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Things to Consider While Buying Ready Made Canvas Stretchers

By CanvasChamp TeamSeptember, 02 2016August, 20 2021Comment

Whether you are buying a simple readymade wood stretcher or a designable one, following are some of the things you should look out for in it:

Small Stretcher Size + Big Canvas Sheet Size = Perfect Fit

For this, you need to carry the canvas sheet with you. The thing with readymade canvas stretchers is that they are bolted into a frame and by not bringing your canvas sheet, there is a chance that you might buy the wrong size. The readymade canvas stretcher must be slightly smaller in size than the canvas sheet. This way, when the sheet is stretched on the stretcher frame, only your painting’s border will wrap around the edges, leaving your art in the middle.

Thickness Matters

The thickness of the stretchers depends on the thickness of the canvas sheet. Make sure that your sheet fits the stretcher well. Rule is, a thin canvas sheet should have a thin stretcher while a thick canvas sheet should have a thick stretcher.

The reason for this is that a thin canvas sheet on a thick stretcher might loosen in the future because it couldn’t support the weight of the stretcher bars.

Go For the One with Smooth Edges

Smooth edges keep the canvas sheet intact on the stretcher bars. The smooth edges ensure that the point from where the canvas sheet is folded on to the stretcher bars, it will not tear. There might be a possibility that with sharp edges, the constant picking up of the canvas might produce a tear on the edge.

Similarly, make sure that the point where the stretcher bars are joined is also smooth or they might snag on fabrics.

Buy the Stretcher with Lipped Edges

Readymade lipped edges give the stretcher bars a tight grip. The slide of the lipped edges assures that the stretcher bars will remain firmly intact. This is a better option than nails hammered into the edges.

Look For an Art Supplies Shop

Instead of going to a local stationery shop, buy your canvas and stretcher bars from a reputable art supplies shop. These shops have genuine art materials and they will they have the answer to all your canvas queries.

A readymade stretcher is one of the most important tools for painters. Stretcher bars determine how long your painting will last hanging up there on the wall. So, make use of the above tips and buy yourself a perfect stretcher for your canvas.