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Are Canvas Prints Worth Every Dollar?

Are Canvas Prints Worth Every Dollar?
Are Canvas Prints Worth Every Dollar?

By CanvasChamp TeamDecember, 22 2020June, 21 2023Comment

You always see people debating on the internet about which art medium is the best for decorating homes. You can find arguments on canvas prints vs. framed prints, acrylic prints vs. metal prints, canvas prints vs. photo prints, canvas prints vs. acrylic prints, and the list goes on.

But did you notice that one of those mediums is always shared in almost all arguments? You guessed it right - canvas prints. Today, we will talk about why people are so keen to prove why canvas prints are the best.

Canvas Prints for for decorating homes

You might wonder why should you even print on canvas? Why not stick to printing on photo paper and framed photos? Here’s why:

Printing on Canvas

  • Comes with a raw look (borderless/frameless)
  • Gives a painted-on effect to the photos due to the textured surface
  • Photos can be continued over the sides of the canvas (image wraps)
  • Renders a 3D effect to the pictures
  • Display easily in semi-humid environments (e.g., bathrooms and kitchens)
  • Can be passed on as heirlooms as they are very durable

Printing on Canvas

Printing on Paper

  • Glossy finishes usually cause glare and smudges on paper prints
  • Details are more visible due to smooth surface
  • Frames add weight to the photo and can get quite heavy
  • Pretty standard decoration in every household as it is cheaply available

Multiple Canvas Styles

Why Canvas Prints?

With all of that in mind, let us help you explore the benefits of canvas prints.

  • Sophisticated Enough to be the Only Decorative Item

Canvas prints can be glorious and so majestic that you can simply hang them as a solo piece on the wall, and they’d still stand out looking the best decorative item in the room.

Canvas prints also give a dreamy feel to your photos due to their painted-on effect. Because of this, many couples get their wedding photos or family photos printed on canvas photo prints to give a softer yet elegant look to their images.

  • One Photo, Multiple Canvas Styles

Canvas prints come in all kinds of styles, shapes, and sizes to fit your photo’s aspect ratio. From single canvas prints to split canvas prints, photo collage on canvas, and multi-panel canvas prints, you can create masterpieces with your photos. Much more interesting than plain, old framed photos!

  • Create any Pattern You Want With Your Imagination

Nobody ever said you’re allowed to get only one canvas print for your walls. You can create fantastic wall galleries in your home to bring back some beautiful memories, work out your space with color therapy, and so much more!

The borderless part of the canvas makes the room look cleaner and more modern while also delivering a minimalistic look found in upscale homes.

How to Decorate With Canvas Prints

Reading all this might be exciting, but you might wonder what pictures should you print on them? Well, here are a few inspiring ideas to start with:

  • Photos of vacation spots and fun trips
  • Photos of your hobbies
  • Nature and landscape photos
  • Abstract style designs
  • Family photos
  • Candid shots from your personal photography
  • Dream destinations to create better vision boards
  • Fabric art with detailed clarity
  • Photo collages
  • Celebrities and favorite quotes on canvas
  • Your hometown, city light, or skyline
  • Photo of your children or pets

Well, aren’t the ideas intoxicating? Search up the internet for the best photos with high resolution for some of these ideas, and you can start customizing on your own through our online design tool!

Visit our website to find the best deals and discounted rates on cheap canvas prints. Did you like any of these ideas? Do you have your own ideas to share? Let us know in the comments below!