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Three Cute Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Three Cute Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas
Three Cute Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

By CanvasChamp TeamNovember, 27 2019August, 19 2021Comment

Looking for new and different ways to decorate your home this holiday season without breaking the bank? When I say “decorate” I don’t mean the same old autumn leaves, dried corn cobs, gourds, horns o’plenty, or earth-toned wreaths. No siree. We’re talking unique. A decor that tells your story. Custom. Personal.

Thanksgiving Canvas Prints

Consider decorating with custom, seasonal-themed items throughout your house. CanvasChamp has built a reputation on providing high-quality custom printed products at really affordable prices. No stock photos of strangers here (unless that’s what you want), because everything they offer -- and I mean everything -- can be personalized. From family photos to artwork by the kids, and from famous quotes to family quotes and silly sayings that only family will understand, they can do it all.
Here are three ideas to make your holiday extra special and one that people will remember for years to come.

Canvas prints - text/graphics and photos

Create a canvas print with your family’s name and the date (“Smith Family Thanksgiving 2019”) in a festive-style font, and sprinkle in some clipart graphics of autumn leaves, cartoon turkeys and such. Also, you could include a family motto or original quote that everyone in the family will get. The great thing about this idea is that you can print just about anything on these canvases -- and they come in a bunch of sizes!

Creating a Canvas Prints

Print a family holiday photo from years gone by on a canvas, including the year and a list of the folks in the photo. You could print multiple canvases, or combine a cornucopia of images into a photo collage. There are many templates to choose from.

Acrylic photo blocks

Personalized Acrylic Blocks

Think small but with a huge “wow factor”. These square or rectangular blocks are clear, one-inch thick acrylic with photos or graphics printed on the back to show through the front. These are great for printing funny family photos, clever sayings, reminders, famous quotes, or whatever, with no worries that they’ll be ruined by liquid or food spills: just rinse and wipe with a soft cloth. You can set photo blocks on a table, in the kitchen, or even in the bathroom! They’re virtually indestructible.

Peel & stick wall decals

Wall decals are perfect for temporary decorations, or to spruce up blank spaces with custom designs. Plus, there’s no glue on these decals, but they stick to any smooth surface and won’t leave a mess. You can put them up and reposition them however you want, as often as you want. Put them on walls, doors, windows, or ceilings! Choose designs created by CanvasChamp, or upload your own. They make it super easy and it’s kinda fun! And get this -- after the holidays, you can take them off the wall, store them in a box, and use them again next year. Seriously!

Peel and Stick Wall Decals

CanvasChamp hits the mark on custom products -- it’s their claim to fame! Their products are high quality at very reasonable prices, and each canvas is hand-stretched over wood frames! Not many companies do that these days. Also, they source all the wood for their frames from eco-friendly pine forests to ensure sustainability.

Online ordering is incredibly easy, and the design tools work flawlessly. They offer a ton of products just waiting for you to put your own personal touch on. This company is indeed a Champ!