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What is Gallery Wrapped Canvas?

What is Gallery Wrapped Canvas?
What is Gallery Wrapped Canvas?

By CanvasChamp TeamSeptember, 28 2018July, 13 2022Comment

Personalized canvas prints are decoration choices that you can never go wrong with. Canvas prints have so much potential because not only can you decorate your space in a style that represents you, but they can also be given as presents for many occasions such as birthdays, housewarmings, weddings, graduations, anniversaries and much more. Today we will look at gallery-wrapped canvases and what sets them apart from a standard canvas.

What is a Gallery Wrapped Canvas?

A gallery-wrapped canvas print is essentially a print where the material is extended over a help outline (typically wooden) and "wrapped" in the back to stay secure. Exhibition wrapped material prints crease conveniently away to the sides, so you are left with a perfect finish and a craftsmanship display style of print. The edges of the print are covered in canvas fabric and are generally a continuation of your printed picture. At the point when an artist edges their artwork, for instance, the artist will leave space at the edge of the print. In the case of prints of your photos or designs, you can request where on the print to begin wrapping the canvas material.

CanvasChamp offers three types of wrapped canvas:

Mirror Wrap

mirror wrap

A perfect representation wrap for your photograph on canvas, this is an extraordinary option in the event that you are after a display wrap yet don't include the room inside your photo. When one of our photograph editors readies your picture for a perfect representation wrap, they will choose approx. 1/2 inch (3.5cm) of the picture and expand it out by an indistinguishable separation from a perfect representation of the first. It is an extraordinary method to get the exhibition wraps without trading off the photographic substance.

Image Wrap

Image Wrap

Image wraps are one of the most prominent Gallery Wrap canvas prints ordered. An exhibition wrap is a place the picture proceeds around the sides of the canvas as demonstrated as follows. While picking an exhibition wrap is it essential that there is no critical substance on the sides of your photograph as this piece of the picture will be wrapped around the sides of the casing and not noticeable from the front.

Colored Wrap

Colored Wrap

A square shading outskirt is a place the entire picture stays on the front of your canvas print and a solitary shading is utilized to wrap around the edge. You can pick sleek dark or white fringes or you can choose a shading from inside the picture – the decision is yours.

What is the difference between a Gallery Wrapped and Standard Canvas?

Gallery Wrapped vs Standard Canvas

The main difference between gallery wrapped and standard canvas is that standard canvases are not folded over the edge of the frame of the print as a gallery wrapped canvas would. The stretcher bars on the standard canvas will remain completely or partly exposed. That means fasteners or staples will be visible on the back of the canvas frames. Of course, on gallery wrapped canvas the fastenings will of course be covered since the canvas covers the base frames.

Things That Make a Good Gallery Wrap

  1. Tautness: One of the main points of an impeccable gallery wrap is the tautness of the material. The tautness can be judged by the lack of wrinkling or creasing and has the overall appearance of a firm and smooth canvas fabric.
  2. The gallery wrap is hand-stretched: Hand-stretched material is currently seen as the best quality standard within the canvas industry. The industry has progressively become more dependent on machines with regards to large-scale manufacturing, but because of this situation, there is a possibility to over-stretch the canvas fabric, bringing about hairline cracks in the images. With a hand-extended canvas, judgment, and precision are exercised.

  3. Nice stapling: When the staples are secure and evenly distributed throughout the target points it increases the longevity of the canvas print.

  4. Seamless folding: When hand-stretching the canvas make sure to neatly fold the fabric evenly all the way down and across.

  5. The foundation is high quality: The wooden frame of your canvas should be high quality so that you can get the best out of your stretched gallery wrap.

Standard vs Gallery Wrapped Canvas, how to decide?

Standard vs Gallery Wrapped Canvas

To decide between standard or gallery wrap for your project, you must decide what your priorities and needs are. Some people believe that gallery wrapped canvases look more professional, seamless, and elegant, as they have a taunt appearance, however other people prefer the standard canvas because they enjoy the constructed appearance. The same person may choose standard for their homes and wrapped for museum displays. Both standard and gallery wrap canvases can be set inside an outer decorative frame.

Here are a few captivating ways you can use gallery wrapped canvases:

  • Split canvas prints; Split and image and use multiple prints to create one striking display.
  • Floating frame prints; the “floating” look is created when a slight gap is placed between the outside frame and print.
  • Canvas collages; Combine your arrangement of photos into one large print to create a beautiful single piece of art
  • Multi Canvas Wall displays; Create a unique patchwork design made from gallery wrapped canvas prints

In Conclusion

No matter if you decide on standard or gallery wrapped canvas, you can be assured that CanvasChamp will provide the top quality for both styles. At CanvasChamp, we believe in serving our clients with a dedicated and transparent approach to building custom canvas prints for them. We firmly believe that our buyers must be acknowledged about the entire manufacturing process of the product they are ordering.

We take pride in providing the best in canvas print needs. Our canvases are available in several sizes to accommodate your preference and available space. They are the perfect way of showcasing your style and sharing your memories!

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