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Custom Printed Luggage Tags
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  • Custom Printed Luggage Tag
    Easily create personalized luggage tags with text and photos

    Custom luggage tags are the ideal accessory for personal and business travelers.

    Make custom luggage tags with your own artwork, text, photos, or business logos.

    We can show you how to design custom luggage tags for personal use or as advertising incentives for your business.

    Custom luggage tags are a great way to personalize your baggage with your favorite images. They are stylish and fun, but they also help you stand out from the crowd. Custom Luggage Tags are printed on high-quality material that can’t be easily damaged. These tags can be used for identification of your luggage, but also as a great gift idea for any occasion such as Gifts for Travelers Wedding Gifts, Bridal Shower Gifts, and Christmas Gifts. The best part is that everyone can use them, and they can be ordered in bulk and gifts can be given to multiple people.

    Personalized Luggage Tags
    Personalized Luggage Tags

    Custom luggage tags are an ideal way to make your bags stand out from all the other suitcases at baggage claim. You can make them as bright and unique as you want. And with double-sided luggage tags you can print photos, graphics, logos, or artwork on one side and your name and contact information on the other. So simple, yet so effective; it’s no wonder they’re so popular with travelers. But there’s so much more you can do with them!

    Do you have kids? If so, then for sure they have backpacks, bookbags and lunchboxes for school. Custom luggage tags are perfect for all of these, virtually guaranteeing that if these items are lost they’ll be returned to you.

    Custom Luggage Tag Details
    Custom Luggage Tag Details

    You can make your own personalized luggage tags that are as unique as you are. We have all the sizes that are just right for any situation, and all are made with durable acrylic printed with the latest digital technology:

    • Sizes: 2” x 3”, 2.5” x 3.5”, 3” x 4”, 2.5” x 4.5”
    • Material: Acrylic
    • Thickness: 2mm
    • Printing Technology: UV Printing
    • Attachment Hardware: 2mm Stainless Steel Cable

    Each luggage tag comes with its own stainless steel cable so you never have to worry about your tags snapping off your bags. Both sides of these custom luggage tags are printed using our state-of-the-art ink technology for superior adhesion – no peeling or cracking!

    How to Design Custom Luggage Tags Online

    Like every product we feature here at, you can design your own luggage and bag tags completely online. Our website’s design tool takes you step by step through the process. Simply upload your photos, graphics, business logo, or artwork on the front, and your name and contact information on the back.

    If you wish to change the design at any time, it’s easy to just go back a step and revise your layout and the wording. We make the entire process a breeze, from initial design layout to finished product ordering and delivery.

    Other Creative Uses for Custom Luggage Tags
    Other Creative Uses for Custom Luggage Tags

    As we mentioned before, there are lots of practical uses for custom luggage tags. We pride ourselves on suggesting creative uses for all of our products. Here are a few of the many ways you can use custom tags:

    • Sports Bag Tags
    • ID Badges
    • School Backpack Tags
    • Laptop Bag Tags
    • Event VIP Passes
    • Festival Backstage Passes
    • Trade Show Giveaways
    • Advertising Specialty Gifts

    Whether you’re traveling across the globe or across town, personalize your adventures with fun custom luggage tags with your favorite photos, designs and more. Remember to add your contact info so you never lose a bag again.

    As with so many other personalized products available through, customers can create completely customized luggage tags totally online. Our site is very user-friendly to quickly and easily customize your order. All standard graphics formats are acceptable, and adding text is super easy. Shop today for yours!