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Custom Bolster Pillow

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Custom Bolster Pillow
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  • Polyester
    Sublimation Printing
    -- Ships in 24 Hours -- | -- Pay Later --

    Why Choose Custom Bolster Pillows?

    • You'll love having this bolster pillow on your couch or bed, made with a high-quality polyester material that is so soft, long-lasting, and cuddly.
    • Design the pillow online using CanvasChamp's design tool, which is incredibly easy-to-use, making designing your pillow a fun, seamless experience.
    • Multiple customization options including size and photo options for your custom indoor bolster pillow.
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee and an easy return policy so you can shop with peace of mind.
    • With great design you also get ample neck support so you can relax in unmatched comfort.

    Why Buy Custom Bolster Pillows from CanvasChamp?

    • Ship within 24 Hours

    • Buy Now, Pay Later

    • Best Quality Assured

    • Custom Design Options

    Size Category of Custom Bolster Pillow

    Explore Different Size Options to Create the Best Pillow

    • Small Size Bolster Pillow

      Small Size Bolster Pillow

      Our small, personalized bolster pillow measures 5x18", making it work perfectly as an accent pillow. It has 18" x 15.714" of image space. How fun is it to create a cushion to fit your home exactly?

    • Medium Size Bolster Pillow

      Medium Size Bolster Pillow

      The medium custom bolster pillow measures 7x20". This size works perfectly on your couch, your bed, a cozy reading chair, or wherever you'd like to add a fun pillow. There is 20" x 22" of image space for you to personalize as well!

    • Large Size Bolster Pillow

      Large Size Bolster Pillow

      The large custom bolster pillow measures 9x23". There is 23" x 28.286" space to add your images. This pillow is perfect for placing multiple photos and quickly becomes the focal point of your living room or bedroom décor.

    Design Ideas for Custom Bolster Pillow

    Our personalized bolster pillows are incredibly versatile. Explore the most trending bolster pillow design ideas to find the perfect look for your pillow.

    • Family Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Family Photo on Bolster Pillow

      What makes a better decoration in your living room than a custom bolster pillow featuring your favorite family photo? Create a pillow highlighting your lovely family today!

    • Friends Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Friends Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Custom-made bolster pillows work great as friend gifts. Either choose a group photo to share between all the pillows or create multiple bolster pillows featuring individual photos of you with each of your friends.

    • Dad Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Dad Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Celebrate Dad with a fun custom bolster pillow. Perfect for Father's Day and birthdays, it looks great in any man cave!

    • Mom Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Mom Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Show Mom you love her by putting a picture of you both on a custom bolster pillow. She will love having a pillow that reminds her of how lovely your relationship is!

    • Sister Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Sister Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Spoil your sister with a bolster pillow featuring a photo of your choice. From summer road trips to international flights, she will get so much use out of it!

    • Brother Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Brother Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Buy your brilliant brother a unique personalized bolster pillow for your thoughtful brother. Customize it with his favorite cartoon character, sports team, or a nice family photo!

    • Wife Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Wife Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Treat your wife to a bolster pillow for her cozy reading corner or the living room couch. She will love to snuggle up while watching her favorite show or enjoying her current read!

    • Husband Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Husband Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Surprise your husband with a custom indoor bolster pillow featuring a personal image, clipart, text, or original artwork. This will make the perfect throw pillow for his office or man cave!

    • Couple Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Couple Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Celebrate your loving relationship with your significant other by displaying a personal image on a custom bolster pillow. It will make a terrific piece of décor that will make you smile whenever you see it!

    • Pet Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Pet Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Do you have an adorable pet? Display their cute face on a one-of-a-kind bolster pillow!

    • Daughter Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Daughter Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Looking to add a custom piece of décor for your daughter's bedroom? Design a custom-made bolster pillow for her!

    • Son Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Son Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Personalize your son's space with a bolster pillow designed just for him! Feature a family photo, travel memory, cartoon he loves, or whatever interests them.

    Add Multiple Photos on Custom Bolster Pillow

    Our bolster pillows can be customized to feature more than one photo. Find the configuration that works perfectly for you!

    • One Photo

      One Photo

      Highlight a single photo from a cherished memory on a plush, personalized bolster pillow. Print it on one or both sides of the pillow, depending on your preference!

    • Two Photos

      Two Photos

      Display two images of your choice on a bolster pillow! The finished product will be a personalized home décor piece you will treasure.

    • Three Photos

      Three Photos

      Want to add more photos? Select three to highlight in your custom bolster pillow design!

    • Four Photos

      Four Photos

      Cannot decide on just three photos? Add up to four images to a CanvasChamp bolster pillow for a custom design!

    How to Design the Perfect Custom Bolster Pillows

    Learn all about CanvasChamp’s easy customization process and how to personalize your bolster pillow online.

    • Choose the Size of Bolster Pillow

      Choose the Size of Bolster Pillow

      To create a custom-made bolster pillow; you first must decide which size you will personalize. There are three sizes: small, medium, and large, all with generous image areas.

    • Upload Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Upload Photo on Bolster Pillow

      Next, decide what image you want to display on the personalized bolster pillow. Upload that photo to the CanvasChamp design tool and align it within the image area of the pillow.

    • Add Text on Bolster Pillow

      Add Text on Bolster Pillow

      You can customize it further by adding clipart or text. Whether you add one or the other, both options will surely add a personal touch to this bolster pillow.

