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Successful Family Game Night Ideas for the Holidays

Successful Family Game Night Ideas for the Holidays
Successful Family Game Night Ideas for the Holidays

By CanvasChamp TeamDecember, 12 2019August, 19 2021Comment

It’s winter break, and your kids have been out of school for a few days already. It’s too cold to play outside for very long, and it gets dark so early these days! The novelty of a long weekend has long since worn off, and it’s only a matter of time before you hear those dreaded words: “I’m booooored!”

We urge you to resist the urge to say “Hi, Bored! I’m Dad!” Instead, consider planning a family game night that is sure to keep the boredom at bay while bringing everyone closer together. It’s a win-win!

Custom Photo Puzzles

The key to any successful game night is planning, so check out the tips below to get started!

Scheduling: It can be hard to plan around everyone’s schedule, so try to find an evening that every family member is available. Make sure they add Family Game Night to their respective calendars so they don’t forget!

Snacks: Game night is nothing without snacks. Have a few simple and healthy snacks available for everyone to nibble on throughout the evening.

Location: You’ll need to choose a spot to play! Ideally, select a well-lit area of your house with a solid table and plenty of seating. If you choose something more interactive, consider an area with more room to spread out. For example, the kitchen table may be more suitable for board games, but the living room would be more appropriate for charades.

Personalized Puzzles

Games: Choose something collaborative and age appropriate so everyone can feel included. A photo puzzle is an excellent choice because everyone can participate at once. There’s no need to spend thirty minutes going over a tedious rulebook, and you minimize the odds of a fight breaking out because someone cheated or took an extra turn. Take it one step further and create your very own custom photo puzzle to add a level of personalization that the kids will surely enjoy. After all, how often do they get to assemble Dad’s face?

Picture Puzzles

No Distractions: It’s easy to get distracted by cell phone notifications, so eliminate the temptation altogether by asking family members to please leave cell phones, tablets, and other distractions locked away.

Enjoy Togetherness: While you’ll certainly be focused on playing the game or putting together your favorite puzzle, this is an excellent time to enjoy conversations with your loved ones. Talk about what your kids are learning in school. Ask about their goals for the new year and beyond. Take advantage of this time to really get to know your family members and take an interest in their lives.

Custom Picture Puzzles

Repeat: Wasn’t that fun?! Make this a regular family tradition to be repeated weekly or monthly. And if you run out of puzzles, you can always make more with our simple Puzzle Creator.

Have you hosted a Family Game Night? Tell us how it went in the comments below!