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Metal Prints

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Square Metal Prints
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    Product Description:

    • Choose metal photo prints from square, rectangular, and panoramic size options to fit.
    • Explore our numerous metal print style options, from collages to quotes, to create truly unique art for your home and office decor.
    • Add photo effects to your metal photo prints for an extra artistic flair.
    • You can also add text, professional photographers, paintings, and art on custom metal prints.
    • Metal Prints are best to gift on any special occasion or to decorate your wall with favorite photo memories.


    Why Choose Metal Photo Printing

    Reasons to Choose Metal Print Photos

    • HD metal photo prints never fade and are yellow resistant.
    • We provide the best quality metal printing.
    • Custom sizes for metal prints are available.
    • Sharper details, cleaner edges of metal.
    • Affordable metal prints, no matter of your budget.
    • Premium metal prints are Vibrant with rich colors.
    • Choose original, sepia or gray scale for photo effects on metal.
    • Choose a frame or go frameless for metal printing.
    • Available in glossy finish of metal prints.
    • No photo surface protection is needed for metal picture prints.
    • Many hanging options are available.
    • These prints last forever and are nearly indestructible.
    • We provide metal prints for professional photographers.

    Choose Frame Options for Metal Photo Prints

    Metal prints capture everyone's attention with their striking color saturation, sharper contrast, and amazing depth. Choose a frameless option for a modern setting, or choose one of our quality frames to match your personal decor. We offer a wide variety of hanging and framing options for you to enjoy the fun of adding stylish artwork to your rooms.

    Ready to Display Your Wall Art or Photos on Framed Metal Prints.

    • Black Frame

      Black Frame

      Create a stunning, bold look with our classic black frame

    • Brown Frame

      Brown Frame

      Our brown frame provides a warm feel to your photo print and is ideal

    • Brown Golden Frame

      Brown Golden Frame

      Give your metal prints a touch of luxury with this detailed frame

    • Golden Frame

      Golden Frame

      It's all in the details with our golden frame, keep your guests attention with this décor

    Metal Prints Hand-built to Perfection

    It doesn't get better than this: durable and low maintenance!

    • Durable

    • Waterproof

    • Frameless

    • UV Resistant

    • Beautiful

    Our Metal Prints Offer Fantastic Qualities

    Print your best photos and showcase vivid colors on metal prints

    Make a lasting impression when you order prints on aluminum. Create a display that is better than the original photo. Our process begins with our white matte aluminum and is made to show true, rich, vibrant colors. Our metal printing process gives your photos more depth, sharper contrast, and deeper color saturation than traditional photo printing.

    • Durable Beyond Belief

      Durable Beyond Belief

      The durability of metal prints is incomparable to traditional print media. Our metal prints are waterproof and resistant against stains, scratches, and won’t fade from UV Rays.

    • Great Print Quality

      Great Print Quality

      At CanvasChamp, our printing process produces high quality photo reproduction.

    • Latest Technology Innovation

      Latest Technology Innovation

      We utilize the latest technological methods in the printing industry to make sure your metal prints are high quality.

    • Alternative to Traditional Print

      Alternative to Traditional Print

      Our metal prints are a good option if you want to preserve your photo memories for years to come with little to no maintenance.



    Custom Metal Plate Printing

    CanvasChamp uses top-notch technology to achieve the brightest colors and crispest images on our metal prints. Your photos are printed on matte white aluminum sheets, allowing the colors to pop. Complete your gloss metal prints with a frame! Frame options include black, brown, golden, or golden brown.

    Choose the one that fits your style best, or go frameless for super modern photos printed on aluminum.

    • Metal Print Hardware Options:

      There are several metal panel photo print hardware options available. In addition, there is one free option and four paid hardware options. The metal print hardware options include adhesive hanging strips, metal back mount, metal front mount, metal easel stand, and wooden easel stand are all terrific custom metal print hardware. Each option has its benefits depending on how you prefer to display your photos.

    • Metal Print Cost:

      Price ranges based on the shape and size of the metal print. However, CanvasChamp guarantees the best price on the market, so you can shop without breaking the bank. Our aluminum metal prints range from $10.00 - $42.00, making this a super affordable yet unique gift idea. Plus, it is a super elegant way to display your most cherished memories, and we are currently running a metal photo prints sale!

    • Metal Print Material:

      CanvasChamp metal prints are high-quality photos printed on aluminum. These prints are waterproof, durable, UV resistant, and frameless. The top-of-the-line photo printing technology is used for custom wall art metal and provides the most vivid, saturated colors. Plus, the sheet of white matte aluminum our team starts with creates the perfect blank slate for your masterpiece.

    • Metal Print Sizes:

      CanvasChamp has a range of metal print sizes. The array of sizes available ranges from 5” x 7” to 39” x 38”. One of the most popular metal print sizes is the large 16” x 20” metal print. However, you can also create gloss metal prints with custom dimensions based on your preferences and available space. The specific measurements also depend on the metal panel photo print shape selected. The metal print shapes that CanvasChamp offers are square, panoramic, small square, or large square.

    • Metal Prints Ships in 24 Hrs:

      There are three main aluminum metal prints shipping options available with CanvasChamp. Standard shipping is applied for a fee of $9.99 on orders up to $99. Express shipping is $14.99 for orders where you spend up to $55 on prints on metal sheets. Priority shipping is the last option, which adds a $12.99 fee for orders up to $80. With priority and express shipping, customers receive additional discounts on gloss metal prints the more they spend.

