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Re-Inventing Wall Decors With Peel and Stick Wall Decals

By CanvasChamp TeamOctober, 17 2018August, 20 2021Comment

Every wall tells us an interesting story and speaks volumes about the place, its aura and vibrations without using many words! The colours, the accessories and the wall displays can spruce up the entire feel and refreshes our mind. But don’t stop with artsy colours and textured wallpapers. Stand out from the crowd and reinvent your wall with some fascinating ideas!


Wall décor plays a very crucial role when you are thinking of reinventing a place, and also it’s a great medium to showcase your décor style. With a little bit of imagination and some tips from here and there can change your boring walls into your display pride! For eg., if you love music and guitars, hang your musical instruments or CDs , if you love flowers, bring them into your room, put them in recycled bottles and hang them on the wall.  Oh yes, you can also do your wall with some funky art, photo frames, canvas art and raise the sophistication index quite a few notches higher instantly!


Look around your house, observe the intricate details like the lighting, the furniture etc and then select a wall and arrange the artwork interestingly. Use framed photographs of friends and family, contemporary wall art, abstract canvas pieces, wall decals etc and renew your place. There is a rising demand from every furnishing store for getting ample options of wall stickers, night glows, wall decals, peel and stick, photo prints etc. For that matter, CanvasChamp offers a great deal of discounts on their amazing products ranging from canvas prints to photo prints to peel and stick and engraved prints! While the most awesome part about them is their quality of craftsmanship! Everything is handmade and there is minimalistic use of machines which makes sure that each and every item is customised and scrutinised by real hands! Peel and stick can be cut as per use and right from cutesy pandas to giant abstract decals, everything looks perfect on a wall!


You can also have a DIY wall artwork where you can use old cutlery, vintage photographs and letter that can be transformed into a beautiful wall art or collage. Use old corks of wine bottles and create an abstract work on the wall. Men like to decorate their walls differently. They like to show off their trophies and passions on the wall, Vintage beer advertising frame, fine art, clocks, pictures from a fishing weekend with their BFFs etc.


Decorate your kids walls with peel and stick wall decals of colourful butterflies or flowers etc and make their place feel like their own wonderland!

The trick lies in being creative with what you do with your walls and adding your own personal  touch with your signature style.