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60+ Best Christmas Gift Guide for 2022

60+ Best Christmas Gift Guide for 2022
60+ Best Christmas Gift Guide for 2022

By CanvasChampDecember, 21 2022December, 21 2022Comment

Christmas gift ideas for 2022 are abundant, but every Christmas season is unique. Christmas is the perfect time to show your loved ones how much you care by choosing personalized Christmas gifts – things that are thoughtful, unique, and tailored to them.

Whether it’s a cozy blanket with their favorite colors or an ornament customized with their favorite photos, this Christmas will be filled with gifts curated just for them! Let your Christmas gifting be special this year and make it memorable in 2022!

We have Christmas gifts for men, Christmas gifts for women, and things that anyone would love. So, if you are looking for the best Christmas gift ideas for 2022. CanvasChamp is here for you!  

Shop by Category for Personalized Christmas Gifts: 

  • Christmas Gift Ideas Under $5 
  • Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10 
  • Christmas Gift Ideas Under $15 
  • Christmas Gift Ideas Under $20 
  • Christmas Gift Ideas Under $25 
  • Christmas Gift Ideas Under $30 
  • Christmas Gift Ideas Under $40 
  • Christmas Gift Ideas Under $50 
  • Christmas Gift Ideas Under $100 
  • Unique Christmas Gift Ideas 
  • Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas 
  • Christmas Gift Games 

Christmas Gift Ideas Under $5 

Looking for awesome stocking stuffers, Christmas gifts for colleagues, or classmates, or just trying to save money? These gift ideas are all under $5!  What are the benefits of purchasing Christmas Gift Ideas Under $5? You will be able to save some money in your pocket while giving unique gifts that everyone will love. 

  • Luggage Tags 

Have a friend who loves to travel? Give them a custom luggage tag. You can customize it with their favorite photo from their travels to take with them always. 

  • Poster Prints 

Poster prints make great décor. Use a photo or a custom design to create unique holiday gifts for your friends and family. They’re sure to love it! 

  • Photo Bookmarks 

The perfect Christmas gift for your favorite bookworm! Give a custom photo bookmark to help them keep their place and remind them of a great memory you share.   

  • Photo Prints 

You can never go wrong with photo prints when it comes to Christmas gifts. There are various sizes to choose from!


Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10 

You ‘ll be surprised what all you can get for just $10! CanvasChamp has gifts that range from personalized mousepads, umbrellas, flash drives, wall titles, photo books, calendars, and more! You don’t have to spend a lot to get the perfect Christmas gifts for your friends and family.  

  • Mousepad – Mousepads make awesome Christmas gifts for colleagues in the office.  
  • Photo Coaster – Photo coasters are interesting Christmas gifts for grandparents, because every time they enjoy their drinks, they can enjoy your face as well!  
  • Photo Calendar – You can never go wrong with a Photo Calendar, everyone can use them, and they look good in any room! 
  • Photo Book – Photo books are amazing Christmas gifts for parents, fill the album with photos of yourself or their grandkids for your parents to adore.  
  • Custom Flash Drive – Get a custom flash drive as one of the best Christmas gifts for boyfriends who always run out of space on their devices, from photos of you of course.  
  • Photo Wall Tiles – These are great Christmas gifts for teachers, let them make over their classroom rooms with cool photo wall tiles!

Christmas Gift Ideas Under $15 

CanvasChamp has Christmas gifts for $15 is the sweet spot between very cheap and kind of cheap! Maybe you can afford to spend a little more than $10 but still less than $20. We got you covered! These gifts are still affordable enough to buy multiples in gifts to several people.  

