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Photo Blanket

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      Product Specification:

      • Fleece and Fleece Sherpa blankets are made from 100% polyester.
      • Woven blankets are made from 100% cotton.
      • Stay warm and cozy on chilly nights with our Custom Photo Blankets.
      • Choose from a variety of fabrics, including fleece and Sherpa, to suit your preference.
      • Highlight your favorite photo or create a collage of photos to personalize your blanket.
      • Makes for a wonderful gift idea, surprise grandma with a warm blanket featuring a photo of her grandkids.
      • Perfect for Christmas Day, Halloween Day, Father’s Day, Mother's Day, Valentine’s Day or any special occasion.
      • Use our easy design tool to create the perfect photo blanket for you.
      • Customize it further by adding your favorite quote, lyrics, or a name for a personal touch.

      Custom Photo Blanket – Reviews We’re Proud Of!

      Find Your Comfort Level With Our Custom Photo Blankets

      From something cozy to something that makes you sleep well, we have it all

      • Fleece-Blankets

        Fleece Blankets

        Lightweight and warm, there’s nothing like a fleece blanket for curling up by the fire or in front of the TV. Fleece blankets are made from 100% polyester for a vibrant look that lasts for years.


        • Standard: 50”x60”
        • Extra Large: 60”x80”
        Make Photo Blanket
      • Fleece-Sherpa-Blankets

        Fleece Sherpa Blankets

        Ultra-warm Fleece Sherpa blankets are great for the young at heart! This material is perfect to keep a baby warm with a soft touch and ideal for snuggling before bed.


        • Standard: 50”x60”
        • Extra Large: 60”x80”
        Make Photo Blanket
      • Woven-Blankets

        Woven Blankets

        Decorative woven blankets give you an old-fashioned look with a unique pattern – your photos! 100% cotton blankets have your images woven right into the fabric. Woven photo blankets look great and keep you warm!


        • 50”x60”
        • 60”x80” (Huge!)
        Make Photo Blanket

      Different Personalized Photo Blanket Types

      From baby blankets to king-size blankets, get a photo blanket from CanvasChamp in assorted sizes!

      • Baby Blanket

        Baby Blanket


      • Medium Blanket

        Medium Blanket


      • Throw Blanket

        Throw Blanket


      • Queen Blanket

        Queen Blanket


      • King Blanket

        King Blanket


      Make a Blanket with Photo for Any Bed Size

      Make a Blanket with Photo for Any Bed Size

      Create a one-of-a-kind throw photo blanket to fit your bed perfectly!

      We use super plush, soft materials (polyester or woven cotton) and top-of-the-line printing technology to create custom throw blankets. You can incorporate personal images, clipart, artwork, and logos.

      What sets our throw photo blankets apart is the wide selection of sizes we offer:

      • Baby Photo Blanket –40" x 27”.
      • Medium Photo Blanket – 40" x 30”.
      • Throw Blanket – 60" x 40”.
      • Queen Photo Blanket – 50" x 60”.
      • King Photo Blanket – 60" x 80”.

      Whether you have a twin bed or a spacious king-size one, we've got you covered. The customization options allow you to transform a simple blanket into a cherished keepsake.

      Whether it's for your own bed or a thoughtful gift for a loved one, CanvasChamp's personalized throw blankets bring warmth, comfort, and a personal touch to any bedroom.

      Design Your Own Custom Photo Collage Blanket

      Design Your Own Custom Photo Collage Blanket

      Display multiple photos with a cheap photo blanket collage!

      These blankets allow you to create a personalized masterpiece by combining your favorite photos into a collage, transforming a simple blanket into a sentimental keepsake. The process is incredibly easy: simply select your desired size, upload your photos, and arrange them in a way that tells your unique story.

      The result is a high-quality, soft, and warm blanket with your treasured memories beautifully printed onto it. Whether you want to commemorate a special event, celebrate family milestones, or create a meaningful gift, CanvasChamp's collage photo throw blankets are the perfect choice.

      Product Highlights:

      • Personalize with your own photos and favorite layout.
      • High-quality printing ensures vibrant and sharp images.
      • Available in various sizes to suit your needs.
      • Soft and cozy fabric for ultimate comfort.
      • Easy-to-use online customization tool.
      • Ideal for preserving memories or gifting to loved ones.
      • A heartwarming addition to any home.