    • Add to Cart and Buy

      Add to Cart and Buy

      Once you are happy with the design you have created, add the custom bolster pillow to your CanvasChamp cart. When it is ready, our team will deliver custom-made bolster anywhere in USA with complete care directly to your door!

    Perfect Bolster Pillows for Everyone – Personalized Gift Ideas

    Perfect Bolster Pillows for Everyone – Personalized Gift Ideas

    Get inspired with these custom bolster pillow design ideas for everyone from your mom to your best friend.

    A personalized bolster pillow is a terrific gift for anyone! Whether you are searching for the perfect gift for your parents, grandparents, friends, coworkers, or someone else you care about, bolster pillows are a great custom gift for everyone.

    These throw pillows add an elegant touch to any commercial or personal space. The unique shape and ability to add individual images make bolster pillows versatile and attractive.

    CanvasChamp custom indoor bolster pillows are comfortable and durable. They are the best choice for decorative throw pillows for reading chairs, living room couches, and reception areas.

    Plus, these pillows are super affordable without compromising on quality or comfort. Consider giving it as a gift; it is a fantastic way to show someone you care!

    Not Just a Customized Item, it is a One-of-a-Kind Pillow:

    Personalized bolster pillows are the perfect way to elevate relaxing activities, such as curling up with an enjoyable book or binge-watching your favorite TV show. Customize it for yourself or a loved one with photos, text, clipart, or all the above.

    You can make a statement in any space with a custom bolster pillow! Plus, with the customization options, the pillow you design will be one-of-a-kind.

    Usage of Custom Bolster Pillow

    Usage of Custom Bolster Pillow

    Find the perfect use for our incredibly versatile bolster pillows.

    • Improved sleep quality.
    • Increased neck support for painful joints and muscles.
    • As an assistant in daily yoga practices.
    • Lounging on the couch or in your favorite reading chair.
    • Decoration at the center of a sofa, bed, or chaise.

    Know More Usage of Personalized Bolster Pillow:

    • Decorative Accent: A custom bolster pillow can add a stylish and personalized touch to your home decor, whether placed on a bed, sofa, or chair.
    • Lumbar and Neck Support: Use the bolster pillow to provide comfortable support to your lower back and neck, especially when sitting for extended periods or during relaxation.
    • Pregnancy and Postnatal Support: Custom bolster pillows can offer targeted support to pregnant women, providing relief for the back, belly, and hips. They can also assist with postnatal recovery.
    • Yoga and Meditation Aid: Bolster pillows are excellent props for yoga and meditation, helping to maintain proper alignment, support various poses, and promote relaxation.
    • Post-surgery and Therapeutic Use: Custom bolster pillows can aid in recovery from surgeries or injuries by providing targeted support and positioning for optimal comfort and healing. Bolster Pillow are also useful in therapeutic settings such as massage or physical therapy.

    Custom Bolster Pillows for Brand Promotion

    Custom Bolster Pillows for Brand Promotion

    Advertise in style with bolster pillows customized with your logo.

    Make an impact with these custom bolster pillow covers featuring your company's logo. Adding comfort to any space, these pillows act as free advertising wherever you display them. Attract new clients and impress existing ones with these sophisticated, personalized photo items!

    Advantages Custom Bolster Pillows for Brand Promotion:

    • Unique branding opportunity.
    • Increased brand visibility.
    • Practical and functional.
    • Customizable design options.
    • Versatile branding medium.
    • Long-lasting advertising.
    • Enhanced customer engagement.
    • Cost-effective marketing solution.

    Reasons to Buy Custom Bolster Pillows in Bulk

    Reasons to Buy Custom Bolster Pillows in Bulk

    Check Out CanvasChamp’s Awesome Bulk Order Deal!

    Custom-made bolster pillows are terrific items to purchase in bulk. These pillows are comfortable and plush and can be personalized to fit your unique style. Plus, bolster pillows from CanvasChamp are very affordable! Sign up to become a wholesaler with CanvasChamp by emailing our customer service team. Send your request and business information to

    24 Hour Shipping

    Are you looking forward to receiving your custom bolster pillows as soon as possible? Consider our 24-hour shipping option! You can expedite your photo items to your door for a small fee. Just 24 hours after the CanvasChamp team gets your one-of-a-kind design, your personalized bolster pillows will be ready to ship out!

    Buy Now, Pay Later

    Another terrific benefit of shopping with CanvasChamp is the buy now, pay later option. This allows you to order your bolster pillows ASAP and make four interest-free payments on orders between $30-$1,500! Whether looking for stylish ways to advertise your business or a cozy element for your living space, custom bolster pillows from CanvasChamp are an excellent choice. Plus, split the cost manageably over time with this feature!

    FAQs on Custom Bolster Pillow

    Can I customize the design of a bolster pillow?

    Yes, bolster pillows can be customized with your preferred design, logo, and colors in design tool of CanvasChamp.

    Where can custom bolster pillows be used?

    Custom bolster pillows can be used in various settings such as homes, hotels, retail spaces, trade shows, and events. CanvasChamp offers high quality of bolster pillows.

    What are the advantages of using custom bolster pillows for brand promotion?

    Custom bolster pillows offer unique branding opportunities, increased brand visibility, and serve as practical and functional promotional items.

    How long do custom bolster pillows last?

    When made with high-quality materials, custom bolster pillows can have a long lifespan and retain their shape and appearance for an extended period.

    How can custom bolster pillows enhance customer engagement?

    Custom bolster pillows can be used as gifts, incentives, or part of loyalty programs, fostering a deeper connection with customers.