  • Acrylic Photo Block – a beautiful way to decorate desks are these stunning acrylic photo blocks, perfect for the office, living room and bedroom drawers. 
  • Magic Photo Mug – A special mug that shows a picture when heated up! Wow your friends, family, or coworkers with a super unique take on a classic gift.  
  • Photo Frames - Have a favorite photo from the past year you want to give to a friend? Turn it into a framed print to add a special touch. 
  • Mobile Stand – A useful gift for anyone with a smart phone, they can use this mobile stand to hold their phone so they can have their hands free to do other activities. 
  • Canvas Prints - As far as holiday photo gifts go, you can’t go wrong with photo prints. Customize the size of these prints from small gifts to big photos for display. 
  • Photo Socks - Who doesn’t like receiving a nice pair of socks for Christmas? These photo socks will be perfect for staying cozy while you travel. They make great Christmas gifts for kids!  
  • Rubik’s Cube - This gift is perfect for those long trips. Your friend can stay occupied and be reminded of a great memory when they finish the puzzle. 
  • Photo Magnet - Turn travel photos into magnets so you will always remember the fun times you had. This is one of the more thoughtful holiday gifts because it’s so sentimental.   
  • Photo Mug - When it comes to holiday home gifts, you can’t go wrong with a photo mug. Imagine how delicious hot cocoa will taste out of a custom mug.


Christmas Gift Ideas Under $20 

Need ideas for Christmas gifts under $20? Look no further than right here. We have a variety of affordable yet on point gift ideas, you can’t miss out on. 

  • Hexagon Canvas – This gift is guaranteed to be different from all the rest that your loved one will receive!  
  • Beer Mug with Handle – Great Christmas gifts for husbands, get a mug for him with his favorite sports team logo on it!  
  • Custom Diary – Perfect Christmas gifts for teens and anyone who loves to journal their life!  
  • Photo Blanket – This is a thoughtful Christmas gift for your wife. Customize the blanket with photos of the family!  
  • Light Switch Panel – A unique Christmas gift for couples, as custom light switch panel will really be a spotlight in any room.  
  • Playing Card – Custom playing cards make the best Christmas game for families! Gather around the table for a card game with the custom cards and have fun for hours! 
  • Spotify Love Plaque – Get your lover a love plaque with their favorite song or use a song that reminds them of you!  
  • Pillow Cover – Spice up their home décor with a special custom pillow cover.  
  • Word Art Canvas – Simple, smart, and fun, use encouraging messages to create a gift for loved ones!  


Christmas Gift Ideas Under $25 

Looking for great Christmas gifts for under $25? We have a long list of items that you can personalize for your loved ones easily. Personalized Christmas gifts make the gift even more special because it means you were thinking of them specifically when you made it for them! 

  • Tabletop - Let your gift recipient spruce up their home with a customized Tabletop. These make great Christmas gifts for mom!  
  • Acrylic Prints - Acrylic prints make amazing gifts for any relationship. Even better they are affordable. The combination of creative and affordable is always a win and the recipient will love the gift! 
  • Metal Prints - This is a gift that’s guaranteed to last. Beautiful and durable, metal prints are perfect for commemorating the best moments in your life.   
  • Photo Pillow - You always need a pillow when you travel. Why not make it special with a fun photo? Travel will be so much more comfortable with this gift.   
  • Custom Wall Clock - Combine style with function with a custom wall clock. Customize the photo and the shape to create something that is wholly unique and beautiful.   
  • Didactic Memory Game - A fun game that works those memory muscles, a great Christmas gift for folks of all ages.  
  • Custom Apron – Custom aprons are perfect Christmas gifts for her, if she loves to cook, bake or participate in DIY projects. She will appreciate the personalization of the apron!  
  • Caricature Photo Stand – These cute caricature photo stands make great Christmas gifts for dad! 
  • Canvas Photo Collage – Share memories, or create new ones with a canvas photo collage. Photo collages are fun and meaningful gifts for any relationship. 
  • Photo Mosaic – Photo mosaics are unique and fun to customize for your loved ones.  
  • Lyrics on Canvas – Does your gift partner have a favorite song, or do you have a wedding song? Put the lyrics on canvas as a special gift that has so much meaning!  
  • Photo Puzzle – Photo puzzles make great family Christmas gifts, and fun to pass the time together!  
  • Custom Moon Lamp – Moon lamps with his favorite photos make great Christmas gifts for him, they will look great in his bedroom on his nightstand or bookshelf.


Christmas Gift Ideas Under $30 

These gifts under $30 are perfect for the home, Officine, restaurant, and other locations. These canvas print options will breathe new life into any space, and its all for an affordable price!  

