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Best Canvas Prints: 10 Best Styles for Any Home

Best Canvas Prints: 10 Best Styles for Any Home
Best Canvas Prints: 10 Best Styles for Any Home

By CanvasChamp TeamApril, 04 2021June, 21 2023Comment

Having a wide assortment of options can be a blessing when you’re shopping for something specific, but when you’re not exactly sure what you want, it can quickly become overwhelming. This is especially true when you’re deciding on a purchase as emotionally charged as a canvas print.

Around the world and across cultures, the visual memories we display in our homes become tangible connections to the past that are rarely, if ever, replaced over time. Any print you purchase is likely to remain with you for years, even decades, and choosing the right mode of presentation can be as important as the image itself.

To help you decide which print format is right for you, we’ve devised a little breakdown of our ten favorite styles of canvas prints.

1) The Basic Canvas Print

basic canvas prints

Sometimes the best option is the most basic one! Boasting a bolder presence than traditional framed photographs, our no-frill basic canvas prints allow your image to take center stage without any distractions. These free-hanging, frameless prints are ideal for interior designers who prefer not to be bound to specific décor choices since canvas prints can be moved from room to room effortlessly.

All our museum-quality prints are hand-stretched on poly-cotton, water-resistant canvas with kiln-dried pine wood that resists warping. They are printed using vibrant HP latex UltraChrome UV-resistant inks. As a finishing touch, each print is available with the option of a scratch-resistant laminate. Furthermore, all prints come with a lifetime warranty. Our canvas prints are available in standard and custom sizes that can be made-to-order to suit interior spaces.

2) Framed Canvas Prints

Framed Canvas Prints

Our framed canvas prints provide the textured, visual appeal and durability of canvas, with a framed print’s traditional look. Create a statement piece to complement an existing photo gallery or begin a gallery without the hassle of custom framing expenses.

Framed canvases come in a ready-to-hang condition, straight out of the box. Select from 300 framing styles and 60 matte colors to create a completely uniform look, mix, and match to create an eclectic, signature look that’s unique to your design space. We also provide a variety of glass options to protect your print far into the future.

3) Collage Canvas Prints

Collage Canvas Prints

Collage canvas prints are the perfect medium for telling a visual story. Choose up to 36 photos that share a common theme: different shots of a special day, various milestones met, or just your favorites of a specific subject. Collage canvas prints are great for limited space when you have so many great shots that it’s hard to choose. Several collage prints can also create a sentimental border around one larger photo, forming a colorful subtext without taking away one central image’s emotional power.

Collage prints tend to be the most personal of our custom canvas prints because the choice of photos and how they are arranged gives the viewer exciting insights into both the subject of the images and the person who set them. The personal touch makes a collage canvas print a unique heirloom and a treasured gift for all ages.

We offer an array of template options to make it a snap to design your own collage. You can request emailed design proofs, so you don’t have to worry about any surprises upon delivery.

4) Panoramic Photo Prints

Panoramic Photo Prints

Bold and dynamic, our panoramic photo prints take on a life of their own. A panoramic canvas prints demands to be seen and allows you to frame any room’s focus according to your desire. Hang one above a bed or sofa to create visually pleasing parallel lines, or infuse an office or studio with powerful creative energy.

You don’t even need the original photo to be panoramic. Our online editing tool allows you to easily edit and crop any image to fit a panoramic aspect ratio. Because of its eye-catching gravitational pull, panoramic prints are welcome with a more minimal-style décor. They also create a pleasant “window effect” in smaller living spaces lacking good views of their own.

5) Split Photo Canvas

Split Photo Canvas

Another show-stopping centerpiece, split photo canvases, create a striking visual effect by utilizing multiple canvases to create a unified image. A split canvas prints makes a dramatic focal point in any room by harmoniously consolidating the space into a single image. Like our collage prints, a split photo canvas tells a story, but it is one movement rather than thematic content.

