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Selfies on Canvas Prints: Because Great Selfies Deserve Canvas

By CanvasChamp TeamNovember, 21 2018August, 20 2021Comment

Don’t let your memories be forgotten. Print your favorite selfie on Canvas and live that special moment over and over again!

The most amazing form of printing technology which makes it possible to print our precious selfies on canvas is via the latest Giclee process of digital printing. If superb color and high quality reproduction is what you are looking for, then canvas photos is able to exhibit your work of art which will capture memories forever.

Couple taking selfie over tourist point

Expertly printed canvas photos have made people forget about their old photo albums, and even the way explicit art is used to decorate their walls. Another tremendous advantage of using these unique, stylish and elegant photos printed on canvas is that they  appear almost lifelike and can be preserved for a long period of time.

Whether you are looking for a unique gift to present to a loved one or an easy and creative way to remember a person, or a precious moment in your life, canvas photos is what you have been looking for.

Girl taking selfie with her pet printed on canvas

You can also Turn Your Photos into Wall Worthy Art by Customizing Canvas Prints Online.  Get your photos printed on canvas and create a new tradition!

So, what are canvas photos? Well, canvas prints are simply digital images that have been rendered onto canvas. Digital images can be easily printed on stretched canvas, or a gallery wrapped canvas, which is a canvas that has been back stapled so that the image can be printed on the sides of the frame.

Gallery wrapped canvas is the most preferred form of canvas that is used in digital photography since it does not require framing for display.

Almost any photo can be turned into a canvas photo. Nevertheless, how your selfie looks on canvas depends greatly on the quality of your picture. The more high quality the photo, the easier it will be to transfer it to canvas.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Canvas Photos – a Picture is worth a Thousand Words

Aesthetic appeal is perhaps the most striking feature of canvas photos. In addition, these photos will pass the test of time.

By virtue of archival links and Giclee printing, most Giclee photographic reproductions will last for decades without signs of decay or wear.

Since only the finest materials are used in the process, Giclee canvas art does not fade with time. A canvas photo produces some of the most stunning photographs ever seen, as the printing technology used in the process is very detailed and precise. For bright, sharp and long lasting images of the highest quality, canvas is certainly one of the wisest avenues to explore.
With the advancement in the world of digital photography and the inability of photo paper to stand up against the test of time, many people are now turning towards Giclee for their photo printing needs. Using Giclee, digital images can be easily printed on to canvas with stunning quality.

Aesthetically appealing, unique and stylish, selfies printed on canvas make excellent gifts for family, friends and loved ones. Even family photographs can also be reproduced as canvas prints. This is one reason why photographs printed on canvas makes such a great gift.

From the romantic photographs of your wedding, to family photographs at holidays, vacations, sporting events and cocktail parties, all photos can be reproduced as a canvas photo to enhance the quality and feel of the image.

And guess what? When gallery wrapped, these prints will not require framing. But framing certainly is an option for those who desire it since these images can be stretch wrapped onto canvas.

Irrespective of the style you choose, photographic reproductions on canvas is an excellent way to preserve the best moments of your life and freeze them in time. So, unlock your potential when it comes to creating digital art with Giclee printing.