  • Clear Frame Acrylic - Class with a study frame, the clear frame acrylic makes stunning Christmas gifts. 
  • Photo Board – Create a photo board of your family and friends and they will enjoy them for many years to come. These are perfect best friend Christmas gifts.  
  • Framed Canvas Prints - The classic framed canvas prints make amazing Christmas gifts for   
  • Round Canvas Prints - Round canvas prints make great decorations, your loved ones will love.  
  • Pop Art Canvas - Creative and fun art to bring your gift recipient's wall to life!  
  • Split Canvas Prints - Split canvas prints bring another dimension compared to single prints.  


Christmas Gift Ideas Under $40 

Are you looking for gifts closer to the $40 price point? This price is the sweet spot because you feel like you spent enough without spending too much! You can check out our top picks for the best customized Christmas gifts for $40 here. 

  • Large Canvas Prints – Get a large canvas print for just $40 is unbelievable, yet possible at CanvasChamp, your family, spouse, and friends will love it.  
  • Tote Bag - Custom tote bags make awesome Christmas gifts for her.  
  • Heart Shape Moon Lamp - Looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for girlfriends? Get her this heart shape moon lamp with a photo of your special time together! 
  • Custom Flip Flop - Custom flip flops are unique Christmas gifts that can be used in the home, sauna, swimming pool, and spa even in the winter.  


Christmas Gift Ideas Under $50 

At $50 we're getting pretty fancy! While still not very expensive, the quality is amazing and you can't go wrong with that. There are many fantastic gifts for under this price point. So go Christmas ham over choosing the best gifts for your loved ones! Here is a list to get you started. 

  • Sequin Pillow - Luxurious sequin pillows make nice gifts for wives, sisters, and friends.  
  • Wall Display - These are great for decorating homes, and offices and make great gifts for family, friends and bosses.  
  • Wood Prints - Wood prints are great-looking and rustic-feeling gifts perfect for dads, husbands, and brothers.  
  • Panoramic Canvas Prints - Give your gift recipient a grand view of their favorite images.  
  • 3D Crystal Cube - A stunning 3D crystal cube will win the hearts of your loved one for Christmas. 
  • Photo 3D Lamp - An innovative approach to the lamp as a Christmas present. 
  • Triangle Canvas - Give them multiples so that they can create cool shapes for wall decorations. 


Christmas Gift Ideas Under $100 

If you have the budget to splurge a bit, go for it! These gifts under $100 are still affordable and will show your loved ones how much you really care about them! Check out the list of items that can be personalized to make amazing Christmas gifts! 

  • Wall Murals - Wall murals are the most cost-effective way to add color and life to your home, for $100 you can create an amazing gift. 
  • Custom Bus Rolls - Give eye-catching Bus Rolls to your favorite people to put smiles on their faces.  
  • Large Metal Prints – Large metal prints are well worth the $100 price tag and they last forever!  
  • Panoramic Metal Prints - Go above and beyond to show how special your loved ones are with a panoramic metal print.  
  • Woven Blanket – Keep your loved ones warm with a high quality woven blanket personalized with photos of your choice.  
  • Digital Oil Painting - A spin of a classic, give your friends or family digital oil paintings of their portraits!  
  • Custom Power Bank - Need Christmas gifts for him? Consider a custom power bank to be added to your list of items to pick up!  
  • Personalized Yoga Mat - The perfect Christmas gift for her! If she is a yoga enthusiast get her a special custom yoga mat, she will enjoy pulling out every time she has a session.  
  • Sequin Pillow - Beautiful and sparkly sequence pillows will look amazing in your loved one’s living room or bedroom!  


Unique Christmas Gift Ideas   

Do you have family and friends who seem to have everything? Shopping for them can be so hard because you don’t want to give them an-hundredth ugly Christmas sweater. Relax and let us help you make a decision. l Check out these ideas for Christmas gifts that are on the more unique side! 

