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Custom Soccer Balls
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  • Why Purchase Soccer Balls from CanvasChamp?

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    Custom-Made Soccer Balls for Everyone

    A personalized soccer ball is a wonderful gift for anyone!

    • For Son

      For Son

      Give the gift of a personalized soccer ball. You can spend quality time playing in the yard with him, and he will love practicing his skills with you.

    • Best Dad

      Best Dad

      Spoil your darling dad with a one-of-a-kind custom soccer ball. Personalize it with photos of you together or the logo of his favorite team!

    • For Boyfriend

      For Boyfriend

      Does your boyfriend love to watch or play soccer? Treat him to a custom soccer ball with pictures of you two together.

    • For Best Coach

      For Best Coach

      At the end of your soccer season or career, show gratitude to your coach with a personalized soccer ball. Add a collection of photographs of your team and you two together over the years for a sweet touch.

    • Best Player Photo

      Best Player Photo

      Surprise your most valued player with a custom soccer ball design. They will feel even more proud of their accomplishments over the season and grateful for the recognition!

    • Instagram Photos

      Instagram Photos

      Utilize your own Instagram photos to craft a unique soccer ball for you or a loved one.

    • Favorite Soccer Player

      Favorite Soccer Player

      Display your favorite soccer player on a custom ball. This can motivate you while you train or become a stylish décor piece.

    • Marvel Photos

      Marvel Photos

      Are you a fan of the Marvel universe? Display your love for those films and comics on a new soccer ball.

    • Favorite Superhero

      Favorite Superhero

      For lovers of the DC universe, do not worry! You can highlight them on a custom soccer ball with pictures.

    Custom Soccer Balls Options to Try

    These balls are great for any soccer environment or event.

    • Training Soccer Ball

      Training Soccer Ball

      Amp up training sessions with a customized soccer ball. Decorate it with motivational phrases, team logos, etc. Elevate your game with a ball as unique as your players! It is a terrific way to infuse energy into those sessions, even when players feel unmotivated.

    • Match Soccer Ball

      Match Soccer Ball

      Step onto the field confidently, carrying a match ball customized just for you. Let each strike and pass reflect your uniqueness, setting the game's tone. From design to final whistle, make every match moment iconic. Show the world your game, one personalized kick at a time.

    • Camp Soccer Ball

      Camp Soccer Ball

      Stand out at camp with a personalized soccer ball that speaks to your spirit. Infuse personal memories and style into each dribble and pass. From morning drills to evening scrimmages, let your customized ball be the talk of the camp. Embrace the game with a touch of personal flair at every turn.

    Photo Display Options for Custom-Printed Soccer Ball

    There are numerous layouts to display your images on a soccer ball.

    • One Photo on Soccer Ball

      One Photo on Soccer Ball

      Show off a singular photo on a personalized soccer ball with photo from CanvasChamp! Display it on a 6-panel ball to elevate it even further.

    • Two Photos on Soccer Ball

      Two Photos on Soccer Ball

      Enhance your game by customizing your soccer ball with CanvasChamp, effortlessly adding two of your favorite photos. Make every kick memorable with a design that is uniquely yours.

    • Three Photos on Soccer Ball

      Three Photos on Soccer Ball

      Infuse personal flair into your ball by incorporating three cherished photos. Elevate every play with a design that echoes your distinct memories!

    • Four Photos on Soccer Ball

      Four Photos on Soccer Ball

      Craft a standout collage photo printed on soccer ball design with CanvasChamp, integrating four of your best snapshots. Play with passion, surrounded by moments that matter most to you.

    Types of Soccer Games to Customize Ball

    Personalized soccer balls are fantastic for all sorts of soccer games!

    • Association Football

      Association Football

      These custom-made soccer balls are regulation standard balls. This makes them terrific and much more fun options than traditional soccer balls! Upload an image file containing your team's logo for home games.

    • Futsal


      Are you an avid futsal player? This indoor soccer game on a basketball-like court is entertaining and fast-paced. CanvasChamp custom soccer balls are ideal for this type of play as well.

    • Beach Soccer

      Beach Soccer

      Do you live near a beautiful beach? Design a ball that embodies that laidback vibe and is durable enough for this environment. For example, creating a blue soccer ball featuring nautical clip art motifs.

    • Street Soccer

      Street Soccer

      You do not have to be a part of association football or a league to enjoy the game or a custom-printed soccer ball. Design it as you like with text, images, and clip art. Then, grab a few friends to play with in your neighborhood!

    • Indoor Soccer

      Indoor Soccer

      CanvasChamp soccer balls are even suitable for indoor soccer! The PU casing around the soccer balls ensures they stay inflated for extended periods. This is a great asset as the barometric pressure changes as you go from an outdoor to an indoor facility.

    • Freestyle Soccer

      Freestyle Soccer

      A custom soccer ball is such a versatile sports item. You can create a game involving custom rules or equipment to manufacture something entirely your own. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination!

    How to Design Your Own Soccer Ball

    Craft a custom-made soccer ball in just a few simple steps.

    • Upload Photo on Soccer Ball

      Upload Photo on Soccer Ball

      Make your soccer ball unique by uploading a cherished photo. Let every kick carry a special memory.

    • Add Text on Soccer Ball

      Add Text on Soccer Ball

      Embed a personalized message or name on your ball for a distinct touch. Let your words shine with every goal and save.

    • Add Clipart on Soccer Ball

      Add Clipart on Soccer Ball

      Adorn your personalized soccer ball with a fun clipart representing your passion. Turn ordinary plays into artsy showcases.

