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Customise your favourite photos into superb photo boards

What We Offer You with Photo Boards?

What We Offer You with Photo Boards?

If you want your printed images to be the talk of the town and truly stand out amongst the others, all you need is a photo board to add to the charm of the picture.

Mounted picture boards are the latest stylish choice for displaying your choice images in a unique way. What better way to enjoy and display the beauty of your favorite image, than by having the print mounted on a proper photo board! It is a great way to make your image the centre of attention.

Photo Boards Give Your Image the Wow Factor!

Photo Boards Give Your Image the Wow Factor!

Do you want to project the beauty of your image, and have everyone marvel at your great photography skills? Then you need to display the images in the perfect way possible. The photos or photo boards have your favorite printed images mounted on the board size of your choice.

Pictures mounted on photo boards ensure a sharp display and also sport a smooth classy finish. The photo boards project your images as great pieces of contemporary art. With no bulky frames to distract from the actual beauty of the image, you can have your mounted photo pop out of the board and be a marvel for all!

Features of Photo Boards

There are reasons why you will like our photo boards

  • Long Lasting Appeal

    Long Lasting Appeal

    Mount your pictures to photo boards made of a ¼” thick material that gives a sleek finish and high durability. Make your photos look fresh and attractive with a better looking long-lasting appeal.

  • Price and Quality Assurance

    Price and Quality Assurance

    When it comes to price and quality, we ensure an excellent service every time. We offer the most affordable prices on the market and ensure that all our offerings are according to quality standards.

  • A Perfect Alternative

    A Perfect Alternative

    Get to seize a chance for a unique way of displaying your favorite photos. Enjoy a detailed and a sharp print of your image and get it presented in a stylish way as an alternative to standard framing options.



Photo boards are the latest way in the market to present your images in style! Why opt for a regular framing style, when you can make your image art pop out with a photo board?

For a sleek and stylish result, you can choose to mount the images of your choice, on a photo board, which will ensure you sharp colors, outstanding results and the log time durability of the print!

If you want, you can also mount your image on a photo board with a frame of your option. By opting for a photo board style, you can enjoy a piece of contemporary art in your home living room or office den, and add chic elegance to every space.

If you are one particular individual, who is quite precise about the print results of his images, then the photo board option is exactly what you need to give them the wow factor!

We offer you sharp and durable print quality, with superior standard print detail, so that you get nothing but the very best when you opt for our services. You can choose from a variety of options to make sure that the print quality is exactly what you want!

What We Offer You with Photo Boards?

There are reasons why you will like our photo boards

  • Framing Options

    Framing Options

    We offer a wide range of exciting framing options for you to choose from, to give your photo the unique touch it needs to take it to the next level of pure awesome! Try framing options for it!

  • Hanging Selections

    Hanging Selections

    If you want to hang the photo board, then we offer you hanging options, to make your wish come true! What better way to add stylish art to your home than by adding a hanging photo board!

  • Fast and Easy Shipping Process

    Fast and Easy Shipping Process

    We ensure you a fast and secure shipping process so that you don’t have to wait to appreciate the flawless smoothness and chic style of your mounted photo board printed image.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Does the Photo Board retain its absolute flat surface or does it tend to warp after a few months or years?Does the Photo Board break easily?Thank you.
    A: Hello Udaya, Greetings! Thank you for your email, Please know that the photo board is bit hard but if you keep it in very dry place then it might get bit bend, However, if you do not wish that to happen then I would suggest you to go for the stretched canvas print. Please let me know if there is anything further I can help you with. Kind regards, Mike, Canvas Champ.
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  • Q: What is the best procedure to mount my photo board on a wall?
    A: You just have to drill a hole on the wall and use our hanging kit a to mount the photo board.
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  • Q: What is the maximum and minimum size of photo board?
    A: Any size between 8 x 8 inches to 30 x 30 inch with any combinations is available for making a photo board.
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  • Q: How thick are the Photoboards?
    A: The thickness of a Photoboard is 5 mmm. For further inquiry you can write us at
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  • Q: Can I Use a photoboard on table top?
    A: We usually provide wall mounting kits along with a photo board but we can also have an option of a wooden easel back for placing it on a table or any surface.
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  • Q: Does my photo board product come with a hanging kit by default?
    A: No a photo board doesn't come with a hanging kit by default but you have to purchase that separately. Although it is available on our website.
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  • Q: What is the maximum lifespan of a photo board?
    A: A Photo board if taken good care of can last for several years! The average lifespan is 10 years!
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  • Q: What is the material used in photo board?
    A: We use a dense foam core material for UV printing our photo boards.
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