  • Magic Photo Mugs - A step up from the regular photo mug, this magic photo mug transforms before your eyes when heated.  
  • Photo Socks - Everyone can use a good pair of socks, customizing them makes them more special and fun!  
  • Custom Playing Cards – Use funny photos to make a really unique playing card set.  
  • Light Switch Panels – Most people will never think of this gift, so yours will always be remembered every time they turn on the lights!  
  • Custom Moon Lamp – Stunning moon lamps make great Christmas gifts for any one!  
  • Photo Puzzle – The possibilities are endless with custom photo puzzles.  
  • Caricature Photo Stand – Fun and cute photo stands are just waiting to be customized and gifted.  
  • Custom Aprons – Christmas aprons are the best gifts for those who enjoy cooking, and DIY projects.  
  • Custom Flip Flop – Customize flip flops that will come in handy all year round.  
  • Sequin Magic Pillow – The Sequen Magic Pillow is not only gorgeous, but hides special photos, your loved one will enjoy making the photo appear and disappear.  


Christmas Gift Games  

Christmas games for families are a great way to spend time with loved ones. To make games even more special, try customizing them with family photos. This way, not only are you spending time with your family, but it is a unique way to relive fond memories! 

  • Photo Puzzle – Photo puzzles can be created and used in many ways, to spell out names, quiz answers, mysterious photos and more.  
  • Didactic Games – Tease their brains with personalized didactic games customized by yours truly, you’ll have fun making them and they’ll have fun playing them! These games are perfect for the children in your life. 
  • Playing Cards – Personalized playing cards are hours of fun for the entire family! They will make their appearance at every Christmas party, every year! Custom cards also make great gifts for playing card collectors. 
  • Rubik’s Cube - Customize a Rubik’s cube your way with your own photos or designs and challenge your friends and family. The benefits of a Rubik’s cube are improving memory, and problem-solving skills! 


Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas 

A good cheap Christmas gift can not be overlooked. Just because they are super affordable, doesn't make them any less thoughtful, useful and lower quality. The beauty of personalized gifts from CanvasChamp is that every item is of amazing quality. Check out our list of cheap Christmas gifts! 

  • Photo Mugs - Photo mugs work as Christmas gifts for couples and make great corporate Christmas gifts as well. They are so versatile!  
  • Luggage Tags - These are cheap and fashionable gifts for that jetsetter in your life to decorate their luggage. Useful and cool stocking stuffers!  
  • Poster Prints - These poster prints and up lift the look and mood of any room, put your recipient's favorite photos and characters on poster prints!  
  • Photo Prints - Photo prints make perfect affordable gifts for anyone! You’ve come to the right place for the best prices!  
  • Photo Bookmark - Perfect for bookworms and students, photo bookmarks are great and affordable gifts!  


Christmas Gift Set or Bundle to Get 

Make Christmas gifts extra special by creating a Christmas gift set! Personalize several items that your recipient will love to create the gift set. You can even choose a theme, like their favorite characters, sports teams, designs, or of course favorite photos! You can also bundle gifts and give them to one special person or split them up among friends and family! 

Unique Christmas Gift Offers: 

Don't miss out on these unbeatable coupon codes, to optimize your holiday shopping savings even more! Use these codes below to get the best out of your shopping experience and get more for your money! These codes come in handy when you are shopping for multiple people or want to create gift baskets! 

  • BOSSBOGO - Buy one get one free 
  • B2G1 - Buy two get one free 
  • B6G3 - Buy six get three free 
  • B9G4 - Buy nine get four free 


Christmas Gift Certificate 

Need a last-minute Christmas gift or can’t decide what to get? Never fear gift certificates are here! Send your friends and family gift certificates so that they can choose the items of their liking! They will have a ball customizing items with their favorite photos and designs.  


FAQs on Christmas Gifts  


What are the best Christmas gifts for mom? 

The best Christmas gifts for moms include photo prints, photo books, photo blankets, photo calendars, custom yoga mats just to name a few.  

What are the best Christmas gifts for dad?  

Great gifts for dads include custom aprons, custom disk drives, photo canvas prints, and more.  

Where can I buy cheap Christmas gifts?  

You can find super affordable Christmas gifts at 

Can I get Christmas gifts for $5?  

It is possible to find $5 Christmas gifts at  

What are the best Christmas gift ideas for 2022 in the USA? 

You can find the best Christmas gift ideas at CanvasChamp where you can personalize everything!