      Special Gift - Custom Photo Baby Blanket

      Special Gift - Custom Photo Baby Blanket

      Treat your bundle of joy to a soft, baby photo blanket.

      Are you or a loved one having a baby soon? A photo baby blanket is a terrific gift to welcome them into the world! It is not just a blanket, it is a source of warmth, comfort, and endless possibilities for your little one. This blanket is designed to be gentle against your baby's delicate skin, ensuring a cozy and soothing experience.

      Whether it is placed in their crib to provide a snug cocoon of comfort during naptime or spread out on the floor as a playmat for their early explorations, this custom baby photo blanket offers versatility that grows with your child. The plushness of the fabric creates a safe and nurturing environment, allowing your baby to feel secure and at ease.

      Baby Blanket Design Ideas:

      • A Nursery Rhyme
      • Photo of Mom & Dad
      • Baby’s Name
      • Baby’s Birthday

      Add Photo Memory on Blankets

      Add Photo Memory on Blankets

      Create memory blankets from photos with CanvasChamp.

      CanvasChamp's photo memory blankets are a heartwarming way to preserve your most cherished moments while staying cozy and warm. These blankets are a perfect blend of functionality and sentimentality, allowing you to wrap yourself in the warmth of your favorite memories.

      Here are some design ideas to make your photo memory blanket truly special:

      Family Collage:

      Create a beautiful collage featuring photos of your family members. It is like a warm, loving hug from your loved ones.

      Vacation Memories:

      Turn your vacation photos into a cozy blanket, bringing the warmth and nostalgia of your travels right into your home.

      Wedding Bliss:

      Celebrate your special day by printing your wedding photos on a memory blanket – it is like reliving the magic all over again.

      Pet Lover's Paradise:

      For all the pet enthusiasts out there, display your furry friends on a blanket that captures their adorable antics.

      In just a few clicks, you can transform your most treasured photos into a snuggly keepsake that not only keeps you warm but also keeps your precious memories close to your heart!

      Design Blankets with Pet Photos

      Design Blankets with Pet Photos

      Print and Customize Your Pet Photo Blankets.

      Show off your adorable furry friend on a cozy custom blanket! Whether a singular treasured image of them or several, you can upload a pet photo on a blanket easily with our design tool.

      This is a sweet gift for someone who has recently lost a beloved pet. Design a pet memorial blanket with a photo that will always serve as a reminder of the special relationship they shared and the memories they made together.

      Pet Blanket Collage Ideas:

      • A photo of every year your loving pet has been in your family.
      • Photos from your pet’s first year.
      • A photo of each of your sweet pets if you have more than one, whether bunnies, cats, puppies, etc.
      • Travel memories with your special pet.

      CanvasChamp prides itself on supplying the best pet photo blankets on the market. Whether a pet memorial photo blanket or a pet photo collage blanket, the personalized blanket is a comforting, warm item to wrap yourself in to read a book, catch up with loved ones, or watch your weekly television shows.

      Keep Your Comfort Simple with Photo Blanket

      Custom Photo Blankets Make Great Gifts!

      Looking for a unique gift for the next occasion? Blankets made with photos are a delightful and unexpected treat!

      A customized photo blanket has it all in the gift-giving department: decorative, comfortable, and personal. Everyone needs a soft, warm blanket on a chilly night or even a comfortable blanket for friends and guests when they come to visit with you. Personalized photo blankets are ideal for:

      • Mother’s Day Gifts
      • Father’s Day Gifts
      • Baby Showers
      • Birthday Celebrations
      • Christmas and the Holiday Season

      What Can You Do with a Photo Blanket? Anything!

      With our wide selection of styles and sizes, custom photo print blankets are the perfect solution for many occasions. Keep your beloved baby secure with a 30x40 fleece; you can even take them outside of the house and use them for a lovely picnic!

      We Make it Easy to Customize Photo Blanket

      Everyone loves plush blankets! Now you can create a blanket with photos that is as unique as your memories.

      We make it easy to design a blanket with photos with our straightforward design tool. Choose from a single layout or collage and customize it further with text and background colors, custom artwork, or designs.

      Not only that, but you can also choose from three different fabric styles:

      • Fleece Photo Blanket
      • Fleece Sherpa Photo Blanket
      • Woven Photo Blanket

      In a variety of sizes from 50x60 blankets to 60x80, there is a perfect size for everyone and every occasion.

