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Personalized 3D Photo Crystal
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          Showcase Your Memories in a Stunning Crystal Photo Cube

          • Turn your favorite photos into incredible photo gifts with our custom 3D photo crystals.
          • These custom crystal gifts catch the light and stand out in any room, and can be made in several fun shapes.
          • In addition to adding a beautiful photo to your glass crystal, you can add text to truly make your gift special.

          Beautiful Shapes for Your 3d Crystal Photo

          • Round Shapes 3D Crystal Cube

            Round Shapes 3D Crystal Cube

            Feel the love all around you with this classic 3D photo crystal. Your photos will look stunning in this photo print.

          • Diamond Shapes 3D Crystal Cube

            Diamond Shapes 3D Crystal Cube

            Add a luxurious touch to your 3D glass picture by putting it into the shape of a diamond. Perfect for celebrating weddings and engagements.

          • Heart Shapes 3D Crystal Cube

            Heart Shapes 3D Crystal Cube

            Celebrate the love you have for your friends and family with this gorgeous, heart-shaped custom 3D crystal.

          • Apple Shapes 3D Crystal Cube

            Apple Shapes 3D Crystal Cube

            Make your crystal prints more fun by shaping them like an apple. This unique photo gift will look wonderful on your mantelpiece.

          • Half Round Shapes 3D Crystal Cube

            Half Round Shapes 3D Crystal Cube

            This semi-circle 3D Photo cube’s curved surface can beautifully showcase panoramic or skyline, creating a captivating visual experience to the user.

          • Rectangle Shapes 3D Crystal Cube

            Rectangle Shapes 3D Crystal Cube

            Its classic design elegantly frames special photos or messages, creating a stunning, clear keepsake that radiates from all angles.

          • Cropped Rectangle Shapes 3D Crystal Cube

            Cropped Rectangle Shapes 3D Crystal Cube

            The clipped corners of custom 3D cube offer a contemporary style, ideal for intricate designs that interact with light, presenting varied perspectives.

          • Tower Rectangle 3D Crystal Cube

            Tower Rectangle 3D Crystal Cube

            Make your memories stand tall! This unique personalized 3D crystal is ideal for showcasing special portraits or capturing the grandeur of a momentous occasion.

          Choose the Layout for Your 3d Picture Cube

          You Can Add Multiple Photos to Your 3d Crystal Photo Cube

          • 1 Photo

            1 Photo

            Show off your all-time favorite photo on our 3D photo crystals.

          • 2 Photo

            2 Photo

            Put two 3D pictures in glass for a fun celebration of your best moments.

          • 3 Photo

            3 Photo

            Create a beautiful collage in your 3D glass picture cube for your friends.

          • 4 Photo

            4 Photo

            Can't pick just one photo? Add 4 to your 3D crystal cube to make it extra special.

          Create Your Own Glass Picture Cube

          A Simple, Step by Step Guide to Making Your Very Own Personalized 3d Crystal Photo

          • Step 1

            Step 1

            Choose the photo you want to feature on your personalized 3D crystal. Be sure to choose a high-resolution photo, as this will show up best on your photo gift.

          • Step 2

            Step 2

            Upload your photo to our online design tool and add any text you’d like to your custom crystal gift.

          • Step 3

            Step 3

            Place your order for your glass crystal and await its arrival. We guarantee you’ll love it once it arrives.

          Custom 3D Photo Crystals for Every Occasion

          3D Crystal Photo Shapes & Sizes

          3D Photo Crystals for Father’s Day

          3D photo crystals make perfect Father’s Day gifts. Add the best photo of your dad and create a beautiful gift that he will absolutely love.

          3D Photo Crystals for Wedding

          Create a custom engraved crystal to celebrate both your special day and the love you’ll share for the rest of your lives.

          3D Photo Crystals for Anniversary

          Personalized photo crystals are the ideal anniversary gift. Not only can you add your favorite photo from your time together, but you can add the year or which anniversary you’re celebrating. Perfect for adding that personal touch.

          3D Photo Crystals for Valentines Day

          There's no better way to show your love than with a personalized gift, and a personalized 3D crystal will perfectly showcase the best moments from your relationship.

          3D Photo Crystals for Mother's Day

          Show Mom some extra love on her day with a custom crystal gift. She’ll be overjoyed when she opens this thoughtful, beautiful gift.

          3D Photo Crystals for Thanksgiving

          Need the perfect host gift? Create a 3D photo crystal engraving with a photo of your host for something incredible and unique.

          3D Photo Crystals for Halloween

          Halloween decorations are always fun. Create something fun and interesting by putting a Halloween photo on a 3D crystal printing.

          Crystal Gifts for Your Loved Ones

          Find All the Best Crystal Gifts for Your Family and Friends

          • 3D Crystal Photo Cube for Mom

            3D Crystal Photo Cube for Mom

            Pictures in crystal cubes are so special, which is why they make the ideal gift for your mom. Add your favorite photo of her and she’ll love it for many years.

          • 3D Crystal Photo Cube for Dad

            3D Crystal Photo Cube for Dad

            You want your dad to have something that makes him feel special, and a crystal with a photo inside is the exact right gift for that.

