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Wedding Canvas Print – Memories on Canvas | Blog Series 5

By CanvasChamp TeamOctober, 17 2018August, 20 2021Comment

Thanks for your lovely response through inbox to this blog series so far and the next topic of discussion on this blog series is one that brings out the fondest memories of one’s life: The Day of your Wedding!

Beautiful Couple Photograph

The Wedding Canvas Print is one of our most sold products and why not? Who wouldn’t want to print their most cherished memories on canvas to preserve for a lifetime? As usual, the most popular prints are of the bride and groom and their first kiss or first dance. But then there have been some crazy wedding parties that we have covered as well. One of the most innovative wedding canvas prints we have seen was from one of our customers who printed three small canvases for her bridesmaids, each one containing the small message: “Be my bridesmaid?” on the wrap-around on the sides. What a wonderful thought, and what did it cost her – very little money for all three. It was an amazing gesture and we have yet to come across another such print.

Lyrics on Canvas on Couples wedding photo

And don’t be fooled that the wedding canvas print is only for the newlyweds. We have printed wedding canvas prints for newlyweds as well as some couples who were celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary and every other couple in between. It is one of the most popular wedding anniversary gifts from husbands for their wives and I truly can’t imagine their wives’ reactions to the gifts.

Wedding Canvas Print

And then there is THE most beautiful piece of canvas in the wedding canvas prints category: the song lyrics and wedding photo print. Every couple has that one song that defines their relationship: it may be anything from a slow ballad to a rock song but it is definitely that one song that defines every couple and we have started a brand new service that adds song lyrics on the wedding photo to truly create a mesmerizing piece of art. For more information on this print you can contact us on until we integrate the option on the website. For the best price and quality guarantee of your canvas prints, choose Canvas every time. We care about your product as much as you do!!