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Custom Travel Pillows
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  • Polyester
    Sublimation Printing
    -- Ships in 24 Hours --

    Product Description of Custom Travel Neck Pillow:

    • Three neck pillow sizes are available for kids and adults: small, medium, and large.
    • Custom U-shaped pillows are super affordable, no matter your budget.
    • CanvasChamp travel pillows are crafted using plush polyester material.
    • Print your image on one or both sides of the photo neck pillow.
    • Provide premium neck support for napping, plane, train, car, bus, home, and office.
    • Custom neck pillows can be used while watching TV on the bed or couch, sleeping, or reading, and are an excellent choice for home office napping.
    • Text can be added for further personalization.
    • Custom travel neck pillows are available for bulk orders.

    Why Buy Custom Neck Pillows from CanvasChamp?

    • Ship within 24 Hours

    • Best Quality Assured

    • Custom Design Options

    Different Size Category of Custom Neck Pillow

    Personalize your travel pillows in your preferred size!

    • Kids Small U Shaped Pillow

      Kids Small U Shaped Pillow

      The small, personalized travel neck pillow measures 5x18 inches, the perfect size to support your kid's sweet head. Plus, the kids' neck pillow has 13x12 inches of usable space for photos. Customize it to your child's liking and keep them comfortable on the go!

    • Adult Medium U Shaped Pillow

      Adult Medium U Shaped Pillow

      The medium neck pillow is 7x20 inches and has 17x15.50 inches of image area to personalize. This custom photo travel neck pillow is a terrific size for petite adults. Put your stamp on it, and never be uncomfortable again!

    • Adult Large U Shaped Pillow

      Adult Large U Shaped Pillow

      The large travel pillow measures 9x23 inches, perfect if you need something bigger or more room to be comfortable! This neck pillow also has a generous amount of image space for personalization. The large neck cushion has 19.75x18 inches of usable space to get creative with the design!

    Design Ideas for U-Shaped Custom Neck Pillow

    These cozy, custom neck pillows are ideal for travel, no matter how you prefer to get to your destination. Travel pillows are an essential thing that everyone needs! Upload your photos to customize your choice's size and make the cushion your own with CanvasChamp. Just upload your images, select the size, and even add text.

    • Family Photo on Neck Pillow

      Family Photo on Neck Pillow

      Take your family with you on all your travels by adding a treasured photo memory to your personalized travel pillow. Especially when traveling alone, it can be comforting to have them close by!

    • Friends Photo on Neck Pillow

      Friends Photo on Neck Pillow

      Give your friend the gift of comfort with a custom neck cushion featuring a unique photo of you and all your closest friends. Or personalize one for yourself!

    • Groom Photo on Neck Pillow

      Groom Photo on Neck Pillow

      Your husband-to-be will love a one-of-a-kind travel pillow for your honeymoon and future travels. Plus, when he goes on solo trips, he will love having you by his side on this travel essential.

    • Bride Photo on Neck Pillow

      Bride Photo on Neck Pillow

      Surprise your blushing bride with a custom neck pillow featuring a photo of you. Whether she decides to pack it on her honeymoon or on a summer road trip, it will surely bring a smile to her face!

    • Dad Photo on Neck Pillow

      Dad Photo on Neck Pillow

      Treat Dad to a luxurious, plush neck cushion that will alleviate any neck pain he is experiencing. Plus, if he has any trips planned, it will provide excellent support for him on the plane!

    • Mom Photo on Neck Pillow

      Mom Photo on Neck Pillow

      Mom deserves to be pampered, and a photo travel pillow is a practical, thoughtful gift. Customize it with a photo of your family or her favorite landscape to add an individualized touch!

    • Sister Photo on Neck Pillow

      Sister Photo on Neck Pillow

      A custom photo travel neck pillow is a terrific gift for your loving sister. Give her the gift of support and comfort wherever she may go!

    • Brother Photo on Neck Pillow

      Brother Photo on Neck Pillow

      Customize a travel pillow for your brilliant brother. It will quickly become essential for him, not only for on-the-go naps but also for extra neck support when relaxing at home.

    • Wife Photo on Neck Pillow

      Wife Photo on Neck Pillow

      Treat your wonderful wife to a personalized travel pillow customized to fit her unique style and personality. Everyone needs a good neck pillow, and she will love how personal the design is.

