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Personalized Photo Calendars from CanvasChamp!

Personalized Photo Calendars from CanvasChamp!
Personalized Photo Calendars from CanvasChamp!

By CanvasChampDecember, 16 2021December, 16 2021Comment

Create Convenient and Motivating Desk Calendars

Add a bit of personal flair to your dismal, drab work space with a personalized desk calendar featuring treasured photos of your favorite memories and people. Keep the people you love close, even when you have to be away from them during office hours! Depending on how big your desk is and your preferences, choose between 6x4, 4x8 or 5x10 for the calendar size. Show off your beautiful family to your coworkers and see your loved ones' beloved faces as you do your daily tasks at work. Desk calendars also make incredible gifts for coworkers for holidays and birthdays!

Custom Desk Photo Calendars

Use Photo Memories to Plan the Future with Wall Calendars

Don’t have a desk or are just in the market for some new, practical wall decor this new year? Check out our high-quality, personalized photo calendars from CanvasChamp! Whether you are looking to keep track of important work project deadlines, vacation and holidays, or all of your kid’s extracurricular activities, a wall calendar will help you to make sure you are staying on top of everything. You can choose between two sizes, 11x8 and 17x12, to best fit your space and preferences. Display your travel photos, family photos, photos of you and your spouse, photos of your pet, or whatever else you would like! This is truly the best option to personalize something that you use on a daily basis, not only in functionality but also aesthetically. It will truly brighten up any room you choose to hang it up in!

Custom Photo Wall Calendars

Never Miss a Date with Large Poster Calendars

Are desk calendars and wall calendars not quite right for you? No problem! Poster calendars take your special dates, quotes, and photos up a notch. This type of calendar is perfect for a classroom if you are a teacher, an office breakroom to show important deadlines, or anywhere you want to keep track of events, project deadlines, and birthdays. We offer two sizes, 11x8 and 17x12, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.  No matter which size you choose or what photos you display within the photo calendar, it is sure to brighten your day anytime you see it!

Custom Poster Calendars

How to Adapt Your 2022 Calendar to Your Taste

No matter what style of calendar you prefer or works best for tracking what is important to you, you can personalize each and every aspect of your calendar with our easy-to-use customization tool.

  • The first step is to choose which photos you would like to include and the format of your calendar. Choose from desk calendars, wall calendars, or poster calendars!
  • Next, you will need to upload your photos to our customization tool, don’t worry you can upload as many as you like. Then, choose a theme for your calendar, such as birthday, anniversary, family, couple, kids, wedding, business, or simply a color scheme that brings you joy or that matches whatever room you will be placing your calendar in.
  • After you have chosen your theme and which photos you would like for each month of the year, you can begin adding text to each of the pages. You can add motivational quotes, phrases, or personal messages that inspire you!
  • Lastly, you can add what we like to call special dates, which include events like birthdays, anniversaries, parties, work trips, etc. Prior to submitting your order to be made and shipped out to your door, you should check to make sure everything is exactly how you would like it to look. You truly can make your calendar into an ultra-personalized piece of decor that you will genuinely want to use every day!

Custom Photo Calendars
You'll find the calendar you want on CanvasChamp, no matter what calendar format or style you prefer! Start the year off right with a completely personalized calendar made just for you. Gather all of your favorite photos, motivational quotes, notes from loved ones, and colors all in one place, while simultaneously keeping tabs on what you have going on professionally and socially! Get started today by visiting and be fully prepared to prosper and flourish in 2022.