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Canvas Prints
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Relive the joy everyday with your photo on canvas

Transform treasured photos into archival-quality canvas prints at the lowest prices on the Web!

  • 2 Million Prints

    We are experts who have sold more than 2 million canvas prints
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    Our customers love us! Rated 4.7 out of 5 based on more than 66621 reviews .
  • Awards

    Award-winning technology includes certified printers and Latex inks.
  • Quality

    We offer the best quality canvas prints anywhere – and we back it up with a 99+ Year Guarantee.


Best Quality Canvas Prints

Turn your photos into a stunning work of art on canvas with CanvasChamp™. Our photo canvas prints are the best option for decorating your home or office walls! When you need a unique gift for someone, you can help them relive treasured moments in the form of archival-quality images on canvas. We’ll transform your memories into high-end, UV-protected waterproof custom canvas prints. We combine state-of-the-art technology for personalized canvas printing with the best service in the industry. Our gallery-wrapped canvas is available in any size from 5 x 7 inches to 54 x 54 inches!

  • Wooden frame/stretcher bars from sustainable pine forests are handcrafted by skilled artisans.
  • Specially coated poly-cotton canvas provides the highest durability and best color vibrancy.
  • Archival-grade canvas.
  • Handmade and hand-laminated photo canvases.
  • Hanging hardware is preinstalled; it's ready to hang out of the box.

Design Your Own Single Custom Canvas Prints

Single panel photo canvas are:

  • Printed with UV-protected latex inks on hand-stretched canvas.
  • Well-protected when you select our quality lamination process that puts a glossy finish over the stretched canvas.
  • Most suitable for the photos with centered objects and considerable background spread on the four sides.
  • Centered and wrapped around 1½-inch stretcher bars on all four sides and stapled to the back for a museum-style look without a frame.
  • Available in a range of layouts.

You will always remember and treasure the moments of your life that you commemorate with single custom canvas.

Personalized Canvas Prints - Premium Quality

CanvasChamp is a prominent best online canvas printing company providing top-notch canvas photo prints from your memorable photos (digital or printed photos) and even artwork

It's a credit to CanvasChamp that we have delivered more than 1,500,000 photo canvas prints to our valued customers – including corporations, professional photographers, interior decorators, and designers … and, of course, the public at large.


Whether you are creating a wall display, art piece, or one awesome photo canvas, our qualified team is here 24/7 to answer your every minute concern or question. Moreover, your dream of a high-quality canvas print will be delivered through the fastest and safest mode to your doorstep.

Personalized Canvas Prints with Your Own Photos

The best gifts reflect both the giver and the receiver. Offer a bit of yourself with personalized canvas art! Custom-design awe-inspiring pieces of artwork for all your favorite people. Create a portrait gallery the grandparents can enjoy every day. Celebrate anniversaries, weddings, or other milestone moments with stunning personalized canvas photos from that momentous day. Capture a stunning sunset or landscape that takes you back to the day you first laid eyes on it. And while a single photo makes a powerful statement, why limit yourself to a single canvas? Split your picture over several canvases to highlight a subject or create movement. Add lyrics or words to your piece to enhance the message in your photograph inspires. Or choose a montage of several related photos to convey a story or highlight a mood. Your imagination is the only limit when creating personalized canvas painting.

Use our fun and easy design tool to construct the ideal personalized canvas photo print. Just upload your favorite photo (or photos) and browse through our size and arrangement options. Watch your wall art come together before your eyes. Rest assured that your personalized canvas prints will be of the highest quality materials designed to maximize the beauty and longevity of your art. Using archival-grade canvas, we will transform your memories into high-end, UV-protected waterproof custom canvas prints that are ready to hang straight out of the box. Let us help you turn your photographs into dazzling masterpieces and treasured gifts for years to come.

Your Photo on Canvas - At the Lowest Prices on the Web!

Custom canvas prints are crafted with the excellence that will gain the attention of every person who passes by. They allow you to happily relive life’s milestones such as weddings and graduations. But they also allow you to showcase the awesome photos you took on vacations and candid precious moments you caught of children and pets. Canvas picture prints add an eye-catching focal point to the empty space on your wall. If you need help coming up with artistic and unique ideas for your photo to canvas, please visit our idea gallery for interesting ways to create collages and other forms of canvas photo printing.