How the photo is split across panels allows you to control how the piece is viewed by your audience – moving the eye from top to bottom, from side to side, or flowing towards a center point from the outside edge. Split photo canvases are a delightful way to make an iconic art print of your own. Starting at a two-panel diptych canvas up to a nine-panel multi-panel piece canvas , any photo can be arranged according to our convenient design templates.

6) Hexagon Prints

Hexagon Canvas Prints

The innate wisdom of bees taught us that the hexagon is the most space-efficient shape in nature. Indeed, hexagon canvas prints are excellent space savers while also being whimsical and trendy to boot! Hexagon prints are perfect for creating personalized displays – especially in small spaces such as staircases, hallways, or nooks that might be oppressed by larger images.

Create a beautiful wall design with a larger collection, or scatter them throughout your home for a nontraditional photo presentation. Mix and match your hexagon prints with those little floating hexagonal shelves that are all the rage online to create tiny tribute areas that will tie your visual themes together.

7) Canvas Floater Frames

Canvas Floater Frames

While framed canvases mimic their traditional photograph cousins, canvas floater frames are explicitly designed to display canvases to their fullest effect. Surrounded by an austere, mounted border, floater frame canvases emerge as a stunning, three-dimensional body that expands outside of the frame without glass.

Canvas floater frames are often used in art galleries to display works of art. That can instantly elevate a simple selfie to the status of a masterpiece. Floater framed canvases are also uniquely versatile, as they can be hung or function as stand-alone pieces on a flat surface.

8) Pop Art Canvas

Pop Art Canvas

The pop-art movement redefined modern art traditions, just like our pop art-inspired canvases will redefine your interior décor! Bright with fanciful color and campy 1950s and 60s charm, CanvasChamp can help you transform any image into a playful masterpiece.

Our online design tool will allow you to take cues from famous pop artists like Warhol and Lichtenstein with their signature pixels and grids. Or you can even design your own caricature! Pop art canvases create lovely conversation pieces for offices and dorm rooms. Or give as a one-of-a-kind gift to the modern art lover in your life.

9) Mosaic Canvas Prints

Mosaic Canvas Prints

Can’t decide between the merits of a split panel canvas and a collage canvas print? Mosaic canvas prints offer the best of both worlds! These striking prints have all the compelling style of a split panel canvas, but because it is printed on a single canvas, you won’t have to worry about hanging multiple canvases to get the stunning effect!

Utilizing a tiled effect, reminiscent of ancient glass or ceramic artwork, mosaic canvas prints incorporate elements of the old world and the New that is at home with a wide variety of tastes and styles. Customize your mosaic print to suit your taste – in gorgeous, UV-resistant full color, a stylish color gradient effect, or black and white for a stunning contrast of shadow and light.

10) Rolled Canvas Prints

Rolled Canvas Prints

Stretched canvases aren’t for everyone! For the indie-music lover surrounded by posters, a stretched canvas would stick out like a sore thumb. All the benefits of any printed canvas from CanvasChamp – high-quality water-resistant canvas printed with vivid, UltraChrome UV-resistant inks.

But now you can choose to display it in any way you see fit! Use rolled canvas prints for any project that demands high-quality images but must travel or be frequently reorganized, like a portfolio or event decor. Or redesign your favorite movie and music posters in a medium that won’t fade and tear.

Whatever your style, CanvasChamp can help you create exactly what you’re looking for! Unlike other printing sites, we offer customizable large canvas prints sizes because your creative vision isn’t one size fits all!

Our online design tool makes designing your new heirloom or artwork easy and quick. And our staff is on call 24/7 to help you answer any questions you might have before purchasing. All our prints carry a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, so you can order with confidence, knowing only the best quality prints come from CanvasChamp!

Your canvas print will be with you for many long years to come, and we make it easy to ensure your print is precisely the way you envisioned it.

Your memories deserve to be displayed to their fullest effect! Visit our website and begin designing a canvas print that will last a lifetime. Start your order with CanvasChamp today!