          • 3D Crystal Photo Cube for Him

            3D Crystal Photo Cube for Him

            A crystal with an image inside makes for a great gift, which means this is the perfect item to get for the man in your life.

          • 3D Crystal Photo Cube for Her

            3D Crystal Photo Cube for Her

            Show her how much you think she shines by putting your favorite photos on crystal and creating a remarkable gift.

          • 3D Crystal Photo Cube for Friend

            3D Crystal Photo Cube for Friend

            Your friends are the best, so they deserve the best. A 3D glass photo cube will stand out and make a wonderful gift for your friends.

          • 3D Crystal Photo Cube for Couples

            3D Crystal Photo Cube for Couples

            A crystal with a picture inside makes a great couple's gift. You can choose a fun photo of you two together and turn it into something so special.

          3D Crystal Photo Shapes & Sizes

          3D Crystal Photo Shapes & Sizes

          With the wide variety of shapes and sizes, plus how easy they are to make, a laser crystal engraving is the perfect gift for every occasion. The range of customizability means that you can easily create a unique gift unlike anything you can buy from a store. Once you’ve chosen the perfect picture and shape for your 3D crystal, we carefully engrave your picture onto a crystal and set it in a lovely base. What’s even better? The base contains LED lights that will make your crystal prints look stunning. Imagine how your friends will look when they open this beautiful gift commemorating the wonderful times you’ve had together, or someone in your family feeling so touched that you thought enough of them to give them a custom-made 3D crystal engraving. Craft heart-shaped crystal prints for anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, an apple-shaped one for a teacher in your life, or a classic round or cube-shaped one for every other occasion. Have fun creating a gift that stands out from the rest because there’s nothing else quite like it, just like those closest to you.

          Personalized crystals are available in the following shapes and sizes:

          Round Shape

          Round Shape

          3.23” x 3.42”

          6.11” x 5.92”

          Heart Shape

          Heart Shape

          3.46” x 3.85”

          3.83” x 3.82”

          4.56” x 5.11”

          5.47” x 5.47”

          Apple Shape

          Apple Shape

          1.81” x 2.63”

          Cube Shape

          Cube Shape

          1.97” x 1.97”

          4.35” x 4.35”

          Half Round Shapes

          Half Round Shapes

          3.07” x 3.46”

          Rectangle Shapes

          Rectangle Shapes

          1.97” x 2.36”

          9.84” x 7.87”

          Cropped Rectangle Shapes

          Cropped Rectangle Shapes

          2.28” x 1.45”

          5.82” x 4.64”

          How To Design A 3D Crystal Photo

          How To Design A 3D Crystal Photo

          It’s never been easier to create your very own custom 3D crystal. Start off by choosing the perfect photo of you or your friends. Then, upload your photo to our online design tool. From there you can decide how it will look on your crystal by adding text and/or clipart, as well as choosing the right shape and size for your custom crystal gift. Once you’ve gotten your 3D crystal engraving right, you can place your order and excitedly await the arrival of your personalized photo crystals.

          All About Our Custom 3D Crystals

          Fully Customizable

          Our crystal prints are incredibly customizable. You can choose the size and shape of your print, as well as which photo you want it to feature and what text you want to add. You can choose from round, diamond, heart, and apple shapes for your print, and choose from sizes within those shapes.

          Work for Several Occasions

          A crystal print may seem like a super specialized gift, but they work for several different occasions. If you have an anniversary coming up, the heart shape is the ideal choice. If you want to give a gift to a favorite teacher, then you can choose the apple shape. And the round and diamond shaped prints work for everything, from birthdays to Mother’s Day to any other day you need a gift for. Plus, these gifts are eye-catching and built to last. Imagine how surprised your friend will be when they open this incredible gift to see a unique photo crystal.

          Easy to Create

          You might think that creating your own custom engraved crystal is difficult, but with CanvasChamp it has never been easier. Our online design tool makes it easy to create custom gifts. You can upload your photo, choose the size and shape of your print, add additional features like text and clipart, and that’s all you need. And when your crystal gift arrives it will be even more stunning than it looks on the design tool. Plus, your order will arrive in a timely manner, so you don’t need to wait too long for your custom gift. Custom gifts are always loved and cherished, so choosing to create one of your own is a great idea. So, if you need a gift that’s different from anything you can find in a store, consider creating your own custom engraved crystal for your family and friends.

          Everything You Need to Know About Custom Crystal Gifts

          What do you use to make your 3D crystals?

          We make our custom 3d crystal gifts with K9 glass crystals. These glass crystals are known for being durable as well as having great clarity to show off your photos.

          Is there an ideal photo resolution for these photo crystals?

          When you’re choosing a photo for your gift, stick with photos that are 200 dpi or greater. That way they’ll show up nicely on your gift.

          How do I maintain my crystal gift?

          Aside from handling your crystal gift with care, you only need to dust these crystals with a soft cloth. Additionally, not leaving them in direct sunlight for extended periods of time will help with fading.

          How do I create a crystal gift with no text?

          If you don’t want your 3D crystal engraving to feature text, simply leave the text box blank in the design tool. Your gift will still look just as nice.