We provide customers with the highest quality canvas photo prints in the United States

We deliver the most outstanding canvas wrap prints of any photo you choose. We never compromise on quality – whether it’s the ink, frame, canvas, or even a minute, yet important, part like a hook. Our professional design experts are here to help you fine-tune the details of your image to achieve perfection … free of charge. We also offer most competitive prices in the industry, with free shipping on orders over $99. Just browse our website to find the most suitable custom canvas print, size, design, and frame to bring your idea to life.

Mounting Canvas Prints: An Excellent Gallery Wrap Alternative

When you get a rolled canvas, you have two options:

  • You can frame it with your choice of frame. If you have a specific frame in mind, the rolled canvas will be your best option.
  • Have your picture on canvas stretched around a supportive frame and then gallery-wrapped, giving it an exhibit look.

If you have an artistic flair and specific ideas about how to mount your own canvas, you should opt for rolled canvas so you can customize it exactly the way you want.

Create unique canvas photo prints online with our amazing photo filters and effects.

Digital Oil Painting

Digital oil painting gives your digital photos the look of a traditional oil painting. Each one is especially hand-designed by one of our skilled artists. Using a stylus and a specialized tablet. Use this technique to achieve the look of classic portraits from your digital pictures. Our museum quality will give your favorite pictures the look of the masters.

Pop Art

Make your photos POP, with the look of Warhol to a range of other eye-popping effects. We provide easy-to-use tools to create a masterpiece of your own.


Convert your pictures to cartoon-like images. NOTE: Only faces will be converted; the rest would be changed to a plain background.

Straightforward Pricing Policy

CanvasChamp follows a very ethical pricing policy. The prices of our products include any add-ons and shipping. There are no extra or hidden costs once you place your order with CanvasChamp. You are only charged the price listed on the website.

Easy-to-Order Custom Canvas Prints

Our ordering process is easy:

  • Select the size, upload your photos, select the frames and other options you’d like to add to your personalized your photos on canvas, and then choose the checkout options.
  • We will send you a preview copy of your image. With your approval, we’ll have your photos printed on canvas at your doorstep in no time.
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Make Amazing Customized Wall Art Using Our Photo Canvas Prints

  • Lyrics on Canvas

    Lyrics on Canvas

    This can make a great anniversary gift or just a great addition to your home decor. Let words express your feelings through custom canvas enhanced with personalized text.

  • Wall Display

    Wall Display

    Can't decide which photo you like best from all those awesome shots? Why not display a whole collection! You can create an amazing canvas wall display using multiple photos.

  • Split Photo Canvas

    Split Photo Canvas

    Split canvas photo prints are the most suitable option for showcasing memories in a modern and edgy way.

  • Hexagon Shaped Canvas

    Hexagon Shaped Canvas

    Introducing our artsy photos on hexagon-shaped canvas. A precisely exclusive way to display your custom gallery-wrapped photographic prints on canvas.

The Perfect Canvas Photo Prints for your Home or Workplace

Our skilled image specialists work hard to bring you the best quality canvas

  • Canvas Pricing
  • Edges
  • Framing
  • Effects
  • Thickness
  • Lamination
  • Hanging
  • Texting

Canvas Prints Standard Sizes

Be one of our privilege customers in creating your own custom canvas prints with our easy to use design tool. Lamination and Image retouching options (minor photo retouching and major photo retouching) available which will be taken care by our expert artisans. Choose from standard 0.75" border wrap or 1.5" border wrap. Custom canvas wrapped sides with image wrap, mirrored wrap, or unlimited colored border wrap option available. CanvasChamp™ offers highest quality, gallery-wrap prints at an affordable price. See the canvas sizes chart below of our most popular sizes.

Size Rolled Hanging 0.75" 1.5"
8"x8" $3.61 $3.93 $4.25 $5.52
8"x10" $7.11 $7.73 $8.36 $10.87
11"x14" $9.88 $10.75 $11.62 $15.11
10"x10" $11.95 $13.01 $14.06 $18.28
12"x8" $11.05 $12.03 $13.00 $16.90

Various Edge Designs for Canvas Prints

  • Mirror Wrap

    Mirror Wrap

    0.75" or 1.5" (depending on the thickness selected) is copied from the edge of the canvas and wrapped around the stretcher frame. This is the option to select if you have important elements near the edges of the image that would end up on the border if you went with a standard image wrap.

  • Image Wrap

    Image Wrap

    0.75" or 1.5"(depending on the thickness selected) from the edge of the image is extended. Over the edges of the stretcher frame. This method will crop some of your image on the front of the canvas.

