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Sweeten Your Morning (And Your Photo Mug) With These Amazing Beverage Hacks

Sweeten Your Morning (And Your Photo Mug) With These Amazing Beverage Hacks
Sweeten Your Morning (And Your Photo Mug) With These Amazing Beverage Hacks

By CanvasChamp TeamFebruary, 26 2019September, 24 2021Comment

Your morning gets a little brighter when you pour your favorite brew into your personalized photo mug, but it can get even better. We found some great tips to help you get the most out of your first cup of coffee or tea at the crack of dawn. You can thank us in the afternoon.

A Pinch of Salt

Wedding Day Photo Mugs

A mug that features a photo of your wedding day is guaranteed to sweeten any sour mood...unless that mug is filled from a pot that just came out too bitter. Dedicated black coffee drinkers can rejoice, because the sodium in a pinch of salt will interfere with how your taste buds interpret bitter flavors. No milk or sugar required.

Ice Cold

Coffee Photo Mugs

Iced coffee is the “hottest” morning beverage trend this summer, but watered down drinks are worse than morning breath and baggy eyes combined. Instead of traditional ice cubes, freeze some coffee in an ice cube tray the night before to get that cool temperature without any sacrifice in flavor. This technique can be used with tea as well. Now all you have to do is decide whether to drink it in your favorite coffee photo mug or pop it in your custom photo travel mug and drink it on the go.

Some Like It Hot

Hot Photo Mugs

If iced coffee isn’t your thing, then nothing is more depressing than your favorite custom pet photo mug filled with room temperature java. Give your microwave the morning off, because it could scorch or heat the coffee unevenly and ruin the flavor. Instead, simply reheat your drink in a small pan on the stove over low heat. It’s a great way to enjoy watching a magic mug change color twice!

Egg Shells for a Smoother Brew

Unique Photo Mugs

Save the shells from your breakfast omelet for this next hack! The alkaline minerals in egg shells will lend a smoother, lighter flavor to the green tea or coffee you’re toting in your “This might be vodka”-inscribed mug.Clean the shells, crush them a little bit, and add them into your loose leaf ball or into the filter in your coffee maker. Only use fresh shells. Sulfur is released when you boil eggs, so throw those shells out. Eggs shells also help keep coffee grounds from floating, so keep that in mind when you’re on your next camping trip and need to make some camp coffee. Double win!

The Cure for Coffee Stains

Custom Coffee Mugs

Don’t panic if your favorite mug is a little nasty after your fourth cup of joe. Some baking soda and white vinegar scrubbed with a damp sponge will banish those stubborn coffee stains. This hack will clean travel mugs and even coffee makers too. It won’t, however, save you from the dreaded coffee breath, so head over to CanvasChamp and design your custom water bottle to wash it all down on your way to work.

Keep Those Leftovers!

Once your mug is sparkling clean again and put back on the shelf, there are still great ways to use your leftover tea bags and coffee grounds. The tannins in tea can actually help constrict blood vessels, which make wet tea bags invaluable for stopping bleeding on a minor cut and for increased healing on bruises. Damp tea bags over your eyes will soothe watery eyes during allergy season. Both loose tea and coffee grounds can also be composted or used as natural fertilizer in your garden.