    • Husband Photo on Neck Pillow

      Husband Photo on Neck Pillow

      Create a custom neck pillow for your hardworking husband. He will appreciate your time designing it just for him and how it enhances his travel routine.

    • Couple Photo on Neck Pillow

      Couple Photo on Neck Pillow

      Display a sweet photo of you and your significant other on a unique couple travel neck pillow. It will surely make you both incredibly happy every time you use it!

    • Pet Photo on Neck Pillow

      Pet Photo on Neck Pillow

      Do you have an adorable dog or cat? Show them off on a custom travel pillow; this way, you can take them with you no matter how far you travel!

    • Baby Photo on Neck Pillow

      Baby Photo on Neck Pillow

      Show off your precious baby on a soft, cozy travel pillow. It will add a heartwarming touch to a typical travel essential.

    • Disney Neck Pillow

      Disney Neck Pillow

      Are you a massive fan of Disney? Display your favorite characters on your new personalized travel pillow!

    • Cartoon Neck Pillow

      Cartoon Neck Pillow

      Calling all cartoon lovers! Highlight your favorite show or characters on a one-of-a-kind neck pillow.

    • Girlfriend Photo on Neck Pillow

      Girlfriend Photo on Neck Pillow

      Show your gorgeous girlfriend how much you care by creating a custom neck pillow. She will appreciate the thought you put into the design, especially if she struggles with neck pain.

    • Boyfriend Photo on Neck Pillow

      Boyfriend Photo on Neck Pillow

      Does your boyfriend experience chronic neck pain? Surprise him with a photo neck pillow crafted just for him and offer comfort he deserves.

    • Daughter Photo on Neck Pillow

      Daughter Photo on Neck Pillow

      Planning a fantastic family vacation? Make your darling daughter her custom U-shaped pillow for the adventure!

    • Son Photo on Neck Pillow

      Son Photo on Neck Pillow

      Ensure your son's neck is adequately supported on your travels! Design a travel pillow that fits his style.

    • Grandparents Photo on Neck Pillow

      Grandparents Photo on Neck Pillow

      Looking for the perfect, practical gift for your grandparents? Create custom travel neck pillows to provide unparalleled neck support, whether on travels or at home!

    Add Multiple Photos on Neck Pillow

    Add up to four images to your neck pillow. A travel companion that is great for both naps and neck pain!

    • Add One Photo

      Add One Photo

      Highlight a treasured memory on a plush travel pillow. Choose one image to be displayed on both sides!

    • Add Two Photos

      Add Two Photos

      Get creative and add two photos to your custom neck pillow. Carry your loved ones with you wherever you travel.

    • Add Three Photos

      Add Three Photos

      Create an eye-catching design featuring three personal photos on cozy travel pillows. You will love this one-of-a-kind travel essential!

    • Add Four Photos

      Add Four Photos

      Add the max number of images to your personalized travel pillow, four, and display your favorite memories on plush polyester. The result will be a lovely, cozy neck pillow!

    Steps on Designing Personalized Travel Neck Pillows

    Create a comfortable and stylish neck pillow with CanvasChamp in a few simple steps!

    • Choose the Size of Neck Pillow

      Choose the Size of Neck Pillow

      Select a comfortable travel pillow size that works best for you. Choose from small, medium, or large custom neck pillows for yourself and your kids too.

    • Upload Photo on Neck Pillow

      Upload Photo on Neck Pillow

      Next, upload your images via your mobile phone, social media handle, or laptop using CanvasChamp design tool. This will add a personal touch to these travel pillows.

    • Add Clipart or Text on Neck Pillow

      Add Clipart or Text on Neck Pillow

      Add any clipart or custom text to your custom travel pillow. From your name to an insightful quote, the possibilities are endless!

    • Add to Cart and Buy

      Add to Cart and Buy

      Once you are happy with your design, add it to your CanvasChamp cart and checkout! Our team will create your custom U-shaped pillow with care and ship anywhere in USA in less than 24 hours.

    Functionality of Customized Neck Pillows

    Customized Neck Pillows

    From making naps more comfortable on your travels, to treating neck pain, there are several benefits and uses of personalized travel pillows.

