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Playing Around with Panoramic Prints

Playing Around with Panoramic Prints
Playing Around with Panoramic Prints

By CanvasChamp TeamApril, 17 2019August, 19 2021Comment

Not long ago, panoramic photographs were out of reach for most people—involving specific equipment, knowledge, and skills to create a single image from a series of smaller ones. But today, you don’t need a professional camera or photo-editing skills to create photos worthy of award-winning panoramic prints. Many point-and-shoot cameras and most smartphones come preloaded with a panoramic mode, which guides you through the process and lets the camera do the work.

Panoramic Prints

Here are a few tips to quickly create an image that will translate flawlessly into an outstanding panoramic canvas print:

Take a Practice Run

Before you take that photo, go ahead and run your viewfinder through your intended shot.You’ll see any changes in terrain, variations in lighting, or background items that will be problematic in the final product.

Level the Playing Field

To produce a great panoramic image, ensure the line of elements sweeping across your photo is level.If there is a support nearby, such as a free-swinging gate or car door, rest your arm on it while taking your series of photos. When using a phone, it’s best to hold your phone vertically.It is easier to find and keep a level field of visionwhen holding your phone vertically than when holding it horizontally.

Panoramic Canvas Prints

Aim for the Lights

When using a panoramic mode on a camera or smartphone, the variances in lighting are automatically tempered.If you are using a device without that aid, you will need to determine the point of medium exposure and manually set your device at this point.Doing this minimizes the appearance of bright and dim spots throughout the image,

Slow and Steady Wins

One of the basics in panoramic photography is to make sure your camera lens travels as little as possible in a slow, smooth arc.The easiest way to ensure this without a tripod is to be cognizant of how to position your body. Abandon the traditional phone habit of holding the camera at arms’ length. By tucking your elbows to your body, you significantly reduce the lens’ arc of travel. Think about rotating around your camera lens rather than having it circle around your body. Plant one foot slightly forward and revolve your entire body on that foot to create a smooth, steady motion.

Turn it on End

Most of us are stuck in horizontal when thinking of panoramic photos, but wouldn’t a vertical slice of the horizon make an unusual and striking canvas print in a room with a high ceiling?Highlight your pet sitting politely at the base of the Christmas tree. Or pose your family in various spots up a hillside and create a unique family portrait.Vertical panoramas are incredible for waterfall or architecture photos as well.

Canvas prints of your photography make spectacular photo gifts. Our panoramic canvas prints bring extra fun and perspective to the same old game. Once you’ve got the trophy photos, use our easy design tool to create panoramic canvas prints for all the horizontal and vertical walls you can find!