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Optical Zoom vs. Digital Camera Zoom - Know the Difference

By JainamDecember, 28 2020

If you happen to be a complete newbie or beginner when it comes to photography, then you might get confused with the many terms used in it. However, in case you are on the verge of buying your own first ever camera, then you should be well acquainted with the definitions in it regarding digital and optical zoom. While we are all aware of what zoom is, we need to understand how the feature really works.

Kids and Pets Heartwarming Photos

By Jainam ShahDecember, 17 2020

Having kids is a great way to learn a lot of things about life. One learns life values, kindness, selflessness and also patience.

Getting married? Let us help you get a wedding photographer

By Jainam ShahDecember, 17 2020

Getting married is simple, but having a wedding really tiresome. It is indeed a mammoth task to plan a wedding. 
Though exciting, it is stressful as it involves a lot of arrangements, planning and time. One needs to plan a fixed budget too, to take care of not going overboard. 

How to Use Canvas Stretcher Bars

By Jainam ShahNovember, 13 2020

Creating your own canvas with stretcher bars is not that of a difficult process. One simply has to have all the tools on hand and a canvas can be constructed in twenty minutes. Sounds simple? It is that simple!

Looking For A Christmas Gift That’s Creative, Personal, And Useful?

By AdminNovember, 13 2020

You can’t go wrong with a custom photo calendar. The gift recipient will know you wanted to create an item to delight him or her for an entire year.