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What is mirror wrapped canvas?

What is mirror wrapped canvas?
What is mirror wrapped canvas?

By CanvasChamp TeamOctober, 19 2018May, 16 2022Comment

The best thing about canvas prints is the range of options it provides. From designing to hanging your canvas prints, you can choose anything and everything from the massive list. Amidst other options, sits the one related to wrapping.

The canvas print wrapping options

At CanvasChamp, we offer three wrapping options, namely, mirror wrap, image wrap, and colored wrap. Today with this blog, we’ll be talking about mirror wrapped canvas prints.

What are mirror wrapped canvas?

Mirrored Wrapped Canvas Prints

Also, called mirrored edges, mirror wrap canvas prints are crafted by wrapping the closest part of the image over the sides, giving the canvas edges a reflection-like appearance. Though image wrap canvas prints also feature part of the image at the borders, the difference between the two is that while image wrapped canvas simply continue the image over the sides, mirror wrapped prints amazingly mirror part of the front edge.

Astonishing!! Don’t you think so?

Well, they indeed look beautiful. However, there arecertain aspects which need to be taken care of. Like, what works best with them. Let’s have a look:

Personalized Mirrored Wrapped Canvas

  • For small photographs when there isn't sufficient subject in the picture to do equity to animage wrap canvas print for a flawlessly ceaseless edge. 
  • On the off chance that a picture has been beforehand edited to a particular measurement,however, despite everything, you need a display folded hope to reach out around the canvas edge. This is an incredible method to "spare" a get-away or other vital photographs for bigger size prints, in the event that it was trimmed too firmly and the first picture is never again accessible. 
  • Pictures where there are essential components of the photograph excessively near the edge of the canvas. On the off chance that you need to keep the whole picture on the front of the canvas, yet at the same time accomplish an exhibition wrap look then the mirror outskirt alternative is an extraordinary answer.

Few important takeaways

Undoubtedly the mirror wrap canvas prints workgood with almost all kind of photographs and canvas sizes, it’s still good to have a little extra knowledge. Having said this, there are certain important points that you need to keep in mind while ordering your mirror wrapped canvas prints. Let’s have a look at them:

Wrapped Canvas Photo Prints

  • Watch out for individuals with limits near the edge since they will get reflected and it can look "interesting" when the eye endeavors to take after a copied furthest point. 
  • Be watchful with reflecting verges on pictures that have words or letters near the canvas edge. The copied letters can in some cases wind up harder to peruse, particularly when the canvas is seen from its side. 
  • Correspondingly, give careful consideration when geometric shapes will be reflected or when new geometric shapes might be made by the mirror juxtaposition. Once in a while, these components can progress towards becoming diverting if not deliberate.

Before signing off

Mirror wrapped canvas prints are a creative and innovative way to share and treasure your loved moments. While on one hand, they can be a remarkable gift for an occasion, on the other side they can help you adorn your home and office walls flawlessly.

However, with its growing popularity and vast acceptance across the globe, we can notice a large number of online vendors entering the industry. At CanvasChamp, we’ve been serving the industry for a decade now and we have our production houses across six countries and a team of artisans with expertise in creating handcrafted canvas prints and other personalized products.