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How Much Space Should Be Between Pictures On A Wall?

How Much Space Should Be Between Pictures On A Wall?
How Much Space Should Be Between Pictures On A Wall?

By CanvasChamp TeamMarch, 16 2020August, 19 2021Comment

When hanging a single canvas or framed print, spacing decisions are relatively intuitive. Mount a picture so the focal point is at eye level, center it horizontally in your space, ensure it is not crooked. Finished! Stunning wall displays, however, rarely just occur. In fact, you should contemplate the best display options for your personalized canvas and framed prints before you ever drive a nail. Most of these choices deal with placement and spacing. White space between your pieces is a critical element to a cohesive grouping. Here are three popular methods for using the area in between your artwork.

Hanging Canvas Prints


Gallery Wrap Canvas

By far the most recognizable spacing treatment, this method uses an equal amount of space between all the features in your display group. Typically, the magic numbers are two inches of white space between large canvas and framed prints and an inch and a half between smaller pieces. The familiar grid pattern uses prints of identical size and framing hung with the same amount of white space between each. This pattern is excellent for a gallery of canvas and framed prints with a cohesive subject, such as travel photos. Turn that on end and create a vertical gallery for your tall-but-narrow spaces.


Multipanel Canvas Wall Display

Eclectic spacing is a fun, easy way to add a modern look to your displays. Hung with little regard to exact spacing, you place elements wherever your heart directs you. No pesky measuring required! An example is a gallery display, with a significant central focal point surrounded by several accent pieces. For large spaces or a growing art collection, use a salon display, starting near the ceiling and moving downward. Hang the top row along a horizontal line if you feel the need for just a tiny bit of structure.

Erase the Space

Eliminating the white space between your individual elements brings cohesion and movement to multiple pieces of art. The lack of space between features mimics classic photographic film. It is an excellent way to spotlight the action in a photo series. The faux filmstrip can also bring fun and variety to those long, narrow spaces in your home. Lack of spacing also strengthens displays hung in a shape. Butting or even slightly overlapping the edges of your prints enhances your display’s outline. A grouping of wedding or family photos takes on a stronger sentiment as the viewer’s eye easily recognizes they are arranged to form a heart.

Ensuring Spectacular Results

Best Quality Canvas Prints

A pro tip to ensure you are happy with your display is to do a trial run. You could rough your idea on the wall in painter’s tape, but why not save some time and take a step back? Lay your grouping on the floor, complete with your desired spacing. You can visualize your concept, make any revisions, take final measurements, and avoid repairing any misplaced holes in your walls.

Finally, a great display starts with beautiful images. The CanvasChamp design tool allows you to design custom canvas prints and framed prints with your finished display in mind. For an even more straightforward way to create the perfect gallery wall, opt for one of CanvasChamp's multi-canvas wall displays.