    • Add to Cart

      Add to Cart

      Ready to play with style? Secure your customized design and head to checkout. Your personalized game awaits.

    Major Benefits of Custom Soccer Balls

    From customization options to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there are many benefits to these sports balls.

    From customization options to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there are many benefits to these sports balls.

    In soccer, the ball is not just a tool—it is an extension of the player. The benefits of customizing soccer balls go beyond mere aesthetics; they create an enhanced playing experience that resonates on multiple levels.

    Firstly, a soccer ball customized with a personal photo or message adds an emotional touch. Whether it is a cherished memory, a motivational quote, or a symbol of your journey, it turns your soccer ball into a source of inspiration, driving you to push your limits on the field.

    Adding text or clipart is not just a design choice; it allows players to express their personality and stand out in a sea of uniformity. This promotes individuality and can be a conversation starter, fostering team spirit and camaraderie.

    Lastly, with the option to easily 'Add to Cart,' CanvasChamp ensures a hassle-free purchase experience. Briefly, these custom-made soccer balls do not just elevate the visual appeal; they enrich the entire essence of the game.

    Custom Soccer Balls for Weddings

    Custom Soccer Balls for Weddings

    Spice up your big day with this fun custom gift!

    Soccer and weddings might seem worlds apart, but they revolve around passion, teamwork, and unforgettable moments. Custom soccer balls for weddings offer a unique way to celebrate love while paying homage to a sport close to the heart. Whether you are commemorating where a couple first met on the soccer field or simply merging two passions, these balls are a delightful addition to wedding festivities.

    For groomsmen, a custom soccer ball is a memorable gift that captures shared experiences. Whether a picture from a particular match or an inside joke written in text, it becomes more than just a ball – it symbolizes brotherhood and shared histories.

    Incorporating these into wedding celebrations or as custom soccer balls for groomsmen's gifts is an innovative way to blend tradition with personal interests, ensuring that the big day is not just romantic but also distinctly personal and fun.

    Promotional Soccer Balls for Business

    Promotional Soccer Balls for Business

    Advertise your business in innovative ways!

    In the competitive world of business marketing, standing out is paramount. Promotional soccer balls offer businesses an innovative and interactive way to connect with their target audience. Instead of the usual pens or mugs, these custom balls represent a brand's commitment to health, activity, and team spirit.

    The connection is even more evident for businesses aligned with sports, fitness, or youth-centered products and services. But even those outside the sporting realm can capitalize on the universal appeal of soccer. Each custom ball can be adorned with a company logo, tagline, or message, making every kick or pass a subtle brand reinforcement.

    Beyond branding, promotional soccer balls serve as functional gifts at corporate events, team-building exercises, or community outreach programs. They encourage physical activity and interaction, translating a brand's message into real-world engagement. Promotional soccer balls are not just marketing tools; they are an investment in building lasting, active connections.

    Custom Soccer Balls – The Perfect Gift

    Custom Soccer Balls – The Perfect Gift

    A personalized ball makes anyone feel special!

    Gifts reflect thought, care, and the bond between the giver and recipient. Regarding passionate soccer fans or players, nothing captures their spirit quite like a personalized soccer ball gift. This is not merely a sports accessory—it is a canvas painted with memories, sentiments, and emotions.

    Imagine gifting a budding soccer enthusiast a ball decorated with their name or a memorable date. A photo from their first match or a quote that fuels their passion can be the focal point for seasoned players. Every touch, pass, or strike of the ball becomes a tangible connection to cherished moments or inspirations.

    Moreover, this gift is not confined to the field. It can grace shelves as a keepsake, reminding one of milestones and motivators. A personalized soccer ball gift transcends its material form; it scores goals straight into the heart, making every occasion truly memorable.

    Custom Soccer Balls FAQs

    What are custom soccer balls, and why customize them?

    Custom soccer balls are designed according to individual preferences in design, color, logo, or text. Customizing them allows for an individualized touch, making the ball more meaningful, and can serve as a representation of an individual, a team, or a brand.

    How can I design my soccer ball?

    Designing your soccer ball is typically facilitated by online platforms or specialized companies. Visit their website, choose a ball type, and use their design interface to upload images, add text, or select design elements. You can preview your design, adjust it, and finalize the order.

    Can I add my team's logo or colors to a soccer ball?

    Many customization platforms, including CanvasChamp, allow you to upload your team's logo and select specific colors to align with your team's branding.

    Are there size and weight regulations for custom soccer balls?

    Yes, if the ball is intended for official matches, it must adhere to the regulations set by governing bodies like FIFA. For instance, a standard adult soccer ball (Size 5) should have a 68-70 cm circumference and weigh between 410-450 grams. However, for casual play or promotional purposes, the regulations might not apply.

    What are the benefits of using custom soccer balls for promotions?

    Using custom soccer balls for promotions allows businesses to engage with their audience uniquely and interactively. They offer a memorable branding opportunity, making a brand more recognizable and enhancing recall. Moreover, they encourage physical activity as functional items, translating the brand's message into real-world engagement.

    How do I care for custom soccer balls?

    Caring for custom soccer balls is like regular soccer balls. Store them in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Clean using a damp cloth and avoid harsh chemicals that might damage the print. Ensure they are inflated to the recommended pressure and, when not used for extended periods, slightly reduce the stress to prolong their lifespan.

    Custom Made Soccer Balls Like No Other!

    Level up your game with a regulation-approved soccer ball, features your team's colors, and show off your mascot.