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Personalized Fleece Blankets

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Personalized Fleece Blankets
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    How to Care for a Fleece Blanket for Long-lasting Services?

    • Avoid using bleach when washing your blanket.
    • Machine wash your custom fleece blanket in cold water. Be sure it is on the gentle cycle and that you wash it separately from other laundry.
    • Tumble dry the blanket on low heat.
    • The fleece blanket with custom picture will only get softer and more snuggly every time you wash it!

    Why Choose CanvasChamp?

    • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
    • 6M+ delighted customers.
    • Ready to ship within 24 hours.

    Photo Fleece Blanket with Multiple Sizes

    Customize a super soft, fleece blanket in a range of sizes!

    • Baby Fleece Blanket

      Baby Fleece Blanket

      Add an extra level of comfort to your baby’s crib with a fleece blanket with pictures.

    • Medium Fleece Blanket

      Medium Fleece Blanket

      Personalized fleece blankets in a medium size are a terrific choice for any occasion or bed size.

    • Throw Fleece Blanket

      Throw Fleece Blanket

      A classic choice for curling up in your living space, a throw blanket is super comforting!

    • Queen Fleece Blanket

      Queen Fleece Blanket

      If you have a queen-sized bed, opt for a queen photo fleece blanket.

    • King Fleece Blanket

      King Fleece Blanket

      For those with an elegant, king-sized bed, a king fleece blanket is the perfect choice to add to your bedroom for added coziness.

    Commemorate Your Memories with Photo Fleece Blanket

    Follow these steps to design yours fleece blanket with your favorite photos!

    • Choose Size of Fleece Blanket

      Choose Size of Fleece Blanket

      First, select your preferred blanket size, from baby blanket to king-sized based on your preference.

    • Personalize the Fleece Photo Blanket

      Personalize the Fleece Photo Blanket

      Next, personalize your blanket with images and custom text (which is optional) of your choice.

    • Add to Cart & Check Out

      Add to Cart & Check Out

      Lastly, when you are happy with your design, add your custom printed fleece blanket to your CanvasChamp cart and check out.

    Choose Another Style of Photo Fleece Blanket

    Do you want even more variety? Customize woven and fleece sherpa blankets!

    • Fleece Sherpa Blanket

      Fleece Sherpa Blanket

      If you are especially cold natured, a custom fleece blanket with added sherpa is a terrific choice for you.

      Make Fleece Blankets with Photos
    • Woven Blanket

      Woven Blanket

      If you prefer a cotton blanket, the woven photo blanket is a wonderful option that has the same customization options as personalized fleece blankets.

      Make Woven Blanket with Photos
    Transform Your Memories into a Cozy Fleece Photo Blanket

    Transform Your Memories into a Cozy Fleece Photo Blanket

    CanvasChamp offers a unique and heartwarming way to transform cherished memories into tangible warmth with fleece photo blankets. These blankets are more than just a cozy accessory; they become a personal and sentimental keepsake. Customers can select their favorite photos, whether they capture family milestones, unique events, or beloved pets, and have them seamlessly integrated into a high-quality blanket.

    Users have complete control over the creative process, from selecting the blanket size to choosing the background color and arranging the pictures in a collage. The blankets are crafted from high-quality fleece material, ensuring durability and softness. Whether given as a gift or kept as a personal memento, fleece photo blankets provide a tangible and lasting way to preserve and celebrate the moments that matter most!

    Personalized Soft Photo Blankets are Super Stylish

    Personalized Soft Photo Blankets are Super Stylish

    The stylish design options, ranging from sophisticated layouts to trendy collage arrangements, enable customers to create a visually stunning masterpiece that complements their home decor. The high-quality fleece material provides a luxurious feel and serves as a canvas for displaying vivid images with remarkable clarity.

    Whether gracing the living room sofa or adorning the bedroom, these blankets become more than just a cozy accessory – they transform into dynamic, eye-catching décor pieces that tell a unique and personal story. Stylish fleece photo blankets are not just blankets; they are a perfect blend of comfort, design, and sentimentality, making them a standout addition to any home.

    Keep It Simple with Photo Fleece Throws

    Custom Fleece Blankets - Terrific Gifts

    Custom fleece photo blankets stand out as exceptional and heartwarming gifts, combining the comfort of a cozy blanket with the individualized touch of cherished memories. Whether celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions, these blankets serve as unique and sentimental tokens of affection. The ability to personalize the blanket with meaningful images, collages, or messages adds a thoughtful touch, turning it into a one-of-a-kind keepsake that recipients will treasure.

