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Metal Photo Ornaments Come in 4 Unique Shapes

  • Circle Ornament

    Circle Ornament

    Design a metal ornament on a traditional circle shape!

  • Rectangle Ornament

    Rectangle Ornament

    Get the whole family on a rectangle metal photo ornament!

  • Square Ornament

    Square Ornament

    Create metal photo ornaments like portraits on a square shape.

  • Heart Ornament

    Heart Ornament

    Make your metal photo ornaments extra adorable with a heart shape!

Metal Photo Ornaments Make Great Gifts of Any Relation!

  • Newly Born Baby Photo Ornament

    Newly Born Baby Photo Ornament

    Capture your newborn baby forever on a photo metal ornament!

  • Family Photo Ornament

    Family Photo Ornament

    Precious family moments on metal photo ornaments!

  • Father Photo Ornament

    Father Photo Ornament

    Your handsome father on a metal photo ornament!

  • Mother Photo Ornament

    Mother Photo Ornament

    Your beautiful mother on a metal photo ornament!

  • Sibling Photo Ornament

    Sibling Photo Ornament

    Your sibling’s time to shine on a metal photo ornament!

  • Sister Photo Ornament

    Sister Photo Ornament

    Show love for your sister on a metal photo ornament!

  • Brother Photo Ornament

    Brother Photo Ornament

    Always keep your brother near with a metal photo ornament!

  • Wife Photo Ornament

    Wife Photo Ornament

    Show off your loving wife with a metal photo ornament!

  • Husband Photo Ornament

    Husband Photo Ornament

    Your favorite photo of your dear husband on a metal photo ornament!

  • Daughter Photo Ornament

    Daughter Photo Ornament

    A metal photo ornament of your delightful daughter!

  • Son Photo Ornament

    Son Photo Ornament

    Show pride for your son with a metal photo ornament!

  • Grandparents Photo Ornament

    Grandparents Photo Ornament

    Gift giving is the best way to express hoe much you care for your grandparents- try picking a custom metal ornaments as a gift this time and surprise them.

Select Up to 4 Photos for Your Metal Ornament!

4 Layout Choices, the Design Possibilities are Endless!

  • 1 Photo

    1 Photo

    A metal ornament designed with your photo of choice.

  • 2 Photos

    2 Photos

    A metal ornament designed with 2 photos of choice.

  • 3 Photos

    3 Photos

    A metal ornament designed with 3 photos of choice.

  • 4 Photos

    4 Photos

    A metal ornament designed with 4 photos of choice.


Creating custom metal ornaments is simple and fun! All you have to do is gather the photos that you want to use to make your metal photo ornaments. Open our custom metal ornament tool. Select the shape you desire for your metal ornament. Upload the photos to our custom metal ornaments tool. You can choose up to 4 photos for 1 ornament for the layout. You can add text or clip art to the design and ta-da you are finished!

Christmas Ornaments
Pet Metal Ornament

Create Metal Photo Ornaments of Your Precious Pets!

Your pets are your family, and they deserve a spot on your Christmas tree too! Use photos of your pets to design metal photo Christmas ornaments or decorate your home with your pet metal ornaments all year round! They make excellent gifts for all pet lovers in your life!

Promote your Business with Metal Photo Ornaments!

Metal photo ornaments are a unique and fantastic way to promote your business or program! Just use your establishment's logo, staff, or mascot to design metal ornaments so that people always remember you! Metal photo ornaments go great in promotional goodie bags to give away during conventions.

with Metal Photo Ornaments
personalized christmas ornaments.jpg

Design Metal Personalized Christmas Ornaments!

You can design metal photo Christmas ornaments to make the holiday even more special for you and your loved ones! Use photos of precious moments with your family, friends, and pets to design ornaments that you will use year after year. Metal photo ornaments will last long for many Christmas holidays to come!