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What is Gallery Wrapped Canvas?

By AdminSeptember, 28 2018September, 20 2020Comment

Be it a gift for your loved ones or an expression to decorate your home in a personalized manner, canvas prints have made their space in almost every event and relation. People from all across the globe have accepted the usability and reliability of canvas prints.

What are canvas prints?

A canvas print, not to be mistaken for a canvas painting, is a picture printed from an inkjet printer onto the canvas. Once printed, the gallery wrapped canvas gets extended onto an edge. A few people decide on a frameless outskirt while others incline toward encircled canvas prints. To make an unframed canvas print, numerous utilization the exhibition wrapping strategy. Amid this procedure, the canvas is wrapped around the stretcher barsthe and secured to the edge.

There is regular perplexity between acrylic prints, mounted prints, and canvas prints. A mounted print is a paper print appended to a support board. The accentuation of this print is to save the photograph and set it up for confining or holding tight a divider.

An acrylic print takes a picture imprinted on photographic paper. The picture is then put between sheets of acrylic, frequently alluded to as Plexiglass. When looking at the three kinds of prints, Gallery Wrap canvas bring out a masterful feel. This is on the grounds that they're comparable in appearance to oil and acrylic artistic creations.

What are Gallery Wrap Canvas and its kinds?

In the simplest way, ‘It is wrapping the canvas across a frame.’ But wait!! This isn’t all. There isa different kind of canvas wraps and each of them is adorned with its own set of perks. Let us understand the different kinds of canvas wraps offered by CanvasChamp:

1-  Mirror Wrap: A perfect representation wrap for your photograph on canvas, this, in particular, is an extraordinary option in the event that you are after a display wrap yet don't include the room inside your photo. When one of our photograph editors readies your picture for a perfect representation wrap they will choose approx. 1/2 inch (3.5cm) of the picture and expand it out by an indistinguishable separation from a perfect representation of the first. It is an extraordinary method to get the exhibition wraps without trading off the photographic substance.

2-  Image Wrap: Image wraps are one of the most prominent gallery Wrap canvas prints ordered. An exhibition wrap is a place the picture proceeds around the sides of the canvas as demonstrated as follows. While picking an exhibition wrap is it essential that there is no critical substance on the sides of your photograph as this piece of the picture will be wrapped around the sides of the casing and not noticeable from the front.

3-  Colored wrap: A square shading outskirt is a place the entire picture stays on the front of your canvas print and a solitary shading is utilized to wrap around the edge. You can pick a just sleek dark or white fringes or you can choose a shading from inside the picture – the decision is yours.


At CanvasChamp, we believe in serving our clients with a dedicated and transparent approach to building custom canvas prints for them. We firmly believe that our buyers must be acknowledged about the entire manufacturing process of the product they are ordering.

Also, we thrive to educate them about the ways in which they can wrap their canvas by self over the frame they desire (you can find the same in other blogs). In case you have any other query, please feel free to contact our support team.