    • Design Tool:

      Create your photos printed on aluminum with CanvasChamp’s design tool. First, select from the available metal print sizes. Next, choose the photos you want to display on your custom metal prints. Then, upload those photos directly to the design tool from your phone, computer, or social media accounts.

    Then you can adjust, such as adding a filter, text, or clipart to the image. Once satisfied with your metal panel photo print, add it to your cart and checkout!

    Hanging Hardware for Metal Prints

    • Hanging Strips Free

      Hanging Strips Free

    • Back Mount (Paid)

      Back Mount (Paid)

    • Front Mount (Paid)

      Front Mount (Paid)

    • Easel Back (Paid)

      Easel Back (Paid)

    • Easel Stand (Paid)

      Easel Stand (Paid)

    Add Photo Memories or Art on Metal Prints

    Custom metal prints are fantastic for showing off your best photos. These prints are sure to make an impression in any room in your house. Display a panoramic metal print in your living room for an impressive decoration, put metal picture prints of your best memories in your bedroom, or put a motivational quote on a print for fun kitchen art. If you have professional family photos you want to display, upload them to our online design tool and add them to a print. The design possibilities are endless.

    Choose Options to Display Metal Prints

    When you’re creating your metal prints online, you can choose from several fun display options. Can’t choose just one photo? Create a collage. Want to add some dimension to your photos? Create a photo mosaic or a split metallic print. Do you share a song with your significant other, or want to give a newlywed couple a gift that commemorates their first dance? We have lyrics on metal prints for you to create. There are more than photos on metal for you to explore, so let your creativity shine and make something that’s equal parts meaningful and memorable.

    Why CanvasChamp Makes the Best Custom Metal Prints

    At CanvasChamp, we care about delivering quality photo prints, and our metal prints are no exception. These prints are high-quality, durable, and sharp, with vibrant colors that stand out in any room. And you’ll get to enjoy those vibrant colors for a long time, because our metal prints are resistant to fading and yellowing. When you order metallic photo prints from CanvasChamp, you’re ordering quality products that will add a professional touch to your décor.

    No matter if you choose a simple metal print or add filters and a frame, the quality stays the same. At CanvasChamp, we’re all about delivering quality prints at affordable prices. You’ll receive a print that lasts without needing to worry about breaking the bank. And with our easy-to-use online design tool, you don’t need to stress about making your prints. All you need to do is choose your print, choose your photos, and have fun creating something beautiful for your home.

    Bulk Order Metal Photo Prints

    Did you know CanvasChamp had special deals on bulk orders? If you’re ordering 5 prints, use the code METALSAVE7 to get 7% off your order. Orders between 5 and 10 prints can get a discount of 10% with the code METALSAVE10. Orders over 10 prints can get 12% off their order with the code METALSAVE12. That sounds like a great deal, right? It’s especially great if you’re looking to decorate and need to grab several prints all at once. Create your incredible prints and take advantage of this fantastic offer today!

    Metal Print Gift Ideas

    Since metal picture prints are so versatile, you have many options for gifting them to friends and family. No matter who you’re buying for, CanvasChamp has a metal print that will make the perfect gift.

    Gift Ideas for Family –

    It's no secret that photo gifts are especially meaningful for family, and you can give quality photo gifts that last with CanvasChamp’s metallic photo prints. You can’t go wrong with a classic photo print, but our other options make fantastic gifts as well. Choose your all-time favorite photo, create a small print with an added easel back in our design tool, and there you have a desktop print. Or if your parents had an inspiring quote that got you through tough times, commemorate it with a quote print.

    Gift Ideas for Newlyweds –

    Want to give your spouse something special to commemorate your special day? Give them metal photo prints with pictures from your wedding. They’ll look beautiful in your new home, and you’ll have a reminder of all the happiness that day brought you. If you’re looking for something different but no less sentimental, commemorate your first dance song with one of our lyrics on metal prints. Add the most meaningful lyrics to this metal print to show your love.

    Gift Ideas for Friends –

    What better way to commemorate years of friendship than with custom metal prints? Consider a collage print full of your best moments together for a sweet, sentimental gift. Think of how much fun you’ll have looking back through your memories creating this print or of how excited your friend will be to receive it. Thanks to your beautiful gift, they will have a permanent reminder of the great times they’ve shared with one of their favorite people.

    When you create a gift on CanvasChamp, you create something meaningful and lasting. Show those you care about that you value the time you’ve spent together or that this day meant so much to you that you want to keep it with you forever. That’s the best part of any photo gift.


    Okay, you’re ready for the next step and want to customize your images. We offer three photo color effects: original, sepia and gray scale. We use the latest technology and guarantee your photos will not only be rich in color but will last a lifetime. If you are not sure what effect you’d like on your metal photos, compare the samples below.

    • Original Effect

      Original Effect

      Your metal photo print will shine with natural brilliance, look amazingly dynamic, blow away the concept of durable by lasting a lifetime and never-never-never fade. So when you prefer the look of an original photo, choose our original effect option and enjoy a metal print with dramatic effect.

    • Sepia Effect

      Sepia Effect

      Create a vintage and long lasting impression when you use the sepia color effect on your custom metal photo print. Sepia is a beautiful reddish-brown effect that gives your photos an antiqued look; It has even been known as a romantic filter.

    • Gray Scale

      Gray Scale

      Our gray scale color effect is so much more than "black and white." This option takes advantage of every shade of the color imaginable, replacing the colors with an equally intense gray shade.
      From pure white to total black and every color between, each color presents its own intensity which results in varying degrees and shades of gray.