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Moon Lamp
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    • Moon Lamp
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    Why Choose Moon Lamp with CanvasChamp

    Become hypnotized by the enchanting beauty of our custom moon lamp.

    • 3D Printed & High Quality

    • Return & Exchange within 90 days

    • Special Offers Every Month

    • Personalized Lamp 3D Printing PLA

    • Payment 100% Secure

    Custom Moon Lamp Size Guide

    Custom Moon Lamp Size Guide

    CanvasChamp offers you three different sizes to light up your best pictures on our personalized moon lamp. Read below points:

    • A 10 cm-sized moon lamp will typically sit nicely on an office desk or a car dashboard for a date night.
    • A 15 cm custom moon lamp will look great on your kids’ study table or a coffee table for an ultimate romantic mood.
    • Our 20 cm moon-shaped lamp would be perfect for shelf decoration, inside a bathroom, or above a mantel to create an instant night lamp for dark nights.

    Customizable Moon Lamp for Unique Room Decor

    Display Your Favorite Pictures in a Unique Way

    Choose a gift that your friends and family will never get tired of looking at! Bring joy and excitement to holidays and special occasions when you create a personalized Moon Lamp for the special people in your life.

    Create something unique and personalize it with your favorite memories or your favorite pictures of that special someone. Design your moon lamp with personalized photos, designs, and personalized text.

    Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or baby showers, our custom moon lamps are a gift everyone will appreciate and cherish for years to come.

    Is My Photo Good for a Photo Moon Lamp?

    Is My Photo Good for a Photo Moon Lamp?

    Moon lamps are a great night lamp to use and gift, but you might want to take care of a few things before customizing your picture for it. You need to ensure that your photo is clear, with a background showcasing all the subjects’ faces in the picture. Make sure the image is of high resolution as well to make the best moon lamps!

    Custom Photo 3D Printing Moon Lamp

    Custom Photo 3D Printing Moon Lamp

    Show the people in your life just how special they are to you by creating a custom moon lamp with their pictures. Our new custom product is the perfect touch for home decor and is sure to put a smile on your friend’s and family’s faces. Pair the moon lamp with a wooden lamp stand so it sits on any surface effortlessly.

    Your Memories Presentable During the Day and Night on Custom Moon Lamp

    Our custom moon lamps can look beautiful even when they are lit or not. Your images are carved on the moon lamp’s surface to look appealing even during the day and the night.

    Print Your Photos on Moon Lamp

    Print Your Photos on Moon Lamp

    Gift your friends and loved ones unique decor that showcases your favorite photo memories. Commemorate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, traditional holidays, births, and more. Design this custom gift within a matter of minutes on our website!

    Choose Colors of Custom Moon Lamp

    Enliven the nights with your photos printed on our custom moon lamps. CanvasChamp’s custom moon lamps can change colors to match your mood. Choose from up to 16 colors through which you can make the moon lamp light your room. A small remote is provided to help you reach to your desired color light and get the mood going!

    Know More About Custom Moon Lamp

    3D Printed Moon Light Product Basics

    This 3D printed custom moon lamp is such a stunning addition to any space. There are three sizes to choose from: 10cm, 15cm, and 20cm. There are two stylish shapes, round or heart shaped.

    It comes with a wooden stand to display it and can be personalized even more due to its color-changing feature. The color options include: 2 colors (changed by touch), 3 colors (tap to change), or 16 colors (controlled by a remote).

    In addition to the color customization, you can also personalize both the front and back of the moon light with your own images.

    Seamless Design Process

    Designing your 3D printed moon lamp has never been easier! CanvasChamp’s easy-to-use design tool allows you to effortlessly personalize this photo gift with images, clipart, and text.

    The pictures you upload should be clear and high-quality, have 2-5 people within them, and each person’s face should be clearly visible. Please note that front-facing photos work best.

    Photo Moon Lamp Design Ideas

    This one-of-a-kind photo gift is sure to brighten anyone’s day that is lucky enough to receive one. From wedding anniversaries to birthday celebrations, 3D printed moon lamps make exceptional gifts for all occasions!

    • Anniversaries/Valentine’s Day

    A custom moon lamp is such a romantic and unique gift idea. Whether you are shopping for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary gift for your significant other, they are sure to love the thought you put into this sweet gift!

    • Nursery Décor

    Not only does this item make a terrific, romantic gift it is also perfect as nursery decoration for your little ones. It makes a great night light and a super cozy, calm atmosphere for them to fall asleep to as well.

    • Birthdays

    A photo moon lamp also makes a wonderful birthday surprise! It will spice up any space, from their bedroom to home office. It is colorful and customizable, so you can create something that is unique to the birthday girl or boy!

    Shipping Fees & Returns

    As with any other CanvasChamp item, there are 3 shipping options: standard, priority, and express for delivering 3D printed moon lamps. Returns and refunds must be requested within 30 days of receiving the product.

    Our team is happy to work with you to come to a solution, whether that be sending you a new item or giving you a full refund if you are not fully satisfied with your custom photo moon lamp.

    Moon Lamp Personalized With Picture - FAQs

    How to make a 3d printed moon lamp?

    You can easily create a one-of-a-kind personalized moon lamp with CanvasChamp. Just use our efficient, user-friendly design tool to upload and customize a photo moon lamp with your own photo, text, etc.

    Where to buy picture moon lamps?

    The best place to purchase custom 3D photo moon lamps is from CanvasChamp. We offer a high-quality, durable moon lamp at an affordable price.

    How to turn on custom photo moon lamp?

    Turning on a personalized moon lamp is simple. There is an on/off button on the bottom of the moon lamp itself. Just tap that to turn the moon lamp on and off.

    How many days are required to handcraft this product?

    It required 3 days for production.

    What are the refund and return policies?

    It is backed by our 100% love it guarantee and a complete refund or refund of your product is possible if you don't like the product or if it has any manufacturing defects.

    Can we change/modify the design once the order is placed.

    Unfortunately, once the order is placed you cannot change/modify the designs.

    Is this item covered by your 90-day return policy?

    Yes, Absolutely.

    Does the stand come together with the lamp?

    Yes, absolutely. A wooden stand comes together with each lamp.

    How long can the battery keep working? *

    It is rechargable , one full charge works 12 hours.