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Tips For Snapping The Perfect Pet Picture

Tips For Snapping The Perfect Pet Picture
Tips For Snapping The Perfect Pet Picture

By CanvasChamp TeamApril, 24 2020August, 20 2021Comment

The Internet agrees on one thing (and one thing only): Looking at pictures of pets is good for a laugh and good for the soul. Our pets are devoted companions, sharing our good times, our bad times, and our beds at night. The only thing they ask in return is for the occasional snack and/or belly rub. With April being National Pet Month, it’s a great time to immortalize your favorite furry friend on the wall with the rest of the family. But as much as we love our pets, it’s a known fact that when it comes to photography, pets can be the least cooperative family member (or at least as uncooperative as young children, at any rate). So, here’s a couple of tips to help you capture your pet’s best side without losing your sanity.

Natural Light Is Best

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Natural light is the best for bringing out the color in an animal’s coat and especially for catching the sparkle in their eyes. This tip can be a no-brainer for dog owners, but it can provide a unique challenge for cat and other indoor pet owners. Try to snap your pictures on a walk or outdoor outing with your dog. Utilize a backyard or patio for indoor pets, or a nice pool of sunlight from a window will do the trick. Natural light also makes an ideal picture for one of our Custom Wood Prints.

Burst or Action Shot Mode Is Your Friend
Your pet doesn’t need to be sitting still in order for you to get a perfect shot! Let your pet run wild and use the burst or action shot mode setting on your phone’s camera to avoid the dreaded blurries. Continuous autofocus mode, if you have it, will also help keep your photos crisp. Our Panoramic Photo Prints would make an ideal canvas for such dramatic action shots.

Come Down to Their Level

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We’re used to seeing pets from above, so crouching down to photograph them can create a more compelling and personal picture. Try experimenting with holding a favorite toy or other attention-grabbing item in order to direct their gaze either off to the side for a dramatic portrait or to get a head-on shot to match a traditional human snapshot. Our Hexagon Prints will be great if you have several good shots from different angles and can’t decide which is the best one.

Incorporate Their Personality

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Rather than struggling to capture your pet in a specific pose, why not go along with their natural inclinations? Photograph lazy pets yawning or doing what they do best – snoozing. Bring out the toys and snap pictures of playful pets jumping and running. This technique will not only help capture the true essence of your pet, but it is also how you will naturally remember them in the future. The important thing is to be patient and not get frustrated.
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