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Everything You Need to Know About Photo Puzzles

Everything You Need to Know About Photo Puzzles
Everything You Need to Know About Photo Puzzles

By CanavsChamp TeamSeptember, 15 2021May, 31 2022Comment

What if you could give a classic activity a new twist? You won't find anything better than a customized photo puzzle! Although custom photo puzzles make perfect group activities with family and friends, they also are ideal solitary activities.

When creating a customized photo puzzle, you can choose the size, shape, number of pieces, and photo you want. Personalized photo puzzles make fantastic gifts for birthdays, Christmas, special announcements, and more!

Custom photo puzzles sound entertaining, but where do you start in creating one? We will explain every aspect of personalized photo puzzles in this guide.

What is a Picture Puzzle Called?

A picture puzzle can be called a picture puzzle, photo puzzle, or photo jigsaw puzzle. At CanvasChamp, we call picture puzzles “custom photo puzzles.”

What is a Good Puzzle?

In terms of quality, you should construct a puzzle from high-quality material that won’t peel or tear. In addition, the backing should be firm so that it can withstand repetitive assembly. Finally, the image on the puzzle pieces should be printed with high-quality acrylic ink for a vivid and colorful look.

A good puzzle is a puzzle that has a design that draws your attention and feels rewarding to complete. For example, a good jigsaw puzzle makes you feel like it keeps calling you to solve it!

How Can I Do My Own Puzzle?

Creating a custom photo puzzle is super simple when you order from CanvasChamp! Here’s how you can do that step-by-step:

  • First, decide which images you want to make into a puzzle
  •  Open our photo puzzle making tool on your computer or smartphone
  • Select the shape of your puzzle: rectangle, round, heart, circle, or square
  •  Select the size of the puzzle ranging from 4”x6” to 34”x48.”
  •  Choose the number of puzzle pieces ranging from 6 to 1056
  • Submit your photo
  •  Preview your design
  • Wait for the fun to begin

What Kind of Photo Makes a Good Puzzle?

Photos that feature captivating scenery, animals, historical sites, family, friends, vacation spots, wedding photos, cool designs, and more are good ideas for puzzles. Any photo that has a special meaning to you is a good photo for puzzles.

How Thick Should Puzzle Pieces be?

Typically puzzle piece thickness should be around 1.2mm to 2.0mm. CanvasChamp ensures that your custom photo puzzle pieces will have the appropriate consistency.

How do you Print a Puzzle? 

CanvasChamp uses state-of-the-art dye sublimation printing technology to ensure that custom photo puzzles are printed with the best quality. 

More Ways to Use Your Photo Puzzles

Puzzles are suitable for your brain; they can improve your cognition, relieve stress, and enhance visual-spatial reasoning. Give them to children as a fun way to help them develop in many ways!

Photo puzzles are versatile. When the puzzle has fewer pieces, it can be completed as a quick and fun activity, turn it into a group affair by creating two of the same puzzle designs, and race to see who can complete the puzzles first for a prize!

You can make a photo puzzle with over a thousand pieces and work on it with a partner. Puzzles with many pieces are great long-term projects for yourself! If there is a special occasion, for example, a baby announcement, you could create a puzzle to surprise your partner, family, and friends with the news. Share old memories and create new ones with photo puzzles!