    Give This Cozy Fleece Blanket to Anyone

    • Parents and Grandparents: Capture family memories and milestones, making it a heartfelt gift for parents or grandparents who appreciate sentimental keepsakes.
    • Couples: Ideal for anniversaries, weddings, or Valentine's Day, a fleece blanket can symbolize the journey and shared moments. Customize a fleece blanket for your wife or significant other!
    • New Parents: Commemorate the arrival of a new family member with a blanket featuring precious moments from the baby's early days.
    • Friends: Share memories with close friends by gifting them a personalized fleece blanket, celebrating the bond and adventures shared over the years.
    • Graduates: Create a nostalgic gift for graduates featuring images highlighting their academic journey, achievements, and memorable moments.
    • Pet Lovers: Perfect for those who consider their pets part of the family, customize a blanket with adorable photos for a pet lover's delight.

    Promotional Fleece Blankets

    Corporate fleece blankets are more than just functional items; they are powerful tools for fostering a sense of unity and brand loyalty within a company. Customized with a company logo, slogan, or images capturing critical moments in the organization's history, these blankets become emblematic of shared experiences and corporate identity.

    Whether distributed as employee gifts or incentives or used during team-building events, fleece blankets with logo represent the company's values and culture. Beyond branding, these blankets offer practical comfort during office gatherings and outdoor events or even as thoughtful gifts for employees.

    Photo Fleece Throw Blankets are Versatile

    The versatility of custom fleece photo blankets is remarkable, making them an ideal canvas for many purposes. Beyond being a cozy and comforting accessory, these blankets seamlessly transition into personalized decor. They can serve as wall tapestries, displaying a collage of memories that add a touch of warmth to any living space. Their adaptability extends to various occasions, functioning equally well as thoughtful gifts for birthdays, weddings, or as commemorative tokens for anniversaries.

    Custom-Made Fleece Photo Blanket Design Ideas:

    • Collage of Memories: Create a visually striking blanket by compiling a collage of significant photos capturing various moments in life.
    • Incorporate Artwork: Blend personal photos with custom artwork or illustrations to create a unique and artistic composition.
    • Monogramming: Personalize the blanket further by incorporating monograms or initials, adding a touch of sophistication to the design.
    • Single Striking Image: Opt for simplicity with a blanket featuring a powerful or cherished image that takes center stage.

    Personalized Fleece Blanket FAQs

    Q. What is a fleece blanket?

    A: A fleece blanket is a soft, warm, and lightweight blanket made from synthetic polyester material known for its insulating properties. You can customize your own with CanvasChamp!

    Q. How much does it cost to make a fleece photo blanket?

    A: The cost of making a fleece photo blanket varies, but usually costs anywhere from $20 to $100, depending on size, customization, and the provider. At CanvasChamp, you can order your own starting at just $33.00!

    Q. How do you put pictures on a fleece blanket?

    A: Pictures are put on a fleece blanket by uploading digital images to a customization platform offered by companies like CanvasChamp, which then prints the photographs onto the blanket.

    Q. Can you put a photo on fleece fabric?

    A: Yes, putting a photo on fleece fabric is possible using a process like dye sublimation or direct printing. CanvasChamp are experts in this process.

    Q. What is the best material for a custom fleece blanket?

    A: The best material for a photo blanket depends on personal preference, but fleece and sherpa are popular choices due to their softness and durability. You can customize fleece blankets and fleece sherpa blankets with CanvasChamp in 3 simple steps.

    Q. What is warmer, fleece or sherpa?

    A: Sherpa is warmer than fleece due to its thicker, plush texture. Fleece sherpa blankets can be personalized to your liking with CanvasChamp at an affordable price!

    Q. Can you wash the fleece photo blanket?

    A: Fleece photo blankets can usually be washed in a machine with icy water on a gentle cycle, and they should be air-dried to maintain the quality of the image.

    Q. Do fleece blankets go in the dryer?

    A: Custom fleece blankets can go in the dryer on a low heat setting, but it is recommended to air-dry to prevent any potential damage.

    Q. How often should fleece blankets be washed?

    A: Fleece blankets should be washed every few weeks or as needed, depending on usage and personal preference. You can find more personalized fleece blanket care instructions on CanvasChamp’s website.

    Q. Are fleece blankets the warmest?

    A: While fleece blankets provide warmth, other materials like wool or down may offer superior insulation, making them potentially warmer options in extreme cold. However, for most climates, fleece blankets will keep you warm!