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Custom Rugby Balls
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  • Why Purchase Rugby Balls from CanvasChamp?

    • Ship within 24 Hours

    • Best Quality Assured

    • Custom Design Options

    Custom Printed Rugby Balls for Anyone

    Rugby match balls are great gifts for everyone!

    • For Best Son

      For Best Son

      Give your son a gift like no other! Design a rugby ball for him that highlights his favorite players, team, or memories with you.

    • For Best Dad

      For Best Dad

      Treat your doting dad to a custom rugby league ball. This is a terrific gift for his birthday or Father's Day!

    • For Boyfriend

      For Boyfriend

      Is your boyfriend a true rugby fan? Design a custom-made rugby ball just for him!

    • For Best Coach

      For Best Coach

      Are you grateful for your coach and want to treat them to a lovely gift? Customize a rugby ball for them ft. your team logo.

    • Best Team Player

      Best Team Player

      Celebrate the MVP of your rugby team with a custom ball just for them. They will display it with pride!

    • For Instagram Photos

      For Instagram Photos

      Custom-printed rugby balls are a unique way to highlight your photographs! You can even add images from your Instagram profile to the design tool.

    • Fav Rugby Player

      Fav Rugby Player

      Show your love for your favorite rugby player on a custom rugby ball. You can add their name, jersey number, and even team logo!

    • Favorite Superhero

      Favorite Superhero

      Combine your love for sports and superheroes with a personalized rugby ball featuring your favorite superhero. From Spiderman to Captain America, you can make it entirely your own.


    Showcase Up to Four Photos on personalized rugby balls with multiple layouts.

    • One Photo on Rugby Ball

      One Photo on Rugby Ball

      Customize a rugby ball with a photo with CanvasChamp! It is sure to draw attention and bring a smile to your face.

    • Two Photos on Rugby Ball

      Two Photos on Rugby Ball

      Can't choose just one? Display two exceptional images on custom-printed rugby balls.

    • Three Photos on Rugby Ball

      Three Photos on Rugby Ball

      Highlight three favorite photographs onto custom rugby balls. You can choose from several photo layouts to find one that fits your style preferences.

    • Four Photos on Rugby Ball

      Four Photos on Rugby Ball

      Add up to four images into a one-of-a-kind collage photo printed on a rugby ball! This will maximize the usable space and highlight more memories.


    Let your imagination run wild and design your own rugby ball.

    • Upload Photo on Rugby Ball

      Upload Photo on Rugby Ball

      Design a customized rugby ball with original artwork, team logos, or photographs for a unique look. This makes it the perfect gift for any fan or player!

    • Add Text on Rugby Ball

      Add Text on Rugby Ball

      Add custom text on custom rugby league balls to any of the four panels to craft a masterpiece. Incorporate players' names and numbers for an even more individualized touch.

    • Add Clipart on Rugby Ball

      Add Clipart on Rugby Ball

      Even add clipart to your design. This is a terrific chance to highlight your mascot on custom rugby league balls!

    • Add to Cart

      Add to Cart

      Once you are 100% happy with your design, add it to your CanvasChamp cart. Then, add the payment method and checkout.

    Custom Rugby Balls for Weddings

    Custom Rugby Balls for Weddings

    Create custom rugby balls for groomsmen and your spouse!

    Are you getting married and searching for the perfect gift for your fiancé's groomsman? It can be daunting to find a gift that is versatile enough to suit everyone's tastes and does not break the bank for you. A custom rugby ball for each is an excellent idea if they love sports! This allows you to tailor each one to fit each groomsman's personality.

    Add a team logo, their name, and even a photo of all the groomsmen together to create a sentimental souvenir for them to take home. They will remember your wedding day any time they see it! You can even display the personalized rugby balls in a shadow box for them. This way, it will be okay as they travel home and ready to show off wherever they choose to place it.

    You can take it one step further and create a plaque on the shadow box. It could say your wedding date, name, and party names as a cute, individualized touch. They can put it on a floating shelf in their bedroom or display it front and center on their desk at work.

    Custom Rugby Balls for Rugby Union and Rugby League

    Custom Rugby Balls for Rugby Union and Rugby League

    Show off your union or league logo when you design your own rugby balls.

    Dive into the dynamic world of rugby with our top-quality custom rugby balls tailored for both Rugby Union and Rugby League. Whether you're a club wanting to showcase your colors, a school keen to instill pride in your team, or a business aiming for memorable promotions, our balls are designed with precision and passion.

    Our rugby balls aren't just about aesthetics; they're a fusion of form and function. Crafted from premium materials, they promise durability and optimal performance on the field. The vibrant prints and sharp graphics ensure your designs pop, making every pass, kick, and try an exhibition of your brand or team spirit.

    Our custom rugby balls are designed to look good and endure the rigors of a high-spirited game. Created with premium materials, they promise a grip that marries convenience with performance, elevating your game to unprecedented heights.