  • Colored Wrap

    Colored Wrap

    The wrap is printed with the solid color that you choose from the palette. Select this option when you want the edges to be in sync with the color on the walls.

Opt for a Frame to Match Your Personage

We offer multiple custom framing options for your photos on canvas. You can opt for any of them based on the size, mood, and elegance. The following criteria will make it easy for you to choose the right frame for your canvas photo prints:

  • The framed canvas pictures prints are usually made of two kinds of material – synthetic or wood.
  • They are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes – including brown, golden, black curved, beaded mahogany, black flat, bronze ornate … and more!
  • These are all the designer frames and they can be customized according to your requirements.
  • They are fitted with stainless steel or brass hooks and come ready to hang.
  • Beaded Mahogany
    Beaded Mahogany
  • Black Curved
    Black Curved
  • Black
  • Blonde Maple
    Blonde Maple
  • Brown Frame
    Brown Frame

Special Effects on One Click of a Button

Sometimes a picture takes on an entirely different look when you modify it with the artistic touch of one of our special effects. You can adorn your canvas print images with versatile colors and a range of effects that include sepia, gray scale, digital oil painting, pop art, and caricatures.

  • Digital Oil Painting
    Digital Oil Painting
  • Andy Warhol
    Andy Warhol
  • Sepia
  • Gray Scale
    Gray Scale
  • Caricatures

Quality Wood Frame for Canvas Printing

The selection of the thickness of the canvas for your dream canvas wall art or canvas prints plays a vital role in the final outcome of the picture. The canvas available in the market is basically of two types:

  • Thin Wrap Canvas

    Thin-Wrap Canvas (Standard canvas frame (0.75"))

    This canvas is 0.75 inch thick and is preferable for the smaller-sized canvas prints.

  • Thick Wrap Canvas

    Thick-Wrap Canvas (XXL wooden frame - 1.5")

    This canvas is 1.5 inches thick and is highly recommendable for larger-sized canvas prints.

Protect Your Artwork the Right Way

The life expectancy of your artwork will be incredibly longer when it is protected with a chemical layer on the canvas. We can hand-laminate your canvas print to give it museum quality. Not only will it last a lifetime, the glossy finish will make the images more vivid.


The laminated photos canvas provide multiple benefits such as:

  • Greater brightness due to a specially engineered UV-resistant liquid
  • High protection from the UV rays, sunlight, and other environmental conditions.
  • Archival-quality canvas prints.
  • Deeper effect for black and white pictures on canvas.
  • Quality warranted for 99+ years.

Accessories of Customized Canvas

Have you ever tried adding hooks to the photo or artwork you can’t wait to display? You can end up getting it crooked or even ruining the frame. We make sure when your photos or art print on canvas arrives at your door, it will be ready to hang immediately! Our exceptional service includes the addition of stainless or brass hooks to every order. Or you can choose other hardware for your custom canvas prints.

Check out the various hanging options available at CanvasChamp:

  • Sawtooth Hanger

    Sawtooth Hanger

    Instead of a hook, you have the option of a sawtooth hanger. We will place it on the back of your custom canvas print at the center of the top rail with the serrated teeth of the hanger facing downward.

  • Easel Back

    Easel Back

    An easel-backed canvas picture print makes it possible to display your photo on a table, shelf, or other horizontal surface.

  • Dust Cover Stand

    Dust Cover Stand

    You can easily extend the life of your dream canvas photo print with a sturdy dust cover protecting the back and giving the piece a finished look.

Spread the Right Words!

An image or photo on canvas, enhanced with touching words, transforms these elements into a unique piece of art.

Design Your Own Canvas Online - Add Photos, Text, Colors & More

Our team of experienced designers will help you artistically place phrases from your wedding vows on canvas or a quote from a loved one or perhaps an appropriate famous passage on your canvas print to give it heartfelt emotion. Feel free to browse through our sample of custom quotes on canvas for your ideas on adding text to canvas prints.

  • Good things are going
  • Here is the crazy ones
  • Life begins at the end


Transform your photos into works of art

  • Safe

    We follow highly secured standards to ensure the safety of your confidential details.
  • Quality Guaranteed

    Our expert team draws from years of experience in delivering museum-quality canvases.
  • Custom Size & Price

    You don’t just decide the way your canvas looks, but also the amount you pay.
  • 100% Happiness Assured

    Our photo canvas prints and services are known to make customers happy.
  • Best Customer Service

    We strive for long-term relationships, so we go to great lengths to ensure the continual satisfaction of our customers through the bond we share with them.
  • Genius HP Inks

    To create your priceless canvas picture prints, we use only the best quality certified inks.
  • Art Concierge

    Get free art consultation on each order by skilled designers. All images will be reviewed and corrected. By our team of professionals before being printed.
  • FAST Turnaround

    Our dedicated team bridges the communication gap by being instantly available for help.

