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Creative and entertaining 100 pieces photo puzzle
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  • Creative and entertaining 100 pieces photo puzzle

    • Ideal for kids and elders
    • Perfect box layouts for different gifting options
    • 15-year guarantee for the ultimate gaming
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    All you need to know about 100 pieces photo puzzle

    Recommended age:

    Kids starting from 6 years to elders with a heart of a kid


    All photo puzzles are delivered with different pieces separated in the same packaging to start the fun with unpackaging only.

    Imagine a weekend with your family, but you are confused about selecting the best compatible games for the whole family. You may go for some mind-boggling games, but that keeps your kids out of family time.

    Alternatively, you can go for the kids' games, but that may not keep your elders engaging. So, if you're in the same ship of confusion for finding the best partner in your family time, welcome home a creative and amazingly designed 100 piece photo puzzle.

    This photo puzzle has all that it takes to be high-end, entertaining, and full of fun. It is one of the few entertaining puzzles that can be used by the whole family and meet the aggressive demands of the elders and kids. In addition, the small amount of unique pieces makes it easy to manage at all times without worrying about losing the different pieces.

    The dose of entertainment never takes a backseat while you can select the best family click for printing on this photo puzzle.

    Tips & Ideas

    Recommended minimum image resolution:

    The photo is the most beautiful part of the 100 pieces puzzle, and hence you need to select the best picture. Once you're ready with the best click of your family or lifetime, it is time to check its resolution. The ideal resolution of the image is 3409*2567 pixels. Thus, it becomes easy for you to create a seamless and ideally looking 100 pieces photo puzzle.

    Note: All you need to take care of is the sharpness and tint in the image of your choice. Thus, along with the image resolution, you must take care that the photo you've selected should be smooth and free from excessive darkness or sharpness for best results. Alternatively, you can send the chosen image to us to get the best recommendation through email. This final good to go before the printing; double sure the quality product is for your fun and entertainment.

    Quick creating tip:

    100 pieces photo puzzle is all about fun, entertainment, and spending some quality time with your extended family. So, why not choose something that is most special in your lives, like the grandparents and grandchildren images, family outing pics, etc.? Then, to connect the old branches with the new buds of your family tree, the photos of grandparents and kids work the best in all cases.

    Puzzle Variants


    • Q: Why should I go for an online 100 pieces photo puzzle?
      A: It is quick and easy to create your customized 100 pieces photo puzzle and order one online. You can further keep a solid track of your order with the tracking ID and get the best estimate of its delivery at your place.
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    • Q: Can I use a portrait photo on my 100 pieces photo puzzle?
      A: Yes, you can use portrait or landscape photos on your 100 pieces photo puzzle.
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    • Q: How to manage the large volume of pieces of photo puzzles?
      A: The exact size and smooth finish of all the 100 pieces make it easy to handle and work. All you need to do is pack and unpack them carefully without missing any piece.
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