    For the players, a custom ball can be a beacon of motivation, a tangible emblem of unity and team spirit. For fans and stakeholders, it symbolizes allegiance and a collector's item. So why wait? Elevate your game and brand visibility with our bespoke personalized rugby balls tailored for both Rugby Union and Rugby League.

    Promotional Rugby Balls for Business

    Promotional Rugby Balls for Business

    Market your business in a unique way with these rugby balls.

    Are you searching for a way to stand out against your competitors at events or on social media? Promotional rugby balls are a fantastic way to do just that! They are incredibly unique, and potential customers or existing clients can use them to play a fun game of rugby with loved ones while advertising your business at the same time. Promoting them on your social media profiles will also create interest and attract rugby lovers everywhere!

    Custom rugby balls are something no one else will give away at tradeshows this year, meaning you will make a remarkable impression on anyone passing by your booth or showroom. Plus, you can pass it around to entice people to walk up and start a conversation with you and your team!

    It is also fun to design personalized rugby balls if you are a marketing or public relations agency that works with a particular sports team. You can add their team's logo and use them to decorate your corporate office space. Your clients will be flattered, and it will draw the eye of any potential clients visiting your area. It will instill confidence in your teams' expertise and experience while being a fantastic conversation starter!

    Custom Made Rugby Balls to Gift Sports Lover

    Custom Made Rugby Balls to Gift Sports Lover

    Treat the sports enthusiast in your life to a personalized rugby ball gift.

    Do you have someone in your life who is rugby-obsessed? They play the sport or love to watch it on TV and cheer on their favorite players. Either way, they will jump for joy if they are gifted a custom rugby ball! Giving someone a rugby ball might be memorable, but personalizing that gift takes it to another level.

    The design possibilities are endless when you design custom rugby league balls with CanvasChamp. Depending on their personality, which team they root for or play for, and their stylistic preferences, you can select the customization options that best suit them!

    Whether they celebrate a birthday or winter holidays, or you want to do something nice for them, they will be happy to receive this 100% unique personalized rugby ball gift. It is beautiful for them to display, makes a party, event, or barbeque ten times more exciting, and get everyone involved!

    CanvasChamp's custom rugby ball is more than just a sporting tool; it is a vessel for memories, emotions, and sentiments. When looking for a unique gift for a rugby enthusiast, a personalized ball from CanvasChamp is a sure way to score a try in their heart.


    What is a custom rugby ball?

    A custom rugby ball from CanvasChamp is personalized with unique designs, images, or text, allowing individuals or teams to display their style or brand. It is ideal for commemorative events, gifts, or promotional purposes.

    How does it differ from a standard rugby ball?

    A custom-designed rugby ball differs from a standard rugby ball in its personalized design. While a standard ball features generic or brand-specific designs, a custom ball from CanvasChamp is adorned with individualized images, text, or logos the customer chooses, offering a unique and tailored appearance.

    What are the main reasons for customizing rugby balls?

    Customizing rugby balls with CanvasChamp allows teams or individuals to promote their brand, commemorate extraordinary events, or express a unique identity. Personalized balls can also serve as memorable gifts, promotional items, or tokens of appreciation, enhancing the connection between the giver and the recipient.

    What types of customization options are available for rugby balls?

    At CanvasChamp, customization options for rugby balls include adding individualized designs, images, logos, and text. Customers can showcase their team branding, personal artwork, or particular messages, ensuring each ball reflects the desired style and purpose while standing out from generic variants.

    How can I design my custom rugby ball?

    To design your custom rugby ball with CanvasChamp, visit their website, select the rugby ball customization option, upload your desired images, logos, or text, and arrange them using their design tool. Once you are satisfied with the design, finalize the order, and we will produce and ship your personalized rugby ball.

    What materials are commonly used in custom rugby ball construction?

    CanvasChamp's custom rugby balls are typically constructed using durable synthetic materials like rubber, polyurethane, or PVC, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. These materials are chosen for their ability to retain shape, withstand rough play, and highlight printed designs vividly.

    Can I personalize a rugby ball with my team's logo or colors?

    You can personalize a rugby ball with your team's logo or colors. Many customization services, including CanvasChamp, allow you to upload your designs, logos, or artwork. This will enable teams to showcase their brand identity on the ball, making it a unique representation of the group.

    Can I order custom rugby balls in bulk for my team or organization?

    You can order custom rugby balls in bulk for your team or organization. Companies like CanvasChamp often provide discounts or special pricing for bulk orders, making it cost-effective for groups, clubs, or organizations to get personalized balls that resonate with their branding or specific event needs. Always consult with the provider for particular bulk order details.

    What are the advantages of using a custom rugby ball for promotional purposes?

    Using a custom rugby league ball for promotional purposes offers several advantages, including brand visibility, engagement, memorability, loyalty, pride, and versatility.


    Customize rugby match balls that fit international standards with your club colors and logo.