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Acrylic Photo Blocks
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    Personalized Acrylic Photo Blocks Are Fabulous Gifts!

    Custom photo acrylic blocks, with approx. 7 MM (0.3 Inch) to 18 MM (0.7 Inch) clear, polished plexiglass, allow light to filter through for a striking 3-D glass effect.

    Create a contemporary, vibrant look for your favorite photographs with custom acrylic blocks. These fantastic pieces capture light to enhance color and depth in your images, bringing elegance to portraits, landscapes, and color-rich photos.

    Choose from a variety of size, layout, and color options to make your custom acrylic photo prints live and breathe! Personalize with text, clip art, or create a collage of several images. Our design tool makes designing fast and fun!

    The sturdy, scratch-resistant acrylic glass maximizes longevity. While substantial enough to stand on its own, add a reflective base to further spotlight the beauty of this unique piece of art.

    Advantages of Custom Acrylic Photo Blocks

    You can make your memories last a lifetime when you decorate your home with them. With CanvasChamp, we go the extra mile when it comes to transforming your family photos into unique home decor. Print your special occasions onto custom acrylic photo blocks from CanvasChamp.

    • Best Acrylic Prints on the Web
    • Hand Polished Crystal-Clear Edges
    • Black Acrylic Base with Reflective Mirror
    • Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

    Acrylic Blocks in Varied Thickness Options

    The thicker the better – and that’s why we deliver sturdy photo-printed acrylic blocks to your doorstep in USA

    7mm Acrylic Photo Prints

    7mm Acrylic Photo Prints

    These acrylic blocks may be smaller, but they are no less impressive. A 7mm acrylic glass photo block would look lovely in your living room or your bedroom, and it would make a lovely gift for a family member or a best friend.

    18mm Acrylic Photo Prints

    18mm Acrylic Photo Prints

    Make your favorite photos stand out with an 18mm acrylic photo print. This sturdy print with maximum thickness will make a statement and be eye-catching wherever you place them.

    Acrylic Photo Block in Multiple Sizes Options

    We offer 12 acrylic block sizes to help you select the best format for your treasured photo – whether it’s vertical, horizontal, or square. Our acrylic block photo printing gives you high resolution for sharp images in sizes that range from 4 x 4 inches up to 8 x 12.

    Order Custom Acrylic Photo Block for Everyone

  • Acrylic Photo Block for Father’s Day

    Acrylic Photo Block for Father’s Day

    Celebrate Dad by giving him his very own acrylic picture block. Include your favorite family photo, your dad’s best picture, anything that you think captures how fantastic of a man he is.

  • Acrylic Photo Block for Newlyweds

    Acrylic Photo Block for Newlyweds

    Commemorate this momentous occasion with a custom acrylic photo block featuring your wedding photo. It’s a special gift unlike anything else you can buy in a store.

  • Acrylic Photo Block for Anniversary

    Acrylic Photo Block for Anniversary

    Give that special someone a gift that reminds them of all the wonderful years you’ve shared together. Add your favorite photo to a 3D acrylic block and give them something truly unique.

  • Acrylic Photo Block for Valentines Day

    Acrylic Photo Block for Valentines Day

    Looking everywhere for that perfect gift? Look no further than our customizable acrylic block photo prints. You can even create one shaped like a heart.

  • Acrylic Photo Block for Mother's Day

    Acrylic Photo Block for Mother's Day

    Give Mom a gift that showcases how wonderful she is. Our custom acrylic blocks can feature any photo you want, so choose the one that best reflects how perfect your mom is.

  • Acrylic Photo Block for Your Partners

    Acrylic Photo Block for Your Partners

    If you want to give your partners a truly unique and special gift, then clear acrylic photo blocks are the way to go. You can feature any photo you want, from a fun vacation to a great night out and anything in between.

  • Acrylic Photo Block for Your Besties

    Acrylic Photo Block for Your Besties

    Your besties are some of the greatest people in your life, so why not show them how special they are to you with acrylic photo gifts? They’re guaranteed to love these wonderful gifts featuring special photos of your time together.

  • Acrylic Photo Block for Birthday

    Acrylic Photo Block for Birthday

    Make birthdays unforgettable with a stunning acrylic photo block. This sleek, modern gift features a cherished photo encased in crystal-clear acrylic, making it a standout piece for any room. It’s an elegant way to celebrate and preserve a special moment.

  • Your Photo on Acrylic Block Prints



    High-quality prints face-mounted onto sturdy 7 MM (0.3 Inch) to 18 MM (0.7 Inch) acrylic glass brings maximum vibrancy and depth to your images. The polished surface will keep your acrylic blocks looking fabulous for years to come!



    We finish our personalized acrylic blocks are with a black backing that keeps light from shining through the back. Vibrant details are highlighted through the block’s crystal-clear front and sides.

    Make Lasting Memories with Custom Acrylic Photo Blocks

    Kids, Pets, Long-Distance Moves: Whatever the reason, frames are not always the best way to protect your most treasured photos. Our striking personalized photo blocks are lightweight, but durable enough to last a lifetime.