    • Material:

      Plush polyester material, which forms around your head for maximum comfort. Custom neck travel pillows are durable and provide long-lasting comfort.

    • Size:

      A significant image area on every size – small, medium, and large. Each size is easily portable. Choose from various size options to personalize your comfort and achieve the ideal support for your specific needs.

    • Personalized Comfort:

      Custom neck travel pillows allow you to adjust and tailor the support to your specific preferences, ensuring optimal comfort during your journey. Perfect for napping, reading, and relaxing on the go.

    • U Shaped Pillow Design:

      These U-shaped pillows are designed to fit the shape of your neck, helping your neck stay in the right position and lowering the chances of feeling stiff or sore.

    • Compact, Versatile and Portable:

      Custom neck travel pillows are compact and easy to carry anywhere, making them convenient for any type of travel to give support is needed, whether it's by plane, car, bus, or train. These versatile neck pillows are made of high quality and have multiple uses in various situations at the office or at home.

    • Restful Travel Experiences:

      By investing in a custom neck travel pillow, you can say goodbye to uncomfortable journeys and enjoy restful sleep and relaxation while on the go.

    Promotional Custom Neck Pillows

    Promotional Custom Neck Pillows

    Showcase Your Brand with Custom Logo Travel Pillows

    Level up your advertising materials by designing a travel neck pillow featuring your company logo. Reach your ideal customer and widen your audience with this unique marketing strategy. Custom logo travel pillows can be personalized to promote various industries and niche markets.

    Create Your Own Custom Neck Pillow Online

    Businesspeople often travel to meet new and existing clients. Our high-quality neck pillows provide next-level comfort and neck support for motivated professionals on the go.

    Switch things up and craft a custom-branded travel neck pillow with your logo front and center. All you need to do is upload the file to the CanvasChamp design tool! We will deliver it directly to you anywhere in the USA.

    Custom Neck Pillows are Fantastic Gift Ideas

    Promotional Custom Neck Pillows

    The Perfect Gift for The Travel-obsessed

    A personalized travel pillow is a beautiful gift for anyone, be it your friend, girlfriend, family, friends, office colleagues, or someone you care about! You can customize these pillows with special memories and gift them to anyone seeking comfort and personalization on their journeys.

    These travel pillows with printed photos offer a unique blend of style, functionality, and sentimental value, making them stand out from traditional travel accessories. With CanvasChamp, you can customize the pillow's design with your favorite photos, meaningful quotes, or even artistic creations, allowing you to create a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

    The high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship ensure durability and provide exceptional comfort during long trips, whether by plane, train, or car. Additionally, travel pillows are designed to provide excellent neck and head support, promoting restful sleep or relaxation during travel, or even watching movies.

    Whether for a loved one embarking on a world adventure or a frequent traveler needing extra comfort, CanvasChamp custom travel pillows are the perfect gift to offer both practicality and heartfelt sentiment.

    Not Just a Personalized Item, A Practical Essential

    Custom travel neck pillows are far more than just any personalized item; they are a practical essential for every traveler. These pillows are designed to support the neck and head, ensuring a comfortable and pain-free journey. The ability to customize them with unique designs, photos, or messages adds an individualized touch that enhances the overall travel experience.

    Unlike generic travel pillows, custom neck pillows offer a tailored fit and ergonomic design, adapting to the individual's neck contours and providing optimal support.

    They are portable, lightweight, and easy to pack, making them convenient companions for long flights, road trips, or even daily commutes. By customizing these pillows, you create a personalized item and prioritize the recipient's comfort and well-being during their travels.

    Why Buy Custom Neck Pillows in Bulk?

    Promotional Custom Neck Pillows

    Reliable, Affordable Custom Neck pillows for Wholesale

    Personalized travel pillows are a great item to purchase in bulk. Not only are they incredibly high quality and comfortable, but these pillows are also super affordable. Unlock even more savings by qualifying as a wholesaler. Please email our customer service team to cash in on fantastic bulk discounts! Send your request to

    24 Hour Shipping

    Are you looking for incredibly fast shipping on your new personalized travel pillow? For a small fee of $3.89, you can unlock 24-hour shipping. Your custom item will be ready within 24 hours after receiving your design, and it will be delivered right to your door!

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