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  • Front View

    Front View

    The front look is designed using an aluminum sheet of 1/16 and here your beautiful image is printed directly. This sheet gives the large metal print a meticulous look and offers excellent support.

  • Back View

    Back View

    The back is strengthened by the finest aluminum sheets which seamlessly increases the durability of large metal prints. It also ensures that there is a zero chance of blending.


Large metal prints on metal are stunningly beautiful, not to mention strong. Their durability is far beyond any other type of print; they can stand up to the elements and wear and tear while maintaining a stunning look.

  • Durable

    Metal prints can stand up to scratches like no other surface. Our extra-large metal prints don’t bend and are entirely stain-resistant. So, no small accident will ruin your beautiful metal print. Best of all, they require very little maintenance to preserve their beauty!

  • Weather Resistant

    Large custom metal prints are perfect for hanging outside. Your gorgeous image is protected from UV rays so that it won’t fade over time. Large custom prints on metal are also waterproof so that that sudden thunderstorm won’t do the least bit of damage to the best large metal print in the USA.

  • Beautiful Finish

    Our large custom metal prints are printed on white matte aluminum to bring out the colors of your favorite photo. The colors will show more vibrantly on a metal print than they can on any other color. The contrast and saturation will give your favorite photo depth and a stunning look you never could have imagined before.

Large Metal Prints for Home Décor

Large Metal Prints for Home Décor

A large metal print is the ultimate display piece for your home. Our high-quality large metal prints will showcase your favorite family photo or the incredible vacation photo you took. The metal large print is as durable, timeless, and beautiful as the memory printed on it, perfect for hanging over a fireplace or other prominent place in your living room. CanvasChamp can transform your living or outdoor space with a custom large metal print.

Large Metal Prints for Office Decor

Large Metal Prints for Office Decor

Custom large metal prints are perfect for office décor. A breathtaking large metal print will leave a great first impression of your company for visitors coming in for the first time or make your employees smile as they go about their work. Large metal prints are perfect for printing company logos, showcasing company retreats, achievements, or motivational content for a great office environment. Metal wall art hangs beautifully outside your building, in the lounge area, or in a waiting room.


When you order a custom large metal print from CanvasChamp, you have no shortage of hanging kit options.

  • No Hanging Kit
    No Hanging Kit

    You can display your most precious memory on a custom metal large print without equipment for no additional charge.

  • Front Mount
    Front Mount

    The round disc and screws allow you to make your photos look floating.

  • Easel Back
    Easel Back

    Great for smaller sizes, the easel back is a sturdy support for metal large prints to display on desks or shelves.

  • Easel Stand
    Easel Stand

    An artistic display for your favorite memory!


We know your photo is beautiful, but sometimes you can make it even better with a filter. Adding a filter can add additional character or style to your image, helping it match the rest of your room and look amazing on a large metal print. Oh, and there’s no additional charge for your filter! Your filter options include:

  • Original

    Your photo’s color will have vibrancy you’ve never imagined!

  • Sepia

    Give your large metal print a classic, vintage look.

  • Grayscale

    If you want a stunning black-and-white look, grayscale is for you.


Q: How to Print Large Photos on Metal?

A: Our Large metal prints are printed directly onto white matte aluminum to show true, rich, vibrant colors and make it look even better than the original photo!