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Transform your Photos into 3D Photo Prints

Transform your Photos into 3D Photo Prints
Transform your Photos into 3D Photo Prints

By CanvasChamp TeamApril, 10 2020July, 13 2022Comment

Someone rightly said moments combine together to make a life. However, there are certain moments, which add to our life and make us feel alive. These are the same moments that we capture and treasure in digital format.
But wait!!

Don’t you think these special moments deserve special attention? Well, they indeed do. Wondering how?
Introducing the gorgeous 3D photo prints Crafted by the expert artisans at CanvasChamp, the custom 3D photo prints are made using innovative technology on PET sheets. The unbiased use of these eventually leads to a masterpiece, which we call a 3D photo print.

Print your 3D photo prints in a few simple steps

While it was difficult to back in time but thanks to technology that printing 3D photo prints have become much easier and affordable. Here are a few simple steps that you need to follow. Let’s have a look:

3d Photo Prints

1-  Upload your image: Click and drag or pick one from your computer or social media accounts. The dedicated design tool offers you a range of options to upload your photos. Also, in case you are confused, you do have the option to choose photographs from our online gallery.

2-  Choose the size: You have a wide range of size options to choose from. Whether you wish to have them on a table-top or want to cover a large space on the wall. To make it easy for you, the tool offers pre-defined size options under different tabs. Also, you can choose to have a custom size using our drop down bar located at the bottom of the section.

3- Hardware and Hanging: Frame and the way you hang also plays a crucial role. Considering this, we offer you various hanging options. Besides the free hooks for hanging, you can have a sawtooth hanger, easel back to keep your 3D photo prints on a table, easel stand, and dust cover stand.

4- Submit and proof check: You are almost done, once you submit your order, we’ll email you a link to the design proof within 24 hours. Once we have your online approval, the team of experts shall start building your personalized 3D photo print.

Here’s what works best with 3D photo prints

works best with 3D photo prints

Better and best are separated by a thin line. Having said this, we would like to acknowledge you about certain picture types that transform your regular photo into a mesmerizing 3D photo print.

This primarily includes three types of photos. They are:
•    Vertical stance: Images that stand vertically like a portrait and not a landscape look more appealing with 3D photo prints.
•    Depth adds to it: Images in which subjects are farther from the background also look good with 3D photo prints.
•    Foreground lighting is bliss: Ok, so when it’s about printing your photos in 3D, having foreground brighter in comparison to the background can work like a magic wand.

Few traits that make 3D photo print gorgeous

It isn’t just beautiful looks that you get with 3D photo prints, they are commendably durable and can stay with you for upto 50 years of indoor use. Crafted using best quality raw materials, the printing technology,and ink quality further make it more durable.

Few traits that make 3D photo print gorgeous

Besides this, it comes with a 3-5mm thick framing with edge band protector that gives it an enduring finish. Also, you get a range of customizing options to make your 3D photo prints look more personalized.

Make and usage

They are made using lenticular technology in which premium quality inks are spattered over PET sheets. The process is accomplished using Heidelberg printers and the end result offers an eye-bobbling viewing angle of 75-80 degrees.

Besides this, another important takeaway is the fact that they are waterproof and can even be washed to ensure they look as beautiful as they looked the first day.

Before signing off

3D photo prints are no new participant in the industry. It has been over a decade that we used them for the first time. However, the evolution in technology further adorned the art with durability and beauty. Though initially, it was difficult to have personal photos transformed, with the new lenticular technology and team of experts, you can now have your photos easily converted into 3D photo prints.