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Personalized Wall Tiles

Personalized Wall Tiles

Personalized wall tiles printed in full Image, many sizes

Custom wall tiles are a lightweight, durable and colorful printing option. Make custom wall tiles with your own artwork, text, photos, or business logos. Learn how to create custom wall tiles for your home or as advertising for your business or event.

Need an idea for your next decor project? Well, we got you. How about decorating your space with custom-printed wall tiles? Sounds fun!

So, whether you want to adorn your bathroom wall or fix that dirty kitchen tile, we have the best custom wall tiles that would wow anything which steps inside your home.

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Custom Printed Wall Tiles

Custom Printed Wall Tiles

Made from durable hardboard material, these fully customizable and colorful photo tiles for wall are perfect for so many different uses. Thinner and more lightweight than large canvas prints, wall tiles exude a finished and professional look without the big expense. They are a great alternative to decorative ceramic tiles you can hang anywhere in your home, office or school. You can get them in square, round, rectangular or hexagonal shapes.

Hardboard is a synthetic wood product used in furniture and in the construction industry. A common use is for pegboards that you can hang tools and craft items on in a workshop or your garage. This material is an ideal substrate for printing with UV inks — that’s our specialty!

How to Make Custom Wall Tiles

How to Make Custom Wall Tiles

Printed hardboard photo tiles have many practical uses when you add your own unique touches to match your personal style or your company’s branding. Use them for presentations, temporary signage, or keepsake box covers. The square sizes are perfect for printing your Instagram photos, too!

You can upload photos, graphics, art images, text, logos, or anything you can think of. Take images from your phone, computer, social media accounts and easily upload them online.

Custom Shapes

Custom Shapes

We’ve constructed picture tiles in many different popular shapes. Choose from squares, rectangles, circles and hexagons. Each shape is unique for so many different applications, from creating picture tiles for wall, photo mosaics to circle photo headshots. You’re only limited by your imagination!

Square photo tiles are great for creating visual storytelling on a wall. Combine photos of similar styles and scenes to make a creative and fun statement. Rectangle photo tiles work exceptionally well for landscape shots of nature, the beach, forests, as well as large group photos of family reunions or corporate events. Try using circle wall tiles for your children’s rooms to make funny emoji prints, for cartoon characters or amusing headshots of friends. Up your creative game with hexagon picture tiles to make mosaic designs that fit well together so you can keep adding tiles as you go. There are so many possibilities!

Wall Tile Details

Wall Tile Details

Material & Shapes

  • Hardboard 5-6mm (0.19” - 0.23”) thick
  • Square, Rectangle, Circle & Hexagon


  • Square: 6” x 6” – 8” x 8” – 12” x 12”
  • Rectangle: 6” x 8” – 8” x 10” – 12” x 18”
  • Circle: 6” x 6” – 8” x 8” – 12” x 12”
  • Hexagon: 6” x 7” – 8” x 9” – 12” x 14”
Creative Uses for Printed Tiles

Creative Uses for Printed Tiles

Custom wall tiles are perfect for keepsake box covers, mosaic tile murals, decorative wall art, durable Instagram photo prints, indoor signage, promotional advertising and more!

We print all of our wall tiles using durable UV inks that resist scratching and fading. The process is quick and easy using our high-tech digital printers, ensuring faster production times. The hardboard material is sturdy and rigid, yet incredibly lightweight enough to hang or display just about anywhere.

Custom wall tiles are also ideal for use as promotional items, marketing campaign giveaways, advertising specialties, and trade shows. The different shapes available make them suitable for just about any situation. By printing your logo and business information on wall tiles, you get your business recognized anywhere!

As with many other personalized products available through, customers can create completely customized wall tiles totally online. Our site is very user-friendly to quickly and easily customize your order. All standard graphics formats are acceptable, and an array of fonts are available.