      Stay Warm and Snuggle with Your Memories on Blanket

      Stay warm and cozy whether you are curling up on the couch or resting by the fireplace. Keep your loved ones next to you for these special moments when you create a custom photo blanket from CanvasChamp!

      Not Just Personalized – It is Personal!

      Personalized photo blankets allow you to wrap yourself in memories! These blankets are wonderful gifts because they truly have a distinctive touch. Custom photo blankets are ideal gifts for any family members – especially those hard-to-buy-for people that make you wrack your brain for ideas every year.

      Personal Photo Blanket Design Ideas:

      • Family Photo Blanket – Display a beautiful family portrait on a fleece sherpa blanket to curl up with by the bonfire this fall!

      • Pet Memorial Photo Blanket – Pay homage to a loving pet that has passed on with a memorial blanket that features a charming photo that reflects their personality.

      • Father’s Day Photo Blanket – Celebrate your dad with a one-of-a-kind blanket that you customize with photos of you and your siblings as you grow up!

      • Mother’s Day Photo Blanket – Treat your marvelous mom to a comfortable blanket that displays her favorite photograph of you together or a favorite memory you share.

      • Christmas Photo Blanket – Highlight special Christmas memories with friends and family on a comfortable blanket.

      • Personalized Photo Blankets for Grandma – Surprise your delightful grandmother with a custom blanket that fits her to a t! She will love showing it off and cozying up to do her favorite hobbies.

      • Wedding Photo Blanket – Commemorate your special day by designing a blanket that highlights a breathtaking photo from your wedding ceremony or reception.

      This year let us make it personal! Get a personalized photo blanket from CanvasChamp!

      Photo Blanket FAQs

      How Will I Know if My Photo Will Look Good on a Blanket?

      Our design tool provides a preview of your final blanket design. Our team of experts evaluate every photo to be sure you’ll get a blanket you’ll love. Just upload your photo, and we’ll contact you with details on resolution.

      How Are Photo Blankets Shipped? When Will They Arrive?

      Most orders ship five business days after placing the order, but delivery times vary. You will receive a delivery estimate at checkout. Your order will arrive in a bag or box for protection.

      Which Style/Fabric Should I Choose?

      There are advantages to each of our style options. Fleece blankets are lightweight, but nice and warm on moderately cold days or nights. Fleece is a great fabric for images and allow you to get the brightest colors and most vibrant images. Woven blankets are a great decorative option with an old-fashioned, rustic look. 100% cotton ensures they’ll keep you warm and the heavy cotton feel will keep you mesmerized.

      Can I Use a Design Instead of a Photo?

      We can print ANYTHING on your personalized photo blanket! Many customers create designs and unique backgrounds. Our design tool makes it easy – if you can upload it, we can print it!

      How to make a photo blanket?

      To make a photo blanket, choose a reputable service like CanvasChamp, select your desired blanket size, upload your favorite photo, and customize it with optional text or designs. The company will print your photo onto a soft, cozy blanket, creating a cherished keepsake.

      Who has the best photo blankets?

      Determining the "best" photo blankets can be subjective, but CanvasChamp is often praised for its quality and customization options. With the easy-to-use design tool, it has never been easier to personalize a throw blanket!

      Can you wash a photo blanket?

      Most photo blankets are machine washable. It's advisable to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure the longevity of your blanket's print and fabric.

      How much are photo blankets?

      The cost of photo blankets varies based on size, material, and customization. Typically, they range from $30 to $100 or more, depending on your preferences. CanvasChamp’s high quality, plush custom photo blankets start at just $14.99!

      How to order a photo blanket?

      To order a photo blanket, visit the website of a reputable provider, CanvasChamp, choose the blanket type and size, upload your photo, customize it, and proceed to checkout. Follow the prompts to complete your order!

      What is the best material for a photo blanket?

      The best material for a photo blanket depends on personal preferences. Popular choices include fleece for its softness and warmth, or woven cotton for a more traditional look. CanvasChamp offers a range of materials to suit different tastes. You can customize both options with CanvasChamp!

      Where to buy a photo blanket?

      You can buy a photo blanket from online retailers and custom printing services. CanvasChamp offers a wide selection of sizes, materials, and customization options for throw photo blankets!