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Custom Pet Shaped Pillow
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  • Custom Pet Shaped Pillows

    Turn Your Most Cherished Photos of Your Pets into Custom Pet Shaped Pillows

    Custom pet shaped pillows make some of the most meaningful additions to any home. Adorable Personalized Pet Photo Cushions make the best gifts for kids, parents, and any other pet lover in your life!

    (JPG, PNG, BMP and JPEG files accepted.)


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    The single side print would have the pet print on front side of the pillow and while solid color on the back side. The double sided print would give you multiple options to choose from:

    • You can have the pet print on both sides of the pillow. You only need to upload one image and it will be mirrored on both sides of the pillow.
    • You can have the pet print on one side and choose from one of the solid color options we offer. You can also choose to write your choice of text on this side.
    Shipping & Returns
    Shipping & Returns

    To deliver your orders safely and swiftly, we have partnered with DHL, UPS, and FedEx. We provide Standard (10-12 business days), Express (9-10 business days), or Priority (7-9 business days) shipping options to choose from. All orders over $69.00 qualify for free standard shipping. Visit our Shipping & Returns page for more information.

    Why Order from CanvasChamp?
    Why Order from CanvasChamp?

    Pets are always there for you when you need them, and we’ve come up with an excellent way for you to keep them close to you at all times. With CanvasChamp's pet shaped pillow, you will never have to leave your pets behind! Our custom pet photo pillows are affordable, cute, and make outstanding gifts to show how much you love your four-legged friend.

    The materials we use to make our personalized photo pillows are of the highest quality. The whole process of personalizing pet shaped pillows is straightforward with our completely automated, custom print designing tool. Your item will be delivered right to your doorstep in just a few clicks!

    To make your experience completely stress-free, we have partnered with premium shipping companies that get your orders out quickly and are completely trustworthy. In addition, you can track your orders online to ensure your items reach you in the best condition. So, you can truly shop with peace of mind!

    All orders are made flawlessly with our exceptional craftsmanship, so our pet shaped pillows make the best gifts for any pet-owners you know. You can even invite your friends to make their own personalized pet photo pillows with CanvasChamp. We guarantee that you will love your new pet photo pillow! Plus, you can check out reviews shared by customers on social media to see how they like the product.

    • Lightning-fast delivery
    • Lowest prices online
    • Highest Quality GUARANTEED
    • Finest Craftsmanship
    • Top-notch Customer Service
    Create Your Custom Pet Shaped Pillows in 3 Easy Steps
    • Choose Sides to Print

      Choose Sides to Print

      We offer pet photo pillows with images of your beloved pet on both sides, or just one if you prefer. Besides having a photo of your pet on one side, you can also have a picture of your pet in full color, with or without text, on the other. If you opt for the single-sided pet shaped pillow, it has a solid white background behind the image of your adorable pet.

    • Customize to Your Needs

      Customize to Your Needs

      Customize your pillow with a high-resolution image of your pet! You can zoom in on your image and crop the portion you wish to be visible on the pillow. You can also customize the backside of your pillow to your liking with various colors and text options. Whatever you choose, CanvasChamp assures a unique design just for you and your pet!

    • Confirm and Get Delivered at Your Doorstep

      Confirm and Get Delivered at Your Doorstep

      After cropping the images, simply approve the pet shaped pillow’s final design with our easy-to-use approval options. After we receive your approval, we will begin working on your order right away, and it will be delivered to you in just a few days! Additionally, our custom pet pillow can be personalized as a gift and directly delivered to the receiver’s address.

    Pet Shaped Pillows: Cozy and Easy-to-Clean
    Pet Shaped Pillows: Cozy and Easy-to-Clean

    You can print a pet photo of your choice on both sides with the double-sided print option. However, it is important to keep in mind that just like your beloved pets, our personalized photo pillows need to be properly cleaned and cared for.

    Our pillows are made with long-lasting and comfortable material to ensure durability and are extremely easy to clean. They are made up of 100% polyester and have a completely removable cover. You can clean your pillows by simply washing the cover with the rest of your laundry, without needing to worry about the image fading in the slightest.

    We want our pillows to be present throughout your pet’s growth, so we have made sure to craft our pillows in a way that assures they’re easy to maintain and incredibly durable. The pillows also come with covers, which will allow your pet shaped pillows to endure a long life with both you and your pet!

    Snuggle Up with a Custom Pet Shaped Pillow
    Snuggle Up with a Custom Pet Shaped Pillow

    You and your pet’s happiness is CanvasChamp’s top priority. We want to give you the best services and quality, and are constantly looking for ways to improve! Show how much you adore your pets with these custom pet shaped pillows. You will fall in love with these pet pillows as much as you did with your darling pet!