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Framed Prints That Reflect Perfect Art
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Create Custom Framed Prints from Your Favorite PhotosHandled With Care By The Best!

We handle every product with immense care to ensure that your pictures are turned into gorgeous art pieces. And our wooden frame syncs the whole artwork into place.

A risk free purchase with our 100% guaranteed products!

Framed Prints Pricing

The pricing structure is vast based on the frame types and sizes that are available. You can choose from five frame styles that are all extremely popular, then choose a size, and decide whether you want matte or clear glass.

MatsMatting Your Way!

When it comes to personalisation, we never let our customers feel bound. So if you want your frame to look a certain way, you can choose a mat of your choice. Whether you want a bright material or a dark one, we have it all ready for you.

FramesReady To Make A Statement!

We take the load off of your shoulders by sending you a product that is ready-to-be-installed. Once you un-wrap the artwork, all you need to do is mount it on your wall without having to put in extra efforts. What’s most interesting is that we care for each of your frames like our babies and cover them in the most pamper them with the finest finish depending upon your choice.

  • Corporate Satin Black
  • Warm Walnut Frame
  • Rounded Black Frame
  • Gold Ornate
  • Brown Gold Ornate.
PaperWe Add Life To Your Images!

We ensure that every image that we get is printed on the highest resolution premium art paper. Then depending on your choice of finish, we bring the artwork to life. Each of our art pieces are printed to perfection, ensuring you get the most bang for every buck you have spent. The paper itself is so high-quality that it has the ability to make the dullest of pictures standout.

SizesThe Size That You Desire!

Size does matter, which is why we offer you a wide range of custom frame sizes to choose from. But if you can’t find your desired frame size, you can tell us the dimensions and we will create one, especially for you.

Frame sizes start at 3.5x5” and go up till 20x30” prints.

GlassForever Protected!

You artwork means a lot to us and in order to preserve its beauty, we add a crystal clear and low-glare glass over it. Completed with the premium wooden frame, your artwork is ready to rock the walls for as long as you like.

Processing Time

It requires around two to three business days within the lab along with shipping after which your products will be delivered to you.

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Add Life To Any Space With Our Premium Framed Prints

At Canvas Champ, we make use of the finest materials to ensure that the final product needs to alteration. All the art work that we work on in our studio is very high quality, which means that you don’t even need to get a second opinion on it. And what can be better than getting a 100% guarantee on quality?

Return Policy

The quality of service that we offer makes it hard for anyone to find a flaw in our work. But in case you are unsatisfied with what you received, you can ask for a remake and we will handle it from there. We never run away from our shortfalls and if your product failed to reach the quality that you expect from us, we will fix it at our cost without any issues. Whether it is warping, scratches, or fading, just give us a call or fill in your details below.

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Question and answer about Framed Prints That Reflect Perfect Art

Q: Do your frames come with stands? So they can stand on a surface?

A: Yes we have 2 options for the mounting. We have easel backs for table tops or flat surfaces and we have wall hanging options for wall mounting with the frames. If there is any further query, you can mail us at

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Q: Can I get a bulk discount?

A: Yes, you just need to email us at with the order details.

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Q: What is the thickness of the photo frames?

A: It’s 0.5” to 1.5”thick depending upon the size of the photo print.

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Q: Can I get a custom sized made?

A: Yes, on request we can do custom sizes. You need to email us at

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Q: How is it different from a canvas print?

A: It’s totally different from canvas, canvas has a texture and photo prints are done on a smooth photo printing paper.

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Q: Is it glossy by default?

A: No, you get two options to select from, matte finish and glossy finish in the ordering process.

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Q: Is it a canvas print?

A: No, it’s a photo print , meaning it’s a print on a Kodak photo paper and not a canvas cloth.

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