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Custom Skateboard Deck

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Custom Skateboard Deck
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  • $19.99
    -- Ships in 24 Hours -- | -- Pay Later

    Product Specifications:

    • Skateboard Decks-7 ply Canadian Maple
    • Skateboard Wheels (1 set) - HR95A
    • Trucks (1 set) - SHR90A(Bushing) 5.5inch
    • Grip Tapes - 9"x33"
    • Ruber Shield Bearings - ABEC 7
    • Bolt with Locknut - Zinc Plating – Black


    • Ship within 24 Hours

    • Buy Now, Pay Later

    • Best Quality Assured

    • Custom Design Options

    Build Custom Complete SkateboardBuild Custom Complete Skateboard

    Design Ideas for Customize Skateboard Deck

    Create a one-of-a-kind skateboard deck to express yourself everywhere you go by printing your picture or artwork from easy design tool.

    • Custom Anime Skateboards

      Custom Anime Skateboards

    • Custom Art Skateboard Decks

      Custom Art Skateboard Decks

    • Custom Graphic Skateboard

      Custom Graphic Skateboard

    • Custom Logo Skateboard

      Custom Logo Skateboard

    Choose Material to Customize Your Skateboard Deck

    Skateboard in style with wooden or acrylic decks as per your requirements!

    • Wooden Skateboard

      Wooden Skateboard

      Wood is the classic material associated with skateboarding. CanvasChamp custom wooden skateboards are crafted using 7-ply Canadian Maple, which is incredibly durable. It is one of the most robust wood species available!

    • Acrylic Skateboard

      Acrylic Skateboard

      Are you looking to create custom skateboard decks to display? Acrylic is the perfect material to use due to its transparency and lightweight feel. The material ensures that whatever design is added to the board is vibrant and visually appealing.

    Types of Custom Printed Skateboard Deck

    Choose between a classic skate deck or a square nose.

    • Skateboard Deck

      Skateboard Deck

    • Square Nose Deck

      Square Nose Deck

    Customization of Skateboard on Different Areas

    Design the backside of your custom skate deck!

    • Full Backside

      Full Backside

      No matter which size custom-made skateboard deck you select, whether 8, 8.38, or 8.75 inches, there is plenty of space to decorate to your liking. Personalizing the entire backside of the deck creates a showstopping skateboard that will draw attention and show off your personality even as you practice! You can preview the design in our deck customizer on our website.

    • Between The Wheels

      Between The Wheels

      If you want something more subtle but still want custom elements, designing only between the wheels is a terrific option. It allows the base material to shine through while accentuating it with a splash of color, text, or logo. With the popular minimalistic trends in the market, this is a stylish choice for custom-printed skate decks!

    Select Photo Layout of Personalized Skateboard Deck

    Add up to 4 photos to your custom photo skateboard.

    • One Photo

      One Photo

      Customize your skateboard online with a personal photo.

    • Two Photos

      Two Photos

      Choose two of your favorite images to display in the layout of your choice on your custom-made skateboard.

    • Three Photos

      Three Photos

      Add three pictures to your new custom photo skateboard to create a one-of-a-kind deck.

    • Four Photos

      Four Photos

      Make your custom skateboard with up to four images in various layouts.

    Steps to Build Your Own Complete Skateboard

    Unleash your creativity and design your own skateboard deck - a canvas for self-expression on wheels. Craft a ride that's unique to you.

    • Select Size of Deck

      Select Size of Deck

      The first decision you need to make to build your skateboard online is the size of the skate deck. With CanvasChamp’s deck customizer, you can choose three widths: 8, 8.38, or 8.75 inches.

    • Upload Your Photo on Deck

      Upload Your Photo on Deck

      Next, choose the photo or photos you would like to display on your skateboard deck and upload them to the deck customizer. Once uploaded, you can use different layout options and photo placements to achieve the desired look!

    • Customize Deck Accessories

      Customize Deck Accessories

      Then, you can add custom text or clipart from the gallery within the CanvasChamp design tool. This is a fun way to add your flair to cool custom skateboards.

    • Add to Cart

      Add to Cart

      Once you are happy with your design, add your custom-printed skate deck to your shopping cart. Then add your payment and shipping address information, and it will be shipped within 24 hours straight to your door!

    Totally Custom Printed Skateboard Decks

    CanvasChamp is the best place to create custom-made skateboard decks online! Beyond the ability to add text or custom colors, there are endless benefits to designing with us.

    Custom Backside of Skateboard Deck

    Whether wooden or acrylic, the backside of the deck is a blank canvas just waiting to be turned into a masterpiece, personalize it with vibrant artwork, quotes, or cool images that reflect your style!

    Custom Colors on Deck

    Do you have a signature color? You can choose the perfect shade from our easy-to-use design tool! From hot pink to forest green, pastel yellow, rust orange, midnight blue, and everything in between. These colors can be used to customize the entire backside or just between the wheels of your custom skateboard.

    Add Text on Skateboard Deck

    Design a genuinely iconic, eye-catching custom skate deck by incorporating the text of your choice in your chosen font. For example, add a nickname your skate friends call you or a meaningful quote. These are just a few of the infinite possibilities!

    Add Clipart on Skateboard Deck

    Do you want to add more personalized touches to your new skate deck? Browse the clipart gallery available in the deck customizer on our website. These give a similar effect to decals and stickers; however, the clipart can withstand more wear and tear than custom vinyl skateboard stickers.

    Different Photo Layouts for Skateboard Deck

    Not only can you incorporate personal photographs on the deck, but you also can select the photo layout. There are numerous layouts with space for 1-4 photos. Each will completely transform the plain skate deck, and the assorted options ensure there is one that aligns with your vision for a custom graphic skateboard.

    24 Hour Shipping of Skateboard Deck

    In addition to the endless customization opportunities, when you shop with us, you unlock 24-hour shipping! Once our design team receives your custom skate deck order, they will bring the design to life and get it shipped out to you the next day (when ordered on a business day).

    Wholesale on Custom Skateboard Deck

    Are you looking to purchase wholesale custom skateboard decks? Look no further than CanvasChamp! This is a smart way to save money if you often buy in bulk or own a skate shop. Register for a CanvasChamp wholesale account by emailing the request to to unlock exclusive discounts. Our team will happily open that account for you so you can begin designing!

    Custom Skateboard Decks - FAQs

    How to customize a skateboard?

    You can easily and expertly customize a skateboard with CanvasChamp. The easy-to-use design tool allows you to add graphics, text, artwork, and images to the deck to make a truly one-of-a-kind custom skateboard deck! Create skate decks that are out of this world with CanvasChamp!

    How to get a custom skateboard deck?

    You can design and purchase a custom photo skateboard 100% online with CanvasChamp! Put your own stamp on an otherwise standard deck by highlighting your favorite colors, patterns, personal photos, etc. You can add these elements all in one place, the CanvasChamp design tool. These custom skate decks also make terrific wall décor and gifts for the skaters in your life.

    Where to buy custom skateboards deck?

    Are you looking to purchase a personalized skateboard deck? Look no further than CanvasChamp! For an affordable price, you can design a masterpiece that features your favorite patterns, colors, personal artwork, images, and even custom text. Choose from square nose or traditional rounded skateboard deck based on your preference. Design yours today to make a statement next time you skate!

    Print Your Custom-Made Skateboards Deck

    You can create your own custom skate deck with CanvasChamp! Show off your unique style while you show off your skateboarding skills, or display it as a piece of art.