

According to a report released by InfoTrends, Canvas prints covers 12% market of the total online printing industry in the United States. The same report also shares that printed canvas is expected to reach 860 million for a 5-year CAGR of 11.6% by 2018.

The report undoubtedly gives a glorious sneak into the future of canvas prints. But we believe, that despite its popularity and the invincible space that it has made in the hearts of people around, there are users who are still unaware of the minute details linked with the gorgeous canvas prints. Let us have descriptive look at these.

Canvas for Paintings

Canvas for Paintings

It was somewhere in the 14th century that canvas became a common medium for painting using oil paints. This was the time when they replaced the traditional wooden panels and started their journey from Italy.

Talking about their durability and reliability, you can still find one of the oldest canvas oil painting in Berlin (French Madonna with angels).

Types Of Canvas Prints

Basically, there are two kinds of photo canvas prints

  • Personalized


    Personalized Canvas Prints? are the ones which are made from your own photographs and artworks. These canvas prints are often used to gift it to someone close to you or to use your personal/family photographs to decorate your house/office wall.

    Personalized Now
  • Stock Images

    Stock Images

    As the name suggests, these Canvas Prints? are made from the stock photographs. You can find these on the online portal, at the time of choosing a design for your canvas. It can be some random clicks of nature or a painting made by some renowned painter. These are primarily the two kinds of canvas prints. However, you may have options in context to the ways in which you want to have your canvas prints.

    Custom Framed Prints
  • Single Panel

    Single Panel

    This, in fact, is the simplest way to get your photo canvas prints. You simply have to choose one out of the above two mentioned canvas prints, and it’ll be printed directly on a canvas.

    Single Panel Canvas
  • Multi Panel

    Multi Panel

    This is more creative in comparison to the single panel canvas prints. Under this method of split canvas printing, photos are split into different sections followed by each section getting printed on canvas.

    Split Canvas Prints

Printing Methods

Till now we learned about the evolution of canvas prints and their journey till date. Believing that things till now made things clear, let us now learn the way canvas prints are printed.

With the introduction of new technologies, the modus operandi has changed. Turning back the pages of time, canvas prints were done through offset printing. However, the launch of HP Design jet z6100 and the use of latex inks changed the printing quality impeccably. The mentioned two are used vastly to deliver museum-quality canvas prints to buyers.

How photo canvas prints are constructed

How photo canvas prints are constructed

Once your photo canvas gets print ready, it is stretched around a wooden panel/stretcher bars, which are usually made from pine. The wrapped canvases are stretched and underpinned/glued for added strength.

The only thing which needs to be cautiously kept in mind is that the underpinning has to be done religiously with entire focus. This is why it is preferred that the task is assigned to only the experts who have sufficient experience in doing this.

Uses Of Canvas Prints

Though we are covering this last here, the entire blog search/writing started because you wanted to use a canvas print. So, without making any further delay. Let’s have a look at the ways in which a canvas print can be used

  • Home/Office Decor

    Home/Office Decor

    Canvas prints are vastly used to decorate home and offices either by the owners or the interior designers. This includes both personalized/ stock canvases.

  • Framing Artwork

    Framing Artwork

    let's suppose that painting is your hobby (or someone close to you) or you like artworks and want to secure them for long with you. This is where canvas prints are used to give a better house to the artworks.

  • Gifts


    This is quite similar to our last point. The only difference is that you can gift canvas prints to your friends and family sharing the enchanting memories. Something that you want to preserve for life.

  • Exhibition Purpose

    Exhibition Purpose

    This is for artists, get your artwork on canvas prints and present them in an exhibition. You’ll definitely grab more eyeballs and appreciation.

How To Check The Quality Of Canvas Prints

Checking the quality of canvas from a technical perspective might prove a little difficult for a layman. However, there are certain points which you can examine in order to ascertain a decision regarding its quality. They are

  • Type of Canvas

    Type of Canvas

    Verify the kind of canvas they are using for printing purpose. Is it a branded Canvas? What is the fabric? Ensure that the canvas used is branded and is made using cotton. Cotton canvases are considered best for canvas printing.

  • Thickness


    What is the thickness of your canvas? Ask the CanvasChamp – Canvas photo printing company about the GSM (unit used to measure the thickness of canvas). Canvas with good thickness is considered a better option for quality photo canvas prints.

  • Stretched Bars

    Stretched Bars

    See what kind of stretched bars they are using. 3.2 cm is considered as the ideal thickness. Also, kiln dried frames shall be preferred so that they don't wrap upon getting dried.

These were few factors you need to check to judge the quality of the canvas. Besides these, while ordering canvas print, you need to check whether or not the company is offering you free image manipulation to make your photo canvas print look more beautiful.

To get a superior understanding of our standard canvas print sizes, review our canvas sizing guide. Our design a wall feature offers even more guidance to help you plan to decor your wall.

Some Precautions To Keep In Mind

Some precautions to keep in mind

Ok, before we sign off, we would like to share with you some precautions you need to keep in order to ensure the long life of your canvas prints. They are:

  • Keep them away from direct light.
  • Keep them away from moisture. A damp canvas can lead to distortion.
  • Give gentle dusting to your canvas prints. We advise using a linen cloth for the same.
  • Place them upright. And never keep anything on them.

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