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Sherpa Fleece Blankets Vs. Fleece Blankets

Sherpa Fleece Blankets Vs. Fleece Blankets
Sherpa Fleece Blankets Vs. Fleece Blankets

By CanvasChamp TeamMarch, 24 2020August, 19 2021Comment

 On the surface, a blanket can seem like an item condemned to be used only during those chilly winter months while you await the return of warm weather. That’s simply not true! With three custom photo blanket varieties to choose from, CanvasChamp can help you find never-ending reasons to celebrate almost any occasion with a blanket!

Baby Shower or First Birthday Gifts

Custom Photo Blankets

Baby blankets are a gift that can be treasured well into adulthood. Creating a custom photo blanket for the occasion adds an extra layer of depth and meaning – whether it’s an ultrasound photo, a special milestone snapshot, or a novelty image to appeal to an individual child’s sensibilities. Blankets give children a sense of comfort and security, so these items tend to be loved longer (and harder) than toys that tend to have age limits. Check out our Fleece Blankets for a good all-purpose base, plus we offer Fleece Sherpa Blankets for an extra cuddle factor (especially great for winter babies). Both blankets are available in two sizes: 50- x 60-inch and 60- x 80-inch.

Complement Your Bedroom Décor

Custom Blankets

You might view your bed as simply the ultimate comfort zone of your home, but it can also be a canvas for tying your bedroom décor together. Struggling to find a bedspread that meets your exact specifications? Design your own! Pet lovers who bunk with a furry bed-hog will be tickled to see their pet’s photo spread across their bed announcing the true ruler of the bedtime. And what better way to snuggle with your true love than underneath a photo of a happy time spent together? Our Woven Blankets make beautiful centerpieces, while the 100 percent cotton fibers provide a breathable layer that won’t have you roasting in the middle of the night.

For the Eternally Cold

Personalized Blankets

We all have that one friend – the person who wears a parka during sweater weather or who dusts off the earflap hat the minute the thermometer dips below 60 degrees. For those poor chilly souls who shiver through the winter and in the air-conditioned summer, give them the gift that keeps on giving warmth in style. Also ideal for sending a light-hearted message to any spouse of the icy-footed variety. Get our ultra-warm Fleece Sherpa Blanket and banish the cold forever (or at least until you have to leave for work).

Housewarming and Heartwarming

Personalized Photo Blankets

It always takes a while to fill that first house or apartment with all the right things. Why not help speed up the process with a custom photo blanket? As we all know, a home never has too many blankets, and the addition of a meaningful photo is a combination that will be enjoyed for years to come. Plus, you’ll enjoy the bonus of knowing there will be a comfy blanket to cuddle under every time you visit! Win-win!


Custom Blankets

Blankets aren’t meant only to be given to others as a special gift. Sometimes we need to treat ourselves as well as we treat our loved ones. Order a blanket with a carefully selected photo or image that will comfort in times of illness or discouragement. Blankets are among the first things people reach for when they are feeling low, and photo blankets create an integrated way to cheer your spirits while soothing a sick or aching body.

Get into your comfort zone and see where your imagination leads you. Start your custom photo products order today!