    • Premium Photo Papers
    • Secure Packaging pictures Arrive Safely
    • Brilliant Colors
    • A Special gift with Sculptural feel
    • Free Standing and Stable
    • Long Lasting Brand Name Quality

    Custom Acrylic Blocks - Order with Base or Without Base

    Photos Stand Out with Acrylic Block Stand

    With Base Acrylic Block

    Make your personalized acrylic photo block stand out more with an acrylic block base. This base is in a sleek black and features a reflective mirror to add some extra dimension to your acrylic photo block. Just think of how elegant this will look on your desk or mantlepiece. It’s guaranteed to stand out no matter where you put it, and make your photos look that much better.

    Without Base Acrylic Block

    One of the great things about our acrylic picture blocks is that they easily stand on their own. You can create a beautiful acrylic photo cube, or an acrylic photo block collage, and they will look just as vibrant and eye-catching as they would with a base. This is a great choice if you need to fit your acrylic photo block into a narrow space.

    Know Everything About Customized Acrylic Blocks Before You Order

    Use a Custom Acrylic Block to Display Your Photos

    Discover the beauty of acrylic blocks for photos as we showcase your cherished moments. Elevate your special event snapshots or breathtaking landscapes with the best acrylic photo blocks. Our custom acrylic photo blocks feature transparent, polished acrylic sides and a face that precisely directs light onto your photos, intensifying colors and crafting a mesmerizing 3-D effect. These face-mounted photos shine brilliantly, especially for portrait shots.

    Our acrylic blocks for photography arrive ready to grace any flat surface, whether you opt for the sleek black base with a reflective mirror or not. The acrylic glass in our custom photo blocks isn't just for aesthetics. Your image is printed on high-quality white photo paper, then meticulously face-mounted onto crystal-clear acrylic glass, backed with a sleek black finish. This process results in a custom acrylic photo block that beautifully reflects ambient light, delivering vibrant and captivating colors. The acrylic glass also adds a sense of depth to your photos, making them come to life. Whether it's landscapes, floral photography, or any image where depth matters, our acrylic photo blocks excel. Moreover, polished acrylic glass serves as an ideal protective medium, safeguarding your images from life's unforeseen mishaps. For both beauty and durability, a personalized acrylic glass photo block is unmatched.

    What Makes These Prints Special

    An exquisite acrylic photo block is more than just a photograph. While your images take center stage in our custom acrylic photo blocks, you have the freedom to further personalize your piece with text and clip art. Select from various size options ranging from 4 inches square to 12 x 8 inches. Can't settle on a single image? Create a collage showcasing up to four photos using our array of predefined layouts. Choose a background border color to complement your photo's finest features. Finish your unique photo block with personalized text, adding dates, names, or heartfelt messages wherever you desire.

    For exceptional and contemporary gifts, look no further than our acrylic photo blocks. When seeking a meaningful present for loved ones, our personalized photo glass blocks offer a touch of luxury at an affordable price. They effortlessly become captivating focal points in any room. Acrylic photo blocks not only showcase your photos but elevate them by accentuating colors and light. The polished edges expertly reflect light onto your image, creating a mesmerizing 3-D effect that breathes life into your cherished moments.

    How to Create Your Own Acrylic Block Photo Printing

    Creating your custom acrylic photo block is as effortless as point-and-click. Unleash your creativity when designing your personalized photo glass blocks. While every image comes to life with vibrant realism in our acrylic blocks, our user-friendly CanvasChamp design tool empowers you to experiment with sizes, layouts, and more, allowing you to craft a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

    Our design tool provides a sneak peek of your acrylic photo block as you build it. Making decisions becomes effortless as you add text or clip art, adjusting font, color, rotation, or size for the perfect accent. Can't decide between full bleed or a border? Try them both! If you're unsure about the background color for a multi-photo layout, experiment with your favorites before making a commitment. With our design tool, there's no guesswork or anxiety involved – you're in control, bringing the vision of your mind's eye to life!

    Custom Acrylic Photo Blocks FAQs

    What is an Acrylic Photo Block?

    This is an acrylic block that features stunning, beautiful photos of yourself and your loved ones. Our glass block photo prints feature your photo on acrylic glass with a black backing to keep the light from shining through. The result is something truly beautiful and meaningful.

    How to Make Acrylic Photo Blocks?

    CanvasChamp makes it incredibly easy to create a glass photo block of your own. First, select the photo, or photos, that you want to appear on your photo block. Upload these photos to our online design tool, select a layout for your photos, add any text or clipart that you want, and finally click the order button. It’s that simple!

    Where to Buy Acrylic Blocks?

    If you want to buy photos in acrylic blocks, you can buy them online from CanvasChamp. We're happy to offer high-quality prints at incredible prices, plus great shipping times.

    How Do I Put a Photo on an Acrylic Print?

    To put your photo on an acrylic print, all you need to do is use our online design tool. We put your photo on an acrylic print by printing your photo on high-quality photo paper, glue it to the back of an acrylic block, and finish it with a black backing to help with light coming through the back.