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Pregnancy Memories on Canvas | Blog Series – 1

By CanvasChamp TeamSeptember, 28 2018August, 20 2021Comment

First of all allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dev and I will be writing the first of this series of blog posts on “Memories on Canvas”. Some of you might know through our interactions on e-mails via our customer service, to the many others whom I have not yet had a chance to communicate with, well Hello!

I have now been working with Canvas Champ for over a year and noticed that people order their custom canvas prints for a variety of reasons. Some do it for home décor, some for their artistic pleasures and some because of personal reasons: they preserve their memories on canvas. The reason for writing this blog series is just to show you a glimpse of what we see around here every day and why we truly preserve memories on canvas. I hope you enjoy reading this series and see your life pass by as we continue on this journey.

The Conception Canvas:

Now for some of us, this may be border-line weird, but we have seen a rise in the number of pregnancy or pre-conception photo shoots. For most women, pregnancy is a life changing event, an event so immense in its own occurrence that most men can’t even begin to imagine everything a woman has to endure to bring a new life into this world. These photo shoots are their way of capturing those moments forever, for these are their moments of strength and joy. Just ask any photographer who has done a pregnancy photo shoot, the moment that these images are taken in are moments when they see these women in a different light and that’s what really constitutes of their artistic value.

Pregnancy Maternity Timeline Could be Wonderful Idea to Print on Canvas:

Maternity Picture with Kids Canvas Idea:

Also, one of our favorites is when friends go out of their way for someone who is expecting, and these have made some of the best gifts. They say that when giving gifts, it is more about the thought than the cost that counts, right? One of my personal favorites was one particular customer who had the baby’s first sonograph captured on canvas and she gave it to her friend as a gift for her baby-shower. Now tell me ONE gift that tops the thought put behind that gift. I can only imagine the sheer joy it must have brought to her eyes when she sees that small grainy image, mind you – the FIRST EVER photograph of her baby – in front of her eyes, hanging on her wall. And I feel so glad to be in the smallest measure – a part of that joy. However ever since that one, I have seen a few more sonographs pictures turned into canvas prints, and most of them have been from caring husbands and relatives.

Baby’s First Ultrasonography Captured and Printed on Canvas Gifted as Baby Shower:

Did this blog post just give you a great idea for a gift? If you even have half an idea for your gift and want to turn it into a canvas print, we would love to be of help. You can contact us at or go to and order it straight away.