What Is a Photo Canvas Print

When creating your unique photo gifts, it's important to be aware of which application will bring out the best in your treasured images. A few things to consider when deciding on canvas versus paper for your custom prints:


A personalized canvas print from our best-rated canvas shop starts with a cherished photo or artwork in PNG, JPG or BMP file formats (up to 25 MB). Your image is printed on a specially manufactured canvas using a high-quality polyester/cotton blend. The canvas is printed using state-of-the-art technology using UV-resistant Latex inks. These are the preferred inks for printing on canvas because they ensure exact duplication of the photo or artwork and provide vibrancy and longevity. They won’t fade or bleed.

The printed photo on canvas is then hand-stretched over a simple frame we machine in-house. The stretcher bars of the frame are made of 100 percent pinewood with a solid backing to make sure your canvas never sags. The fabric is then carefully underpinned to the back of the frame by skilled artisans. To finish off the photo canvas print, your choice of hanging hardware is added, and your order is ready to ship with lightning speed.

How Do You Create a Photo Canvas Print?

It’s easy! You can create a personalized canvas print from photos in a few simple steps.

Select Size
Wrap & Border


Transfer your favorite photos into stunning canvas prints

The expression of love needs to be as special as your loved ones

The expression of love needs to be as special as your loved ones

Words may not always express how much your loved ones mean to you. So naturally you’re always looking for gifts that will bring happiness to them. It might be a photo you just took recently, combined with just the right quote to touch the heart of your loved one and create a personalized photo gifts with our online canvas builder.

A well-crafted canvas wall display tells a story

A well-crafted canvas wall display tells a story

Sometimes you have so many good shots taken at the same time that you wish you could somehow display them together. With a wall display composed of several individual canvas prints you can narrate that story pictorially … and it will last a lifetime.

Convey your feelings through the best canvas prints

Convey your feelings through the best canvas prints

In our busy lives, we often don’t take time as often as we should to tell the people we care about how much we love and appreciate them. One way to do that is to create customized photo canvas that portray those emotions.

Family bonds that never vanish on canvas

Family bonds that never vanish on canvas

We offers a variety of options for creating your family portraits on gallery wrapped canvas with multiple designs, shapes, and color combinations. We give your family photos the flair they deserve and with our museum quality, they will live on as treasured keepsakes.

Multiple options for every photographer

Multiple options for every photographer

Every photographer – whether he or she is a professional or a person who simply loves taking pictures as a hobby – would love to see his or her shots showcased on high-end quality photo canvas. CanvasChamp is well-known for the premium materials we use in producing our decorative prints – be it an acrylic, glass, canvas, or metal. Plus we offer professional design assistance and prompt service.

We stand behind our products with a "Love It" guarantee. Visit us to create your dream at the most economical rates and the highest quality.

Immortalize the best moments of your life with wedding prints

Immortalize the best moments of your life with wedding prints

Wedding photos to canvas allow you to relive the beautiful moments of life. Your wedding ceremony must have kept professional photographers busy clicking shots of your special day. Now let it be immortalized with a unique treatment on custom size canvas picture prints.

Share inseparable moments with a canvas collage

Share inseparable moments with a canvas collage

A canvas collage also displays several photos, but unlike a wall display, they are all printed on one canvas. You could be whimsical and show a mix of unrelated photos or you could arrange photos from different time periods that may still share a theme.

Photo on Canvas with Premium Frame

Photo on Canvas with Premium Frame

Our floating frame is designed to give a premium-quality framing option for your unique photo canvas print! A sleek black frame, made with an elegant wood finish, gives a floating effect to your canvas. The floating framed canvas 0.75 inch deep. It transforms your image into a stylish eye-catcher with gallery quality.

Show your pride as a “Pawrent” with pet photos on canvas

Show your pride as a “Pawrent” with pet photos on canvas

No language describes the love we all have for our pets and we offer a limitless horizon to explore in expressing that love with our personalized canvas. The pictures of your pets as canvas portraits will leave every person who sees them speechless at their stunning presence.

Want to turn your photos into canvas prints?